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Picking the in form & out of form players is not just about the present week but also about the potential into the future. Players often go into ‘purple patches’ or the more elite manage to make a run of it providing both fantasy value & a massive haul of points.

Over the season some statistical insights have been made into Bale & Mata even the reinvigorated Steven Gerrard. The sneaky pick of Dawson as a regular starter & even Evans emergence as starting centre back. It has been an interesting yet in many ways a ‘budget friendly season’ with many a defender being found at the ludicrous price of 4.0 and the emergence of mid price talent in all positions.

Daniel Sturridge is one such man who has popped out of the shadows of Chelsea & Manchester City to bring much delight to our fantasy seasons. Many question marks were placed over the transfer to Liverpool.

  • Would he work with Suarez?
  • Would he be too selfish? (both shooting & teamwork)
  • Is he of the highest level?
  • Was he overpriced?
  • Is he nothing more then overvalued injury prone English talent?

Simply he has answered all the doubters by hitting the ground running both in all competitions. Daniel has averaged a healthy 5.1 in his five Liverpool appearances having scored or assisted in each. The constant injury troubles have once again appeared with the quad strain leaving him out of the WBA game. He managed to bounce back from that with a strong 90 minute showing against a weak Swansea and looks the best value forward to round out the season.

Liverpool is still locked in a battle for European honors next season no matter how dreadful they are at times. Following the GW27 blank they face 5 teams in the lower parts of the table in the next 6 games. These clubs are ones that are battling for there status. They do provide the odd upset but they do also leak a high number of goals especially to quick counter attackers (Sturridge & Suarez).

Many will be looking to Luiz Suarez with some justification at a still relatively cheap 10.8 filled with explosive returns. Those that hold RVP well & truly have explosive returns (& not a giant budget to expend) making Sturridge a tasty prospect. Sure Sturridge is going to bring in a few less points a game but his value enables an additional midfielder to be purchased in that 4th & 5th position.

Marc Wilson is the prime example of an exciting out of form defender. He has just recovered from a broken leg & has been playing reserve team games. He is a chance to return to the left side of Stoke City’s defense this week. Marc returned an impressive 4 clean sheets in 9 matches (44%) as Stoke started the season rather strongly. Personally my fears were Stoke would really struggle without their only natural left back (they did try to sign Popov in the off season as cover). Those fears were realized as Wilkinson & Cameron both struggled on the left side. This also resulted in Shotton playing on the right side (who is nothing more then a long throw specialist).

This resulted in Stoke losing their shape (over time) having not kept a clean sheet for some time (boxing day). Wilson is no savior but he is seriously going to change the shape of this unit. Those with funds tied up in Begovic could well do with a trade off over time to Wilson. Personally it is going to give me a very handy cash flow for the final third of the season. I strongly advice to jump on him when fit. My friend in the world of Stoke City (grinpowerdiah) states that he is more then likely ready to go (85% chance of playing 90 minutes in my opinion).


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    • Liam Post Author

      The suggestion was that you could:

      Trade Begovic to another keeper (my personal choice in the 4.0-5.0 bracket is Boruc) which in my case saves 0.7 in budget (Begovic selling price of 5.1 for me).

      Trade in Wilson in your defense for a very handy 3.9 (when his starting price was 4.5 & possibly should of been 5.0 so your getting a 0.6-1.1 saving here).

      My point was you really do not want to double up on defensive assets from the same team for a prolonged period. It leads to unfriendly lows & highs in your scoring patterns week to week.

      In the back 7 positions (2 gk & 5 defenders) I try & find the best value player from each club I am looking at (regular starter of course) & work from there.

      I would be wary of doubling up on stoke defenders / goalkeepers. I expect some clean sheets but they are coming out of a bad run of form so might slip up from time to time.

  1. kingcolesy

    Got my cheapie Wilkinson in there, worried if he will part ways for Wilson. With this news Im glad I made my team have one substitute this week.

    That begovic thing got me thinking, sounds like a good idea. If its Wilkinson out, the next cheapest stoke asset would be Cameron, and that would only be a .3 profit in itself, but still a profit.

    • Liam Post Author

      Have to wait until the press conference, he was labelled as ‘very close’ by the stoke city twitter feed.

      If not this week he will certainly appear in the next week gameweek (90% chance)

      • grinpowderdiah Post Author

        If Wilson doesn’t play this week i’ll be very surprised, he’s played in two reserves games now and Pulis has continually stated Stokes weakness at FB (very true). He will likely start but may not play 90 minutes first up, i’d say that’s the biggest risk with him tbh.

        Shea is the one who might not break in to the side this week, maybe see some action from him off the bench.. he looks a player, just mightn’t be an FPL option due to playing for Stoke.

  2. Louie K

    What are people’s thoughts? Will RVP start his week vs QPR. Looks like Rooney may be out – surely this helps? A massive match vs Real Madrid next week though.

    • Liam Post Author

      I would expect him to start but 90 minutes might not be on the cards. Talking about Manchester United’s predicted line up is impossible due to the mastermind that is Sir Alex.

      It is actually an interesting fixture to have wedged in the middle of the champions league game. United are the premier team / squad in the competition & surely won’t make the same mistakes that city & spurs made at Loftus Road.

      Hernandez should feature in this one, how much respect is Ferguson going to give to QPR?

      • Louie K

        Actually, I just read the the Champions League match will be after its next fixture vs Norwich. So I’m expecting him to play all 90 minutes this week, and perhaps only play a part of its next game. In saying that, QPR have been solid at home recently.

        • grinpowderdiah Post Author

          I think you’re right, it’s the following week where there might be issues with RVP’s minutes.. thanks largely to Rooney being unavailable this weekend. SAF will surely know the potential risk of dropping any points here, City did it themselves against QPR only 3 GW’s ago.

        • Liam Post Author

          Yes they have been rather good of late. The swansea game was rather surprising maybe they are QPR’s ‘bogey’ team this season (like Liverpool vs Norwich).

          It will be interesting to see

          • grinpowderdiah Post Author

            I was very surprised with QPR’s performance last GW, but like you say it could just be their bogey team. Still, i’d expect them to bounce back hard – which should mean a tough/dour match for United. Can’t see them blitzing QPR to be honest.. a 2-0 type result is the most I can imagine.

  3. grinpowderdiah Post Author

    Haha, thanks for the mention mate – great article as usual too. Sturridge will remain in my side even though I was laced with Swans/Reds (2 of each) – Gerrard made way for Sissoko and I have to now make a trade to finally get rid of Sagna (leftover from their DGW). I will be bringing in Wilson I think, I’m pretty sure he will play this week – if he doesn’t he is 110% in for next game, he has to be.

    Stoke can’t continue to play the likes of Whitehead or Shotton as a full back, they’re both useless (not only at FB). Cameron isn’t bad at FB in my opinion, but it’s not his best role – he’s just ridiculously versatile (CM, CDM, LB/RB, CB etc). Wilkinson tries hard but he’s not the best either – but sadly he’s one of the best we have after Wilson. They looked at Popov along with the likes of Olsson and apparently (if you believe the rumours) even at Jenkinson. It’s obvious enough that they actually explained their disappointment (through somewhat veiled comments) at not “addressing a weakness” to the side during the window – the weakness at fullback has been referred to previously by the same people.

    All of this only enhances my view that Wilson will play this week.

    • Liam Post Author

      Personally I felt Cameron was playing well at right back especially when his best position is CDM. The constant unbalancing of the back four which saw him switch sides (due to lack of depth) appeared to unsettle his game.

      Stoke do need to buy an actual right back but the problem is premier league quality right (& left) backs are few and far between. (or to the average viewer appears this way).

      Any ideas to who you would like to have at right back?

      • grinpowderdiah

        In Stoke’s budget? That’s the tough bit. In our budget probably Olsson… not 100% sold he is of premier league quality though tbh.

        Cameron’s been a little bit down on form yep, hasn’t been anywhere close to our worst though. I would love to see him slip back into RB though, with Wilson LB and then N’Zonzi, Adam playing CM with Shea/Etherington & Kightly on the wings. TBH that’s our best side by far, none of this rubbish with Whitehead, Whelan etc constantly getting a run. They’re championship quality at best.

        • Liam Post Author

          I thought Olsson was a left back?! Stoke have been solid spenders but to get to that higher level of player with their poor reputation = mega dollars.

          Whelan is not too bad, Whitehead has been pushed out. They offer very little in terms of goal threat. Whelan is not bad in the middle of the park. Your not wrong though there is certainly much better around.

          • grinpowderdiah

            You’re quite probably right with Olsson, I haven’t seen a lot of him to be honest (I rarely watch anything outside the prem tbh) – but there was a lot of talk about us chasing him (not sure if he can play RB at all or not). I guess at the end of the day he’d probably still be our best option at RB even if he is strictly a LB!

            Whelan is.. tolerable. That’s about all I can say about him that’s positive these days. Whitehead? Don’t even get me started, beyond frustrating.

  4. stiffysexton

    with glen johnson on the bench this week, not playing who do i play, stam or mariappa? in goals, begovic or federici? up fwd, puncheon or ruiz? maybe best to go with a punt on reading this week and put mariappa and federici in with ruiz up fwd and puncheon on the bench>? fulham might score this week….

    • stevenfsexton

      a the moment i’ve got this:

      Mariappa, Evra, Zabaleta
      Puncheon, Bale(V), Fellaini, Walcott, Sissoko
      Lambert, RVP(C)

      Federici…Stam, Ruiz, Johnson

      what do you reckon?

  5. Shaun Curnow

    Traded Saurez to Rooney, then next day Rooney is annouced that he’ll miss this weeks game…. Not happy!!!

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