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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageSo with just the completion of the double gameweek next weekend it is time to take a look at the winners and losers of the round so far. A shocking start to the double from Liverpool has left some of us reeling… Let’s take a look.


  • Michu – He just had to make things hard for us didn’t he. A fantastic performance on the weekend had many of us regretting our captaincy decisions, especially in light of Liverpool’s first up failure. His 18 point haul also makes us question our plans to get rid of him, we are now left with some very difficult decisions. One week Fellaini is the keeper, the next it’s Michu. Sissoko didn’t help us either by performing well in a number 10 role once again. Personally, I think I’m still going to trade him. His great performances are few and far between it seems, QPR aren’t fantastic opposition either. Fellaini has the ability to score against all opposition, whilst I feel that Michu will find it harder with less support up front. If you don’t need to free up your budget then keep both Fellaini and Michu! However if your like me and are after a change up, Sissoko looks the real deal to me.
  • Bale – He is an incredible player on his day, I guess “on his day” are the key words there. No one can deny that he has the ability to tear up any opposition, and when he gets on a role you would want to have him in your team! Every time it gets to the point of people getting itchy trigger fingers, I’ve learned from my mistake the first time! It will come back to bite you. However there are more consistent options out there, looking mainly at Gerrard. You could probably get away without having him, however in gameweeks like this one you’ll have some tough times! I feel much more comfortable having him in my squad…
  • Azpilicueta – He has continued to fly under the radar in Chelsea’s defence, a 5.7 priced wing back in a top 4 side who has the most assists (6) of any defender this season! The only drawback? His job security always seems under threat, especially with Terry seemingly fit enough to play. However he certainly seems to be Benitez’s first choice RB and is improving his game every week. 4 assists in his last 4 outings shows his potential.  I’m considering him very seriously, however I won’t make up my mind before Chelsea’s home game against West Brom during GW28…
  • Van Persie – You can’t hold down a good man for long, he re-found his scoring touch on the weekend and honestly could have had 3 or 4. I’m still waiting for the game that he finals kills it, but until then I’m happy for him to give my team respectability week in, week out.
  • Benteke – Finally Benteke rounds out the very short list of winners this week. Villa have been so diabolical recently that I have tried my best to steer clear of him, however he is a special talent. He is involved in over 60% of Villa’s goals, on penalty duties and in incredible form too. 45 points in his last 6 games is a vein of form matched by few, a goal a game run by a 6.8 forward can’t be ignored! If you have room for a mid-priced forward, here is your man. And yes, I’d pick him ahead of Lambert currently.


  • Suarez – Hold me back. It’s one thing to have a poor game, it’s completely another to get a yellow card in the 90th minute for being sarcastic to the ref! Not really what you want from a 10.8 striker, let’s hope he can redeem himself this Saturday. I’ll reserve my judgement until then, don’t go doing anything stupid until he gets his second chance!
  • Gerrard – Once again, give him until next Saturday to redeem himself. However it’s not all bad news. He performed well once again against West Brom and was extremely unlucky not to score. He won’t miss many more penalties, and was only denied by a couple of brilliant saves by Foster. Still a great option in midfield, don’t feel you need to trade him straight out on the back of 1 failure.
  • Ba – Not a viable option anymore, his job security is next to nothing. If you still have him for whatever reason, your holding onto the past!
  • Silva – I have always had my doubts over him. One or two great performances and everyone is rushing to bring him in. He just isn’t displaying the consistency that made him the second top midfielder last season, mainly because Man City aren’t the team they were last season. I’d be avoiding him.
  • Sturridge – Another casualty of the DGW disaster, but not to worry. He wasn’t dropped, he only had a minor injury concern. Rodgers is expecting him back for Liverpool’s game against Swansea, one I’m sure some of you don’t want him to play! Either way he is still a great option, a bargain at his price if he continues to display his recent form. Nothing to prove the contrary as of yet.
  • Tevez – After being the top forward after the first 12 games, he has dropped off dramatically of late. He hasn’t even started the last 2 games, not what you want from an 8.7 forward. No goals since December 1st (10 games ago) is an indication of his form line. Get off him now!
  • Fletcher – Rounding up a lengthy list of losers this week is Fletcher. To summarise, he is very inconsistent. He has scored in only 1 of his past 8 games, averaging just over 4 ppg over that time. Not brilliant, and when you consider the likes of Sturridge, Lambert and Benteke around him I don’t see the point in owning a striker from a side lacking a cutting edge. Not for me.


  • Fellaini – After an astounding performance just one week ago, once again people seem to have short term memory loss and are trading him out on the back of 1 failure. I would be very wary, he will probably make you pay. If you needed to trade out one of Michu or Fellaini right now, I would be trading Michu. Why? Swansea lack support up front, so as soon as they come against solid opposition they can sometimes struggle to score. Everton certainly don’t, so Fellaini will always be in the game. That’s my thinking anyway… He has an equal ppg record with Michu also (6.1) even with the Spaniard’s early season form (which I’m not sure he will repeat). Tough call though.
  • Suarez – People tend to make rage trades. A lot. I can understand this one, but even so you should always wait until the gameweek is over. It’s not over, until it’s over. Still the same player he was when you trade him in last week, hold.
  • Sturridge – Same story here, as I mentioned earlier. Always give your players every chance to impress, when they have another game this gameweek why trade them out already! Not smart, a combined 60000 transfers out already for Suarez, Sturridge and Gerrard. Make sure your not one of them (yet)!
  • Mata – Yes Benitez may occasionally bench him, however look at the facts. He has returned attacking points in 14 of his last 16 starts. unheard of! Worth copping the occasional 1 pointer as he benches, it’s just like every other player’s off game! When he starts he pretty much never misses out!
  • Foster – It’s astounding the amount of people that will trade someone in after one good performance. Yes Foster was fantastic but no, he is not a great option. West Brom still need to prove a lot until they regain my confidence again. Still not showing their early season form…
  • Sissoko – I’ll round it up with the biggest decision of the week for many of us. Is it worth breaking our template midfields to bring in Moussa? I said he looks the real deal earlier, and I stand by that. He has returned at least a goal or assist in each of his appearances so far. What I’ve liked most about him is his positioning. He is being handed the number 10 role (behind the striker) and is thriving in it. Newcastle seem to have a new vigor about them and with a home game against Southampton to come, I may avoid a donut by trading Michu to Sissoko. It’s a line ball call, but I do love watching this guy play. Certainly done nothing to not warrant selection, he’s done enough for me! 6.0 bargain.

That’s it for today, expect to see a few new articles over the next week as we endure a break between gameweeks. Good luck to all next Saturday. Cheers.



25 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW27

  1. Shaun Curnow

    This week is doing my head in. I’ve been thinking for past week that ill trade out Saurez for Rooney and keep Sturridge as my 2nd striker, just think he holds more value then Saurez but at cheaper rate.

    If thats my only trade then im relying on OBrien & Harte to score half decent this week. But I really want to get on the Sissoko train!

    Im thinking if I trade Gerrard to Sissoko i can then do Saurez to RVP. It also leaves me 2.4 to upgrade Felliani in couple weeks when his fixtures get incredibly harder.

    Not sure if its worth wasting another 4 point hit though.

    My major concern with brining RVP in so late now is fact he’s played every game and reckon they’ll want start taking cautious approach for massive Champions League return leg with him. We all know his injury history isnt the best! For that reason, and fact Rooney might be better option in run home as he’s already had month off recently.

    This game is doing my head in 😀

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      haha yeah well a 2 week gap never helps! Always time for a little break 😛 I’m writing up a watchlist article currently and Andy is onto something different! I believe Liam is doing his forms article if he’s still alive

      • Liam Post Author

        Still alive! & 109 points to show for it too. Shall be posted this evening appologies for my lack of writing / committment lately.

  2. Joe

    I almost doubled my score in that one game, Enrique was worth the -4 to get in.
    I have the WC going this week, thinking about getting rid of RVP, it will only cost me 0.2 to get him back if need be, I doubt he will play this week against QPR with Real Madrid midweek. The question is with Suarez and Sturridge not playing this week, who do you guys think are the best striking options apart from those 3?

    • Shaun Curnow

      I agree with RVP being rested this week. I’d go Rooney, dont reckon he’ll be rested given he missed fair bit recently.

        • Shaun Curnow

          I can dream cant I? 😀

          Brought in Rooney for Saurez this week, decided id just go entire season without RVP 😀

          • Shaun Curnow

            It was Saurez or Sturridge and I reckon Sturridge is much better value and is way more consistent. If i wanted to upgrade Sturridge id then have to trade other guys down and wasnt really willing to do that. This way I can if i wanted to in couple weeks go Rooney to RVP if it backfires as by then ill have the cash without stuffing my awesome team! haha

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