Captains – Round 29

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captainsOnce again I would like to apologise for the lateness of our articles this week. With a draft week amongst the addicts boys, first week back at Uni, and the start of my soccer season its been hard to get around to my articles. I will make sure that I’m on time with them next week for sure! Don’t think we’re just abandoning you! Now to the captains, it’s a tough week this one…

The Contenders:

Remy – He is a smokie pick up forward, sliding under the radar after an injury upon arrival to the epl. However he is back and scored 9 in his first start in his comeback. Sunderland at home is an absolute must win game for them and Remy will need to be at the thick of it for them. Very risky, but there’s so many punt options this week that one has to pay off. Not for me, but I don’t have him!

Le Fondre – One I’ve heard thrown around a lot, personally I don’t really like it. Yes he can pop up for a goal or two here or there but will he score enough to be your captain? Outscore guys like Suarez and Bale? Unlikely in my opinion…

Benteke – He is a bit hit and miss, talk about a risk. We all know he is capable of double figures, however if Reading keep 11 men on the pitch I expect a dogged, low scoring relegation scrap of an encounter. Not for me.

Lukaku – I have really considered him this week, however there’s a couple of problems. Firstly he is not always locked in West Brom’s starting XI for some reason, and even though he should start it’s a big risk. Secondly, Swansea have a fantastic away record. Aside from the Liverpool debacle last time (in preparation for their first cup win) they’ve conceded 6 goals in their last 10 away games… That’s a big statistic. They’ve also not conceded more than one in any of those games. Hence why I’m very wary of Romelu.

Lambert – He was going to be my punt, however since there’s just so many mid price options that could be the punt I’ve placed him here. Take a gamble on them if you want, this could be the week to do so (depending on the result of Liverpool and Spurs). Lambert’s away record is simply stunning. He’s scored in every one of his last 7 away games, excluding Man United (which can be forgiven). He’s averaged almost 9 ppg in those outings, going by that record he’s definitely one to watch this week. An away trip to Norwich won’t be easy, however I reckon he’s a great punt this week if you have him.

Sturridge – Maybe another week, however with Suarez in such sublime form and Sturridge yet to past 6 whilst at Liverpool (apart from when he was gifted a penalty), I wouldn’t be worrying about him as captain. Certainly potential for a goal but better option out there. Not bonus friendly!

Michu – Tough one this, there should be a goal in it for Swansea at Newcastle, and you wouldn’t bet against it being Michu. However I’m not sure his scoring potential is that great this week, especially with a few other options probably more likely to score. Not for me.

Top 3:

1. Bale – This was such a tight call for me, however there was a couple of stats that separated the two. From Bale’s perspective, what more can be said that hasn’t already been said. The comparisons to Ronaldo might be a bit reactive, however you can’t argue with 7 goals and 59 points in his last 5 games. Yes, five. You wouldn’t wanna bet against him scoring again, and if he does he should comfortably crack double figures. This is what I’m hoping for and just like RVP earlier in the year, if something ain’t broke don’t fix it. Safe choice and the way I’m heading.

2. Suarez – Initially Suarez was at 1, however his record against quality top 5 teams is very worrying. Against top 5 opposition, Suarez has managed just 30 points in 8 games at an average of just 3.75 ppg. In 5 of those games, he managed just 2 points. Solitary goals v Chelsea and Arsenal, and an assist v City are the only highlights. Eh. Even if he does score (which I still expect he will) I can’t see him cracking double figures, hence why Bale takes the cake. Tough call though.

3. Sissoko – His 2 home games have tallied for 25 points, and a game against a struggling Stoke side should be fruitful once more. I expect Newcastle to sneak past a couple, at least. You would think Sissoko will be amongst the points somewhere along the line, so if you’re looking away from a risky option for the Spurs Liverpool clash, here’s your man.

The Punt:

Gerrard – Stevie G always seems to step up for big games. Whilst he hasn’t been at his best recently, he will have certainly targeted this game as one in which he must step up. They need him. I fully expect at least a goal from him this week and if your lucky enough to have held him, I wouldn’t be looking much further. Decent punt for sure.

SO, that’s it from me this week. I do apologise for the lateness but it’s up before deadline! I will be back to normal next week with articles on time for you guys! Thanks for sticking with us all season so far and we’d love to have you stay with us! Cheers to all, and good luck!

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