Transfer Talk – DGW 26

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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageSorry for the delay. It’s now time to round up the week that was, evaluating the winners and losers and some knee-jerks waiting to happen! We have yet another DGW to prepare for so some thoughts on that, bear in mind this is different from past doubles! Let’s not waste any more time.


  • Sturridge – By far and away the biggest winner for me this week. He played superbly against Man City and looks nailed in Liverpool’s starting XI. There’s an added bonus for us fpl managers, he is cup tied in the Europa League and will certainly start both games for this weeks double. He is certainly looking like a very good long term bargain at just 7.6. Good option.
  • Gerrard – His form is undeniable. I pointed him out a month ago and have argued his case ever since, but even so having the balls to change up your midfield is another thing entirely. With guys like Silva, Cazorla and Michu struggling for form his price is soaring ahead of the double. Worth bringing him in? More on that later, good long term option though.
  • Rooney – Once again, for the third time this season we are debating the Rooney v Van Persie argument. Twice I’ve said to stick with Robin Reliant and twice that’s worked. However there is always time for change and you just have to feel Rooney is building for a big run home. Personally I’m still saying I don’t agree with it. If I was told certainly that Rooney would remain upfront with RVP for the rest of the season I’d be all for it. However with guys like Hernandez and Welbeck on the bench, his position is always under threat. He can very easily drop back into a deeper midfield role and with fixtures stacking up you’d think this kind of rotation of strikers will come into play. That’s my view, we’ll see who’s right!
  • Sissoko – I know it’s early days for him but his display on the weekend can’t be ignored. Somewhat surprisingly he has been handed the role behind the striker by Pardew, and boy is he repaying his faith. He certainly has the capability to beat Michu to bargain of the summer if he keeps up his current form. Wait and see how he plays this weekend, and perhaps more importantly where he plays. If he remains in the hole he is a lock for my side.
  • Bale – I have said before that Bale usually tends to be a form player. He will get on an unstoppable run for 4 or 5 weeks then go missing. He looks in fine touch right now with several testing shots (9 in total) adding to his goal on the weekend, his second in 2 games. Newcastle are leaking goals left, right and center so keep an eye on him to score big again this week, still a premo mid even if he’s inconsistent.
  • Lampard – 7 goals in his last 9 starts, 3 in his last 3 games. Hard to ignore. It’s almost becoming a return to the old days of Gerrard and Lampard dominating midfield. However one issue I see is the return of Mikel from the ACON after this gameweek. While he should be safe for now, when Luiz and Mikel return rotation will certainly be on the cards for Frank, hence why I don’t think we should jump aboard now. Well done to those who went with him a while back, he’s paid dividends big time.
  • Benteke – He is in an extremely rich vein of form right now, yet even that isn’t seemingly enough for Villa to survive. An interesting POD at 6.6, infact he is the second most in form forward currently (behind Le Fondre). He can be very inconsistent however, his form can drop away as quickly as it grew. Tread with care, but a good option nonetheless.
  • Anichebe – Here’s an interesting one. He had snuck well under my radar up until last week, when I realised a 4.4 forward who had locked himself in Everton’s forward line was hitting career best form! He’s already in my team for Ruiz, helping free up the cash to bring in Suarez and Enrique. If you are desperate to free up some room in your budget, look no further. Even as a bench fodder this guy will do you well. I’m not saying you should bring him in as a starter, but simply has some very solid back up.
  • Fellaini – For those who captained him, props to you. He was always a chance to deliver, and he did not let us down. A few weeks ago he was on my get rid of list, but now Michu is firmly in the firing line. If he returns to his role behind the striker (which looks likely) then he is a must have in my opinion. Great scoring potential and consistency for just 7.8, bargain!


  • Cazorla – Even Santi isn’t prone to rotation, a real worry for those who have persisted with him. Walcott is outshining him in every asset and looks the Arsenal midfielder of choice. With Gerrard giving us yet another midfield option I reckon holding Cazorla is suicide now…
  • Michu – The Spainiard was untouchable halfway through the season, however life in the EPL is starting to become a bit tougher for him. Seags has pointed out that clubs are starting to catch onto him and take him out of the game. Not good news for us fpl managers! Check out The Conundrum if you haven’t already, certainly worth a read. I tend to agree. This double is vital for him, another failure will see him out of my team come GW27.
  • Ba – The biggest loser of all this week, not only did he pick up a broken nose but it returned him his third consecutive 1 point haul! Not what you want from an 8+ forward, especially one without great job security. I’m off board and I reckon now is the time to do so.
  • Defoe – Adebayor leaving was hoped to be the instigator for Defoe’s return to form. Ii didn’t happen. You shouldn’t own him. Too many in form options around him! He’s injured anyway. Simple.
  • Tevez – His job security is the killer, even without Balotelli available he still didn’t even make it onto the pitch last weekend. No matter what his potential I reckon we should focus on owning 11 players locked into their respective starting XI’s. A definite no for me.
  • Gibbs – Massive loser this week. Not only does he have a 6 week layoff, but his LB position is now under threat from a man known as Nacho! That’s a worrying sign in itself. Definitely dump him this week, Enrique a good option.
  • Van Persie – 2 blanks in a row. What? Rooney’s rise to form has been of concern, however I can see some rotation in their forward line soon which could hopefully push Rooney deeper and see RVP return to the limelight. He hasn’t gone 3 games without a goal all season, don’t expect him to now.


  • Michu – Yes he’s currently in a barren patch, but he has a double this week! It’s a perfect scenario really, if he destroys it then he earns a place in our sides, if he doesn’t just trade him out GW27! Don’t go trading players before they have been given every chance to prove themselves, GW26 is exactly that for Michu.
  • Van Persie – Sell him at your own peril. Bound to score this week, will continue to be the best scorer for the remainder of the season. Still worth the money spent on him.
  • Rooney – I will quickly touch on this again. Read my earlier statements on Rooney if you’ve forgotten. I can definitely see a change up front coming from Fergie to include Hernandez and Welbeck, and Rooney is flexible enough to drop deep. This could be good news for RVP owners, bad news for those who own Rooney and even worse who traded him to Rooney! Long term? I can’t see it, at that price I’d want an out and out striker. He may prove me wrong though.
  • Sissoko – Give him this week to prove himself. If he plays in the hole and looks good, then by all means get on board the bandwagon for GW27, watch out Southampton! I really hope he does well, always liked him as a player.
  • Samba – Very early days yet for Samba, this knee-jerk goes for all QPR defenders also. Lower clubs never keep these defensive runs going, Stoke and Norwich have proved this already this season. At 5.0 I’d be trying to find some better value. There’s a very slim chance it may pay off I guess, but not for me.
  • Le Fondre – Finally I’ll wrap up the week that was with Mr Keepcalmandletmewinthis. His form is incredible, yet he still plays as a super sub! If your looking for a solid, cheap forward look no further than Anichebe in my opinion. Le Fondre will deliver more 1’s than goals!

The DGW Conundrum: Is it worth it?

Here we go again, I thought it was all over. Another DGW! I have other things to worry about, ain’t nobody got time for that. (If you don’t get my reference, Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That). Oh lord Jesus it’s a DGW! (You really need to see that link). It has become my double gameweek tune!

The key issue here is that this is a different type of DGW from the previous ones this season. Before teams were catching up a game, this time Liverpool and Swansea are playing ahead of schedule. Pretty much, this week you’ll have double points, next week you’ll have none. My point? There’s no point on loading up on players this week, stick with those you can trust long term (maybe with one extra to trade out in GW27). Now who should we be looking at selecting? Let’s take a quick look…

Gerrard – In simply awesome form right now, he can’t be stopped! However the question must be posed, is it worth bringing him in for the double? The answer is simple, and it will go for every other player with a double this week. If you want them long term, go for it. He should tear it up this week, he’s a superb captaincy option and will be a top 5 mid this year. However I won’t be bringing him in, stupidity at it’s finest probably. I’m happy with my midfield as it stands. Why go changing things for the sake of it? Bale, Mata, Walcott and Fellaini are locks, and I can’t fit him in M5 with Suarez and Van Persie upfront. Not for me, I certainly wouldn’t recommend forcing him in. By all means if it works well, then go transfer in Stevie G!

Everyone!– It is the same story for every DGW player. If you want them long term, transfer them in. In Liverpool’s case, 2 home games provide them the perfect opportunity to go berserk. The options? If you want Suarez short term, then I disagree. In fact if you want any of these players short term, then I disagree. Chances are the player you trade out could go close to outscoring them anyway, then you will be taking -4’s and carrying donuts in GW27! Not worth it in my opinion, massive risk. So who is worth bringing in for the double? Long term I reckon Suarez, Gerrard and Sturridge are your best bets. Sturridge confirmed his quality last week against City for me, not playing in Europa league is a bonus! He is well set up for the double this week so if your looking at him, do it now! Michu I’m unsure on, obviously don’t bring him in if you don’t own him. Johnson is a great option, however I reckon Enrique will hold more value. I’ve brought him in this week so I won’t hold anyone back in doing the same! Who else is there… Ah yes, Davies! Bringing in Swansea defenders for the double? No way. How about De Guzman? Might pay off, almost certainly will backfire. Not worth it either. I hope that’s covered everyone!

Just a word of warning as I sign off, Liverpool are yet to beat Swansea in the EPL! In fact these are often low scoring, tight affairs… Just something to stew on.

That’s it for today! The articles will continue to flow this week with the Captains tomorrow, enjoy! Cheers.



18 comments on “Transfer Talk – DGW 26

  1. Louie K

    Toyed with the idea of bringing in Gerrard this week but have opted against it. Will go with Suarez, Michu and Davies as the doubles.

    Also with Champions League back on the agenda next week, we may see a few selection surprises. Fingers crossed we don’t!

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Did Ba to Sturridge and Silva to Gerrard this week.Think Gerrard has shown hes real deal now, so decided to take punt for rest of season. (now watch him do nothing!)

  3. toasted1961

    I traded Pod to Sturridge and Fellaini to Gerrard, who I have been seeking to get in for ages.
    It is what to do next that I am seeking guidance. I am playing a 352; RVP and Sturridge, and Bale Gerrard, Mata ,Walcott and Michu.with 1.9 in the bank
    Do I trade Michu to :
    1. Sissoko if he is the real deal which leaves me with 4.1
    2. Silva so I have 5 quality mids


  4. Joe

    I have taken a gamble this week and done Cole-Gerrard, Ba-Sturridge and Nelsen-Enrique so I have those 3 plus Michu and Davies for the DGW. Thankfully I did it early enough that my team value has rocketed in the last week! I plan to WC next week but will probably keep Gerrard and Davies on the bench and maybe Sturridge if there are no other injuries.

  5. Brown

    Need a striker for Ba and Suarez is my other striker. I only have 0.2 in the bank when going to trade Ba. Thinking Benteke?

  6. Bobby

    Suarez for captain? Suarez, Michu, Mata and RVP are my four options. Mata seems to be doing the best recently, Plus a home game against Wigan must mean massive points for Chelsea players!

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