Captains – Round 26

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Yet again we have a DGW so the captains will mostly be situated around them. I’m sure many people will be keen to get the armband off Van Persie after a couple of poor weeks! Let’s take a look at the options…

The Contenders:

Mata – A home game against Wigan should provide Chelsea with a comfortable victory. However I have my worries. They are not in great form right now and Wigan have a tendency to make these games tougher than they should be. As it comes down to the fight for survival they always lift their game. Be very wary of this. I also think Rafa will have next weeks Europa League game in mind, resting players will be high on his priorities. So after considering all this, doubled by some quality players enjoying 180 minutes this week I just can’t recommend Mata as a captain option.

Enrique – The same goes for Johnson as well in my opinion. It is a very risky move captaining a defender, I attempted the same with Luiz during Chelsea’s double. Chances are it won’t pay off, and when you have guys like Suarez, Gerrard, Sturridge and Michu to pick from why take the risk in captaining a defender? Not worth it in my opinion.

Walcott – Theo was at it again last week and whilst you can probably expect him to return some form of attacking points after doing so in 7 of his last 8 starts, he does not scream out captain material this week.

Aguero – I reckon Aguero could get amongst the goals at Southampton as City look to bounce back, in any other week apart from a double he would have been pushing the top 3. Better options out there again this gameweek.

Van Persie – After a couple of indifferent performances from the man formally known as Robin Reliant, it may be best we give him a rest from the captaincy duties this week. You can never hold a good man down for long and I’m sure he’ll get back on the scoresheet, but better options out there.

Rooney – A midweek clash against Real Madrid will be fresh in Sir Alex’s mind, I reckon Rooney will play around 70 minutes this weekend. There’s always a chance guys like Hernandez and Welbeck could push him into a deeper role also. While he always loves a goal against his old side, I don’t think captaining him is wise this week.

Top 3:

1. Suarez – It’s a tight call between the three at the top. A toss of the coin really. However there is reason to my method of selection Suarez as my number one. He is a proven scorer, hitting double figures 4 times. He is second in the race for the golden boot, one goal behind RVP. 2 home games against West Brom and Swansea should hold goals for him. The killer? He has picked up 22 bonus points. Massive, once again only behind RVP amongst the forwards.  He should be a lock for double figures this week and is always a chance to go even bigger. There’s only one man to challenge him in my opinion. Great, safe option.

2. Gerrard – The only rival to Suarez assuming you own him. He is on an incredible run, just 1 failure in his last 10 starts! You can almost bet your house on the fact that he will get a goal and assist in the 2 games combined, another safe bet. Why doesn’t he beat Suarez? I reckon Suarez has a higher scoring potential, Gerrard has broken double figures only twice (once above 10 points compared to Suarez’s 4). Gerrard will get an assist here and there, perhaps a 30 yarder once every month. Suarez seems to be amongst everything, he really should score more than he does. Will be a personal choice though, they will probably end up with very similar scores! Personally I will be backing Suarez…

3. Sturridge – If you don’t own either Suarez or Gerrard then I reckon you should look no further. He is in great form scoring or assisting in every start for Liverpool! He is a good bet for double figures this week and should be another safe selection, just not as safe as the two premiums. I like the fact that he is cup tied, he will be a lock to play 90 minutes in both games and should be rested and ready to fire. The only reason I rate him behind Suarez is simple, bonus points. He hasn’t picked up a single bonus point this year! Compare that to Suarez and Gerrard’s combined 37. This is the biggest obstacle between him and premium territory and dents his scoring potential massively. I suppose it’s due to his shots off target, you will need to ask EA. Nobody really understands it well. Either way he should be a good shout if you don’t own the first 2 of the three musketeers.

The Punt:

Michu – He is the forgotten man. After a stunning first half of the season he is on a 7 game goal drought. Teams are catching onto him and taking him out of the game. However a home game against QPR could be the spark he needs to reignite his season. I’m not convinced, Swansea have been struggling to find the back of the net recently and QPR are looking very solid. His second game against Liverpool should be another tight contest, however I wouldn’t be backing him to break down their defence. The verdict? He is a massive risk. However he has the potential to tear up QPR and collect himself a brace and maximum bonus points! He has scored against bigger opposition than Liverpool also. Form is not on his side but this might just be his week, certainly a worthy punt for those liking a risk!

That’s it from me this week, the preview is still to come tomorrow! Who will be your captain this week, do you agree with the selections? Just let me know in the comments. You just can’t ignore the class that is playing 180 minutes this week in my opinion. Cheers!



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