Transfer Talk – GW 28

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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageSorry for this coming so late, all the FPLaddicts crew had a draft happening. However it is never to late to talk about transfers, especially with such a shortage of options to go around this week! Do we take hits to cover the zero’s? I’ll cover that later, but I’ll say this. Don’t panic! Let’s take a look…


  • Kagawa – It’s taken a while but finally Kagawa is starting to settle into English football. Whilst he still seems to go missing in crucial games, he played fantastically last Saturday in becoming the first ever Japanese player to score an EPL hat-trick. I wouldn’t pick him yet as he is not locked in their first team, and probably won’t be for the rest of the season. However it’s great to see him showing some of his potential.
  • Fellaini – After a couple of quiet ones he was back, goes to show you can back him in and he’ll almost always deliver. A lock in my midfield and even with a blank this week I’m holding firm. Always seem to pop up off corners…
  • Bale – Not enough superlatives to describe this man. Get him in.
  • Suarez – Now the top goal scorer in the BPL (21), leading RVP by 2. He is also closing in on him in FPL, yet is so much cheaper! Getting to the point where you need him in your sides. A game during this upcoming FA cup weekend is a massive bonus. Get on him.
  • Rooney – I will be bringing one of either RVP or Rooney back into my squad. At this stage I’m leading towards wayne, played phenomenally on the weekend and is 2.0 cheaper. Great option. Let’s just hope he doesn’t drop deep…
  • Remy – He seems to back back, fit and firing once more. And boy to QPR need him. 9 points on return isn’t bad at all, if you look at his next 5 fixtures (Sunderland, Aston Villa, Fulham, Wigan and Everton) things look very tempting. At just 5.7 certainly give him a look, if you need a player this week he could be your man.
  • Evra – United’s defence is slipping under the radar 4 clean sheets in a row from what was previously one of the most unreliable defences in the league. Evra has scored over 6 in 9 of his last 10 games. Safe points. Lock him in I reckon.


  • Mata – After being the most reliable midfield for 90% of the season, people are suddenly questioning Mata’s place in their teams. Probably fair enough too. Personally I’m going to back him in, we’ve seen what he is capable of and he will surely bounce back. As you know I always believe you can never hold down a great player for long, trade at your own risk!
  • Sturridge – I among many others brought him in last week to try and cover for injuries, only too see him go down injured himself! However, as annoying as that was he is expected back against Spurs and I can see goals in this game, at least 2 from each team in my opinion. He has scored in every outi9ng for Liverpool so far, let’s hope for the best this weekend. Certainly don’t trade.
  • Cameron – After a great start to the season, Cameron has looking out of place in recent times. He’s now benching for Stoke, not a great sign. If you are going to have faith in Stoke’s defence rebounding then Wilson’s your man.
  • Anichebe – Another who I traded in a couple of weeks ago only to get injured. I expect him to be available after Everton’s blank this week, however if you can reach a guy like Lukaku or Lambert then I say go for it. Personally I traded him to Lukaku with my FT this week…
  • FPL – The biggest loser from this FA cup weekend is FPL. With 8 teams missing, including most of the big guns we are all struggling to field 11 players! However I must stress, all these games will be made up, don’t forget that… More on those in a second!


I just want to make a note for GW29 here. Every game that isnt played this weekend will eventually be replayed, meaning a double gameweek for some. What I’m saying is eventually the ledgers will even up… Don’t cost yourself too many points by knee-jerking your premos.

  • Walcott – As I’ve said, these games will be made up at some stage. If you have fringe players to dump then by all means, however Walcott has scored/assisted in 13 of his last 15 games… That says enough. Especially trading premium mids to mid pricers who could just be a flash in the pan… I’d hold.
  • Mata – Same story, I’ve covered him well enough in the losers. He’d really want to pay those who held him back as soon as he returns!
  • Fellaini – I can’t believe this. He has been traded out by 50000+ managers this week after scoring 12 in a dismal round last week. He just continues to dominate and we should all take advantage of owning a 7.6 priced midfielder that really plays like a premium. Absolute gold.
  • Lampard – He’s been performing well recently and the biggest positive for me has been the fact he is starting every match. Benitez has pencilled him in and with penalty duties and a fantastic goal sense in his locker, he will continue to provide a great differential.
  • Sturridge – Finally Sturridge. People are trading him out even though he should be one of few premium forward options playing! Ridiculous. Hold for this week at least before executing your long term plans…

In reality the biggest knee-jerk decisions to be made are simple. Do we trade out players we like to avoid 0’s? Maybe 1 (or 2, depending on your free trades). Let’s not forget, all of the players missing this week will have a double gameweek somewhere along the road… just bear that in mind. I’ve made 1 trade personally, Anichebe to Lukaku. Don’t be concerned with how many donuts your taking, your not alone! If your avoiding them however without taking too many hits, you should enjoy yourselves this week!

That’s it from me for the moment, what we’ve learnt and the captains will come out tonight before a shortened preview on Saturday! Good luck all for the gameweek we’ve all been dreading… Cheers.

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