What We Learnt – GW27

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What did we learnt this week? I’m still bitter about the results, so let’s get straight into it.


  • Stoke have the ability to make any football match look like a fundraiser at the local blind school.
  • Szczesny is nowhere near good enough to be a #1 keeper. May as well be keeping with those big novelty hands rather than gloves.
  • Aston Villa as a team are still as threatening as an otter wearing rubber gloves.
  • Moyes has lost the plot. He attributed his loss to “16-20 seconds extra time added on”. 
  • You could tell Kei Kamara is from Sierra Leone- because just as the end was near, he came up with a diamond.
  • Rafael’s goal was better than that Katy Perry nipple slip I saw last week.
  • QPR are doomed.
  • Reading aren’t far behind.
  • Lukaku has scored 12 PL goals this year. Chelsea’s highest scorer this campaign is Lampard with 11. Torres you are a waste of space.
  • Chelsea are as unpredictable as a bipolar Soviet on ritalin.
  • Benitez is just a more unfriendly, stubblier version of Winnie the Pooh.
  • When Benitez joined Chelsea they were 4 points behind United. Now they are 21 points off the league leaders.
  • Bale is absolutely clinical outside the box.
  • Sissoko is the real deal.
  • Carroll has scored more goals than Messi this week.
  • Arsenal are the Wigan of Champions League qualification. Nobody knows how, but they always get there.

That’s what I learnt- let me know what you learnt in the comments!




7 comments on “What We Learnt – GW27

  1. juramentardo

    What I learnt is from GW26 scoring100! to GW 27 26! FPL is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

    • Liam

      A double week followed by a blank is often going to result in such terrible scores.

      The trick is to get the 100 then have enough of a plan (& a little luck) to Bail (Bale) your way out of it the following week.

      Takes a fair bit of planning & some point hits but it can be done.

  2. Liam Post Author

    I love these posts I don’t know which is my favorite too hard to pick. I didn’t enjoy the ‘Wigan’ of the Champions League qualification.

  3. Louie K

    GW29 will be an absolute shambles! 4 games called off and a host of players missing! Now Arsenal v Everton has been added to the list.

    • Liam Post Author

      City & United’s fixtures are possibilities to be re-scheduled midweek in GW29

      I have only ever seen the amount of games go below 6 in a snow round

      It heavily undermines the game with such a limited amount of fixtures

      • Louie K

        Hoping that will be the case, otherwise there will be plenty playing short. I’ve already worked out I will be one short in GW29.

        • Liam Post Author

          It is not just being short of players but being short of quality & reliable fantasy assets both in the remaining 11 & the marketplace.

          It often gets quite messy at this time of year. The cup period is not an easy one to navigate. I have made my feelings on this topic many times over this week. Manchester United are the masters of classified information on injuries & unknown team lineups.

          There is much discussion that needs to take place around the Manchester United assets for a variety of reasons.

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