What We Learnt- GameWeek 25

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Time for another instalment of WWL! Let’s dive straight into it…

  • Redknapp as a manager has overseen the most 0-0 draw in the PL of all time- with 47. Yaaawwwn.
  • Mark Bunn did the DT equivalent of give away a free kick just so he could tackle the player and score a goal.
  • Stoke are back to their dour defensive ways.
  • It’s a wonder Fellaini‘s equalising header got any power on it with that pube-fro in the way.
  • Benteke and the rest of the Villa side made Jagielka look as useful as a screen door on a submarine.
  • Chelsea’s defence absorbs counter attacks as well as a ShamWow 
  • Sissoko was £1.8 million. F**k me.
  • Reading are emulating their storm to the top of the Championship table last year, with only 1 loss in the last 8 games. Do we have a new Wigan?
  • Carroll has scored as many goals in 2013 as Lance Armstrong has testicles.
  • Whenever Southampton scores- Lambert scores.
  • Fulham v Man United turned into murder in the dark after 42 minutes. Needless to say that had Berbatov been out there, his Eastern European instincts would have seen him win.
  • Tottenham would be nowhere near the position they are this year without Bale.
  • At least we now know what Popov‘s boyfriend has known for years. He spits.
  • Manchester City is an anagram for Synthetic Cream
  • Sturridge and Suarez‘s chemistry is perfect- however Downing is their handicapped son.
  • Carragher has the acceleration of Peter Griffen rolling backwards.
  • Mario Balotelli only managed one assist in the Premier League. Thankfully it set up AGUERROOOOO vs QPR last year.

That’s all I learnt this week. For more politically incorrect statements vilifying players and managers’ appearance/characteristics follow me @tseagrim on twitter! Cheers guys


6 comments on “What We Learnt- GameWeek 25

  1. grinpowderdiah Post Author

    The single best article we do – love your work mate!

    Glad you agree that Stoke are back! I’m pumped for a big 10th place finish (the joys of supporting a midtable team).

  2. juramentardo

    ShamWow like it 🙂
    How about what we learned about the alphabet? Kick a Ba = OK, Kick a Bb(Ball boy) = NO.
    Sorry, I will stick to my day job:(

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