Injury Report GW 24-25

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After a rough mid week for most in the fantasy game it is time to turn our attention to the weekend fixtures in a bid to rise up the rankings. For those holding the ‘winter wildcard’ it is the last chance to use it.

Feel free to write in the comments anyone you think I have missed, why you consider them a fantasy asset or even if you think I have got it wrong, get the debate going.


Gibbs, Kieran: Is out injured for 2/3 weeks in my book (officially 4 to 6 so must of been pretty bad)  with a thigh injury. I would plan to get him out of your squad as soon as possible.

Vermaelen, Thomas: Is a doubt for the game with an ankle knock. The quick turn around in games has him at 50-50 for this fixture. Owned by 7.5% interestingly enough so worth a mention on these pages (has not scored this season though).


Dunne, Richard: Vlaar has finally overcome his 3 month calf injury featuring on the bench last week. The other rock in the Aston Villa defence (well it is starting to feel like a former rock) is set for a return shortly. Dunne at 4.7 has returned to training but is lacking fitness expect a return in a few weeks (1-2) which will lift Villa’s defensive fortunes. Fun Fact: Has he most premier league own goals (will still lift Villa’s terrible form)


Luiz, David: Is out for this game has been announced in a press conference that he will not make the game (ankle injury should be bad next week).

The good news is that Mata & Cech have been announced fit. One would hope Mata is nailed on for 90 minutes week in week out after Chelsea threw away another game without him on the pitch.


Hibbert, Tony: Long serving left back is currently injured has seen Heitinga return to the fold with terrible results (see his terrible clearance during the week). Interestingly Everton have signed a young right back (Stones) who comes in at 4.5 could be a value pick to add to the watchlist.

TOPIC FOR DEBATE: Has Fellaini’s role changed?


Berbatov, Dimitar: Has been in pretty poor form along with the rest of Fulham so probably doesn’t deserve a highlight. He is classy though & relatively cheap if only Fulham could find some form. His hamstring has him out until the 9th of February but it could be longer considering how fickle hamstrings can be.



Kompany, Vincent: Has been through the wars this season & looks to face another 3 weeks on the sidelines (24th Feb) with the current injury. A regularly fit Kompany would surely see City closer in this title race. Is a key player & always increases the chance of clean sheets. Selected by 10.9% which is interesting considering his steep price of 7.1.


Evans, Jonny: Sadly is still struggling with a hamstring complaint. My feelings towards Evans have been noted in my form article. United will clean sheet much more regularly with a fit Evans & Vidic to lead the defence.


Newcastle with a French Flavour are now odds on to avoid relegation. They are playing the transfer market extremely well & will make money off of most of the players when they sell them on.

Ben Arfa, Hatem: Is rather injury prone was set to return this week but his hamstrings are proving troublesome. An outstanding talent at times could of been a real break out this season. Is one to put on the watchlist for next season with Newcastle going back to a 4-3-3 with so much French talent he could explode (at a lower price point).


Ruddy, John: Out with a long term injury is expected back in late March (17th), so Bunn at 4.1 is safe for now (looks ok at the moment).




Fonte, Jose: Is out with a knee injury, the 24th of February is the apparent return date.


Wilson, Mark: Is listed as a return on the 9th of February media quotes are lacking on this one (as a stoke left back is not the most popular figure in world football). He comes in at the bargain price of 4.0 so keep a keen eye on when he returns (Cameron is the next cheapest at 4.9 consider that).


Cuellar, Carlos: Is a 75% chance of starting has missed 3 games approaching 3 weeks. I doubt O’Neill will risk him with his poor record of injuries over his career.


Vorm, Michael: Has had an injury prone season this one (a knee knock) will see him out this week. Not much information known on this one injuries to do with the knee are not normally 1-2 weeks (more often 5-6).


Gallas, William: Is still struggling with a calf injury & will be for 2 weeks at least. He has had bad calves for about 3 years now. Dawson is presenting some value considering Spurs kept 4 clean sheets in the last 8 games (50%).



Collins, James: Unknown return date that is rather worrying. If it was not already obvious West Ham are struggling to keep the goals out this man’s absence is one of the reasons why.


@Liam – Go Victory! – Sorry for the late post hope it helps the regular / committed readers out – 

10 comments on “Injury Report GW 24-25

  1. Joe

    Nice work once again! I’m thinking Fellaini is getting close to a last chance, the new role may be great for Everton but it’s not great for FPL! Interesting point about Vorm, Tremmel may be getting more tempting too.

    • Liam Post Author

      Yes Fellaini is suffering during games much like Yaya Toure did in the past. He still gets into attacking areas just at a lesser rate.

      Where it changes is the price point for 7.7 you really want a minimum of 6 points a game or a least some explosive hauls to be worth the extra cash. I don’t see anymore explosive double figure hauls from Fellaini.

      Tremmel I want to take the risk I really do for the double gameweek but it means moving on Begovic before Wilson is fit (I know Stoke are in terrible form but I feel they still have clean sheets in them)

      • Joe

        I’m thinking maybe keeping Begovic and getting Tremmel in as a second keeper, I got Bego early on so once if I sell him I won’t get him back. I’m not sure whether to try to upgrade Fellaini or downgrade him for a M5 such as Puncheon. I have my WC still which I’m thinking of using after the DGW, so that’s gives me a couple more weeks to see how Fellaini is going.

        • Liam Post Author

          I am keeping Begovic until March 31st at this stage. Giving him a last chance until then.

          I have 3 great to decent strikers so am sticking with a flakey M5 – My choice Hope Akpan (READING) @ 4.5 slightly took out Roger Espinoza (WIG)

          Mid price midfielders just don’t cut the mustard compared to mid price strikers in my opinion I would rather a Lambert (finisher) over a Snodgrass (awesome free kick taker)

          Kagawa, Lampard & Fellaini are not exactly mid range slightly on the higher scale

  2. stiffysexton

    hey my team is starting to come together now….and its important to keep on going in my private league to finish off the season strong in my inaugural season. here is my team: any suggestions, trade strategies would be most appreciated:

    Federici (Begovic)
    Johnson, Zabaleta, Evra (Mariappa, Stam)
    Mata, Walcott, Fellaini, Puncheon (Sterling)
    Ruiz, Lambert, RVP

    Cash in Bank: 1.4M

    • stevenfsexton

      Fellaini>Michu anyone? ahead of the DGW. Fingers crossed Sterling plays and gets involved otherwise he is out the door too, might get rid of him after the DGW anyways….

    • Liam Post Author

      Your defense is expensive & full of the wrong cheap picks.

      This is leading to a weak 4th midfielder & potentially 3rd striker.


      Find a way to turn sterling into a top midfielder or Ruiz into a better striker

      I would consider ditching johnson after the double game week (to a 4-5 option) & evra to a fit Evans. You will have enough cash to upgrade key attacking positions

      Stam well your stuck with him not an important trade

      Reading bloke keep him as your 5th defender

      My major point from looking at your team is to consider the role of defenders in the fantasy game they are not consistent point sources in general. If they are they come with the price tag.

      Evra is having his best ever season he is red hot. He will never repeat his numbers.

      Baines is an interesting one because he takes set pieces and is very attacking.

      Fpl defenders you want players who play every week & have strong home form in keeping clean sheets otherwise expect 2 points (or not enough money for the rest of your squad for the attacking options).

      Look at Huth & Hangerland prime examples of overpriced defenders on 1 good attacking season

      • stevenfsexton

        yeah will do, maybe Johnson> Jose Enrique (now that he is back), DG from one pool defender to another. Evra> Cuellar (who is also due back), freeing up some cash to go Sterling>Michu & Ruiz>Berbatov (who shouldn’t, in essence be out for too long, one week it says) should i do that over a two week period coping consecutive -4 point hits?

        • Liam Post Author

          Good ideas on the right track.

          Keep an eye in evra over the next couple he is doing really well.

          Enrique is a risk having only just got fit again.

          Your on the right track though just remember mids & attackers are going to outscore defenders so allocate monies accordingly

          This year has been the best year for value defenders in recent memory.

          I remember when I could only get 1 4.0 defender nailed on! In the whole league

          My current back 5 is:

          Martin (4.2)-onouha(4.1)-zabaleta (6.1)-Enrique(5.7)-Davies (4.5)

          That’s 23.6 pretty crazy

          Onouha didn’t play I think he might be injured sadly

          • stiffysexton

            too much or not too little for you defence?i guess pretty crazy you mean still too much right? i have G Johnson & Sterling for the DGW but no Swansea players yet….missed the Davies train unfortunately. Puncheon>Michu would be better I reckon, coz I just realised I am going to need Sterling for the DGW. Hopefully he does something. Puncheon has done F all recently…Schneiderlin seems to be getting a bit of action instead…..

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