The Conundrum – Walcott (In Game Chat)


Apologies to all for not getting out a full transfer talk, however there is a glaring issue I do need to touch on before we enter gameweek 31! Enough of the intro, let’s take a look! Continue reading


Captains – Round 31


After yet another nightmare gameweek, we all probably wanted to quickly pick ourselves up for next week. But no, we had to sit on our asses for another 7 days and watch some of our players predictably go down with injury during the international break! Anyway, time to take a look at the captain options for the upcoming gameweek. Picking the right captain can get very hard as it gets to the pointy end of the season. Resting, injuries and complacency can come into play. There is rarely a go to option that can guarantee you points, these are the make or break decisions. Some tough calls ahead! Here’s some Good Friday reading… Continue reading