Captains – Round 27

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captainsWell after a much needed break over the last week were back to prepare for the upcoming GW 27 action! Seags preview will go live soon, however the most important decision of the week lies right here! There’s some interesting decisions to be made this week, let’s get into it!

The Contenders:

I’ll just start off with this, there’s a real lack of contenders this week. With injuries and blank gameweeks affecting our sides we are short on options to choose from. Just a warning!

Cazorla – I was looking for captaincy options and to be honest, really struggling. However this was one of only 3 games I can see I real mismatch. Arsenal are under real pressure this year to hold a top 4 spot and they will hold nothing back, unlike a few other sides I can think of. If you weren’t to own Walcott and had Santi instead, don’t ask me why, Cazorla would be a good option for captaincy. I’ll leave it there. He hasn’t set it on fire of late and I wouldn’t have total confidence in him this weekend either, but could be worth a punt!

Podolski – Same goes for Podolski. He has been a shining light at the Gunners in recent weeks and if you’ve held onto him, I reckon this could be the week to captain him. He will surely start after a few bench appearances (rests) of late and is still in good touch. These are the games he seems to kill it in, a worthy option for sure.

Lukaku – One for those with balls of steel. West Brom face a home game against Sunderland, one which I reckon could hold a few goals for the Baggies. If he starts, which is a big if, then he is a great chance to bag a couple. Job security is the biggest setback here, still a solid option.

Mata – Second to only Van Persie in consistency, his only drawback is the occasional rest from Benitez. Surely won’t happen against City this week and while he’s scored in 14 of his last 15 starts, I can see this being a low scoring encounter. Better options out there in my opinion.

Aguero – A great cup performance last weekend should give Kun some much needed confidence but as I said, I can see this being a reasonably low scoring affair. Could provide a great POD in the run home, however not a brilliant captain option for mine this week.

Top 3:

1. Walcott – I changed my mind late on this one. Originally I was going to go with the old firm in RVP, however some circumstances have changed my mind. The biggest factor? Arsenal have to win, no ifs or buts. They need to secure a top 4 position and Wenger won’t hold anything back, expect Theo to start up front and expect no mercy to be shown. 5 returns in his last 5 games and 9 in his last 10 prove that he is a safe option anyway, this week could be his to go huge.

2. Van Persie – With Rooney out for the game against QPR I like RVP’s chances even more. RVP has scored 60 points during his 7 starts without Rooney in the team. I like that correlation. In fact he averages a whole 1.8 ppg more without Rooney in the squad. The only concern for me this week, even though I expect him to still score, is that United have a very tough schedule coming up. They are 12 points clear a top the BPL and have no reason to go all out this week. QPR tend to be very solid at home, holding Chelsea scoreless earlier in the year and more recently City. However United are a completely different beast altogether, expect at least 2 goals and expect RVP to be amongst the points. Just not as high a ceiling as Walcott this week, tight call though…

3. Bale – When Bale’s hot, he’s extremely hot. That’s what he’s feeling like right now, he has scored in his last 2 away trips and 4 in his last 3 games. In fact 9 of his 13 goals have come on the road this season. West ham are well out of form, winning only 1 of their last 6 games and keeping only 1 clean sheet in their past 15 games! It doesn’t look great for them, and if Tottenham are to secure a top 4 spot then they will have to win games like these. Expect AVB to throw everything at this and Bale should be the man to get them across the line. How can you go past a man scoring 6 goals in his last 5 games in all competitions! Probably if he’s burnt you before… a riskier option than the previous two but as we’ve seen before, Bale has the capability to outscore them both.

The Punt:

Sissoko – Finally a cheeky punt for those risk takers out there. In fact over the past 3 weeks it’s been the punt that has paid off! Michu last week, Fellaini the week before, Bale the week before that! Will Sissoko keep the trend running this week? He certainly has the capabilities to do so. While there aren’t many stats to back him up (having played 3 games) I can say 1 thing. He hasn’t wasted any time making an impression. He averages 15 ppg at home… ok that’s blown out of proportion having played just the 1 game on Tyneside, but even so what we’ve seen of him is very exciting. He is playing in the number 10 role behind the striker, he is quick, powerful and loves a goal! Southampton have conceded away goals like it’s Christmas, and while it should be a tough game I expect goals to be had. A Sissoko goal or two isn’t off the cards… as I say, one for the risk takers!

That’s it for me this week, good luck to everyone. Let’s hope our captaincy decisions pay off! Cheers.



5 comments on “Captains – Round 27

  1. The Plagiarist

    Finally chose RVP, simply because of his price. If you are going to have the most expensive player in the league you have to make him pay his way with double points. But agree that him and Theo are a real flip of the coin job this week.

  2. The Plagiarist

    Just seen Seag’s post on twitter!!! Has the round preview been lost??? Noooo!
    Got two free trades this week and I use his article to make decisions.

  3. templetontherat

    I am picking RVP and I am considering taking a -4 to get rid of two my defenders (Wisdom, Nastasic) and getting rid of Pogrebynak.Getting rid of them 3 would leave me 15.5 to spend. Any thoughts?

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