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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageAfter a mostly terrible week for all, let’s take a look at the few winners and many losers from the gameweek 27 action! Beware of GW rescheduling occurring with your transfers this week, I’ll discuss that in more detail throughout…


  • Bale – It’s astounding what he can produce when in a vein of form like the past few weeks. Another 15 points this week makes it 41 in his last 3 games, 4 games in a row on the scoreline and this years highest scoring midfielder with a massive 167 points. Did I mention he is immune to rotation and this years 3rd top goal scorer? Those who were considering trading him out a few weeks ago you can’t say you weren’t warned. It seems when everyone starts to doubt his consistency, he steps up to a new level. He is now at a level we haven’t seen in the epl for a long time. Absolute lock in my opinion.
  • Rafael – He seems to have returned to United’s starting XI and is certainly making the most of his opportunities. One thing to be wary of is that united have a blank in 2 weeks time. Is there a point in bringing him in for 1 game? Maybe, but I’m not so sure it’s worth it… yet.
  • Lambert – His away form is simply sensational. In fact there is a vastly different correlation between his home form and his away form. In his last 7 away games he’s averaged 8.3 ppg, scoring 6 goals in the process. However if you look at his home form, his last 7 games have returned an average of just 3.3 ppg (5 less) and has scored only 1 goal. It’s a pretty astounding difference. Personally, looking at those stats I’m not sure I would be scrambling to get him in, especially with the amount of in form mid pricers going around up front.
  • Kone – He has returned from the African Cup of nations as a man possessed, 2 goals last week in the FA cup followed up by another 2 goals last weekend. At just 6.5 he is a unique forward and as Wigan begin yet another scramble for safety, he will be key to their success. A very good curve ball if you ask me.
  • Sissoko – I brought him in and he did not let me down. Another 10 points makes him the in form midfielder behind Bale, scoring 35 in his 4 games so far, assisting or scoring on each occasion. He is already up to 6.3 and on the rise, so jump on him quick if you’re convinced. I am.
  • Cazorla – He has bursts of form here and there, however at 9.3 I’m still not convinced by him with the plethora of midfield options available. Yes he enjoyed a day out against Aston Villa but he just hasn’t produced it enough in recent times to warrant selection as of yet. Especially not over Walcott.


  • Van Persie – It has happened. I’ve traded Robin out. Why? Mainly because of  United’s blank in GW29. Now that he is ruled out against Norwich that would be 2 consecutive blanks by a 14.0 priced forward. Not worth it. I will look to get him back in but for now, I’ve gone with a short term trade to Sturridge. The combination of him and Suarez looks deadly and with Liverpool’s kind fixtures I reckon it’s a move that could pay off handsomely.
  • Walcott – He had a very poor game against Villa, I won’t deny that. With many of us captaining him he was a massive loser this week, however Giroud surely can’t keep starting the way he’s playing. He’s been atrocious. If Theo gets a gig up front I expect him to bounce back to form, he usually performs well in London derbys for the record. I expect big things on Sunday.
  • Rooney – For those who brought him in, I was always pointing out the dangers that come with him. I tried to warn you! With the strike force that United have any sign of an injury, or in this case sickness and Rooney can be easily rested. With RVP missing this week he may bounce back to form, but be warned. It could be a bumpy ride.
  • Mata – He has hit his first patch of bad form, not scoring in his last 2 games. What? There was obviously no way he could keep up his previous form I guess, however Chelsea will need him back firing against West Brom this week. Expect a return to form of the highest order.
  • Podolski – For some reason Wenger reckons it’s a good idea to bench one of his teams most influential players to fit in Giroud. Weird. Anyway if you own Podolski I’d be getting off board ASAP, the amount of mid priced forwards to go around is massive and they will at least score similar to him, if not outscore him. Get rid.


  • Van Persie – I think this could be a good knee-jerk, you could make a lot of points by trading him to a forward who plays the next 2 weeks. As I mentioned earlier I’ve done so with Sturridge, there’s also many others to choose from! I’d be trading.
  • Walcott/Mata/Fellaini – Please try and be patient, these guys have dominated all year and while there may be bumps along the road, just look at what Bale’s done. Threaten to sell them and they take it like a kick up the ass, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You can’t hold good players down for long. They’ll be back.
  • Rafael – As I said in the winners section, I’d be wary of trading him in ahead of a blank in GW29. However they should keep a clean sheet against Norwich and if you’re really struggling defensively then it could be a risk worth taking.
  • Yaya Toure – He scored once. We should all know by now that he is not a fantasy player, he’ll occasional pop up here and there but on the whole, there are much better midfield options out there. It scares me that he is the second most traded in player in midfield this week.
  • Cazorla – Finally I finish with Santi. The most traded in mid this week, be very wary. He has tended to be very inconsistent and Tottenham will be a very tough game. Many other midfield options going around with higher scoring capabilities on a long term basis. I advise against having both Walcott and Cazorla in your team so make up your mind, one or the other…

Just a note on GW29, make sure your taking into account all the teams that could miss out. I’m sure we will know more about it later this week, just bear it in mind when making your transfers… That’s it from me today, the captains and a gameweek preview still to come this week! Cheers.



17 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW27

  1. juramentardo

    Well I am going RVP>Sturridge as these stats are interesting..,
    Sturridge v Suarez since he came on as a sub in GW22.
    Sturridge points in matches played:
5 6 5 5 10 (6.2 points per game)
Minutes played in each:
45 68 70 90 90 (7.69 points per 90 minutes)
    Suarez points in matches played:
2 9 6 2 1 14 (5.67 points per game)
Minutes played in each:
90 90 90 90 90 90 (5.67 points per 90 minutes)
    Sturridge averages higher points than Suarez while playing considerably fewer minutes so far, and should be playing similar minutes from here as he’s reaching match fitness.
    As a consequence, Sturridge averages considerably more points per 90 minutes than Suarez.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Yeah but Sturridge has only played 5 games and Suarez will always score better long term. Sturridge will also get subbed more, hence he plays less minutes. But I get your point, Sturridge is great value!

      • juramentardo

        Also note Sturridge was subbed off 68 and 70 for fitness. Both Suarez and Sturridge are great picks. But Suarez is no longer the lone striker, hence as far as the stats are concerned, Sturridge is actually the “RVP” to Suarez’s “Rooney”

  2. MattyZee

    Definitely twisted my arm. I’ve decided to trade RVP. Will trade out Pog at the same time.

    Suggestions for 2 mid pricers?

    Thinking Lambert and Benteke. I don’t really want Sturridge as I already have Suarez.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Yeah I disagree with only having 1 of Sturridge and Suarez, they will both score well as they have a great partnership and have reasonable fixtures (Wigan, Spurs at home and Southampton to come). I feel he is the safest of the mid pricers, otherwise lambert and Benteke could be the way to go!

      • MattyZach

        Yeah, I can definitely see that. It’s not as if they are taking minutes off each other really, either. Might roll the dice and go with the two Liverpool strikers. Then have Lambert sitting there to back him up. It’ll give me stronger options to get around all these rescheduled games too.
        Plus.. I’m still left with plenty of salary cap! Thanks!

  3. Dan

    RVP confirmed fit and available to play…whether SAF starts him or not is another question.

    Who to bench out if this front 8??……

    Mata, Michu, Bale, Walcott, Sissoko
    RVP, Sturridge, Lambert

    Im thinking Sturridge at this stage with his knock

  4. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Sorry for thinking RVP was confirmed out, this is what I had be reading prior to writing this article. Still don’t reckon he’ll play though (probably bench).

    • Dan

      yeh I read an article earlier in the week saying he was confirmed out too… before today reading Fergie’s quote confirming he’s “available”. I think you’re right about him being benched though.

      I think I’m gonna keep him for now (and play him this wk), and see what happens against Madrid.

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