In Round Chat – GW 26

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So we get to enjoy the deliciousness of yet another double gameweek. Feel free to vent away when all goes horribly wrong, as we watch our plans crumble in front of our eyes. Or on the off chance it pays off, let everyone know! Good luck all!

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    • Bayswater Toffee's Gaffer

      Michu assist. Sitting on 9 points plus probably 2-3 bonus points with 30 mins left. Hard to ignore? 🙂

          • Joe

            I’ve already done the trade, I’m not convinced he will keep up this form plus I need to get rid of Liverpool/Swansea players for next GW. I’d probably advise everyone else to keep him because as soon as I get rid of a player they start playing well!

          • Liam Post Author

            that is the mighty difficult question. Made all the more difficult by an 18 point haul (it does equal the haul against the same opponent although I suspect very few were on the man then.

  1. jery98

    Damn it 3 bad things already and only one game is finished!!
    Mata starts on the bench, Bale scores, TWICE!! After I trade him out for Gerrard. Michu scores while Sissoko yet again got attacking returns, making the decision harder in whether I should bring in Sissoko or not!!
    FMFPL hahaha

    • Dan

      yeah massive scoring round so far…alot of the most popular players returning nice scores. Tough call for anyone who was planning on trading out Michu now

      Rickie Lambert has to be the best value for money player in the game…amazing returns for someone bought at 6.0

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Let that be a lesson to people, DO NOT trade out Bale when he is on a hot streak!!

    Im only 30 with Felliani, Gerrard (C), Saurez & Sturridge to come.

    Wish I had spot free in my midfield to get Sissogon, but with Bale, Mata, Gerrard, Walcott & Felliani there really isnt great option…

  3. Mark Payne

    Can someone who understands the price shift help me out?

    Really thinking I need to get Bale in soon.

    I just brought Sissoko and Sturridge in this week which I’m happy with but now have Michu, Suarez and Sturridge for GW27.

    My current mid/for line-up is: Walcott, Mata, Fellaini, Michu, Sissoko / RVP, Suarez, Sturridge.

    I was thinking Fellaini/Michu/Sissoko & Suarez for Bale and Lambert, what do people think?

    The thing that is stopping me is the fact that I can only get 7.5m for Fellaini and Michu, and 10.6 for Suarez. I’m sure Sissoko will rise sharply in value.

    Will Bale and Lambert rise this week? Will Suarez and Michu drop?

    What is the best option?

    1. Hold tight, the current set-up is great value – Suarez and Michu are keepers (sell Sturridge and Sissoko after their rise).

    2. Dump Michu and Suarez ASAP to avoid their drop and possible donuts – Bale and Lambert are keepers.

    3. Michu is a keeper for the season – dump Fellaini and Suarez.


  4. snoidz

    72 points with Suarez, Davies and Michu to go
    Captain: RVP
    Lords: RVP, Bale, Michu Benteke
    Losers: O’Brien, Cameron, Fellini and Mata
    Loving these 3 points for man of the match!
    possible 90 this week?

  5. Bryan

    I need to offload two of Suarez, Sturridge, Carragher before next week. Which combo is better:

    A. Suarez, Dzeko, Monreal
    B. Aguero, Sturridge, Dawson

    I have a bit more money tied up in Suarez than I do in Sturridge. Carragher is definitely going.

      • Bryan

        I could, but Monreal offers more attacking potential, and Arsenal’s fixtures look pretty comfortable for the rest of the season.

        Dzeko and Sturridge have both taken up CF roles and I see there returns being similar. Suarez’s form has also been better than Aguero’s all season so I’m not very compelled to trade.

  6. templetontherat

    69 points so far and I will get Pogrebynak’s points because Nastasic didn’t play and I still have Michu, Davies and Wisdom (if he plays) to go!

  7. Joe

    What’s the odds now on RVP not playing many more premier league games now that the title is pretty much sewn up. I’m using my WC this week and seriously considering getting rid of Robin Reliant. Any thoughts from the experts? I’m not sure who to go for instead, I’m thinking maybe Suarez, Lambert and Dzeko.

    • Louie K

      You bring up an interesting point. With the title all but won, will Sir Alex now turn his attention to the Champions League and rest the likes of RVP and Rooney?

      Of the above trio, you would have to say that Suarez is the standout, with Lambert a close second.

      • Shaun Curnow

        No where near over, we held massive lead this time last season and still lost! Sir Alex will be going for the kill, although can see quite few big names rested around the Madrid games!

  8. Dan

    Hard to stick with the original plan of Michu>Sissoko after that performance (albeit only against QPR)…just can’t drop someone after scoring so well.

    New plan is one of Davies/Enrique to go (along with Demel) for Evans and Dawson.

    Been a massive GW so far, only real downer has been not going with the gut to Capt Michu

    • Liam Post Author

      It can be done, see how he plays against liverpool. They have ‘done’ QPR twice this season.

      Will be looking at it later this week hopefully once I sort my schedule out

  9. mad romeys

    “Sturridge is unlikely to be risked tonight ahead of the game against WBA” Quote Steven Gerrard via Twitter

    • Louie K

      The DGW has backfired bad! Liverpool cop 2 goals (no clean sheet) – Gerrard misses penalty – Suarez then misses out on an assist. Bad morning all round!

        • Louie K

          Yeah terrible. Hindsight is a funny thing. Michu was always going to smash QPR at home – yet we all gave Suarez the captain’s arm band.

          If I had Michu, I would be on 83 and not 66!

          • Liam Post Author

            Yeah captaining Michu I was hoping for a Liverpool flop but I did have sturridge, I held off until the last minute before trading him in I was confident he would play at least a half.

            I feel they would of won if he was playing

            I will take my 81. Little annoyed Liverpool couldn’t hold on for a clean sheet would of been nice.

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            You say that now but it could have very easily gone the other way. You captain Michu, he fails and Suarez smashes West Brom and your sitting here thinking the same thing! Still one game to go, not over yet.

  10. jery98

    This week not going according to plan so far.
    Michu smashes it so I can trade him out.
    Waste two trades to get Gerrard and Sturridge in and take a -4 hit for it, thinking that those two would make up for i, see how tha turned out…
    I have a good 11 spare points sitting on the bench from returns accumalated by Bunn, Puncheon & Harte. All of which I was originally going to start but went against it and now I lost 11 good points.
    My guy feeling was to captain Michu this DGW, but then I went against it and yeah not gonna go into how many points I might lose especially with one more game to play.
    And altogether I lost 29 points!! Meaning I could be sitting on a solid 80+ (DGW players still to come).

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