GW 29 Review

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suarez v spurs

So, now it’s time to clean up the mess that was GW 29. We feel that just summarizing what happened in each game is rather pointless as this can be found anywhere on the web, we’ll conduct our review on the best performers and failures of the weekend in transfer talk (To be posted Wednesday). For now you can have some banter in the comments below and share your week, discussing potential transfers and captains for the week ahead also. Also go and check out Seags’ cheeky review of What we’ve learnt this week! Now for the bad part…

You can copy and paste this set up below, disregarding my week.

Summary for GW27:

Score:  51

Captain:  Suarez

Lord:  Bale, Suarez, Sissoko, Lukaku, Enrique

Loser:  Lukaku’s penalty (cost me 8 points), Sturridge, Stoke

Trades:  For me Cameron is finally gone for Azpilicueta, while Sturridge has been upgraded to Rooney. Not bad ay.

Vent:  Nothing to complain too much about this week, not from me anyway. Things are looking bright!

Brag:  Not taking a hit and still managing 51! I was pretty pleased, although Remy over Lukaku could have been even better (long term however Lukaku should be a positive). My team looks solid!

See you all later with an on time edition of transfer talk! Cheers.

8 comments on “GW 29 Review

  1. tseagrim

    Score: 55
    Captain: Bale
    Lord: Bale, Suarez, Bunn, Shaw
    Loser: Michu, Sturridge, Wilson (0).
    Trades: Not too sure yet. Might sit tight for another week- although Sturridge to Rooney is an option.
    Vent: Lukaku’s penalty also cost me 8 points.. Dammmnnn.
    Brag: I’d take 55 from only 7 playing and without taking a hit. Lukaku looks the good and was a valuable transfer last week.

  2. Shaun Curnow

    Score: 31

    Captain: Bale

    Lord: Bale, Gerrard, Enrique

    Loser: Cesar (didnt play), Wilson, Shawcross, Harte, Sturridge all scoring sweet FA.

    Trades: Thinking going Cesar to De Gea with Utds good run coming up.

    Vent: Just a crap week all round, glad its over and bring on the double gameweeks to make up for it!

    Brag: Nothing to brag about this week 🙁

  3. Joe

    Score: 56
    Captain: Suarez
    Lord: Suarez, Bale, Bunn, Gerrard
    Loser: Wilson, Davies, Lambert, Sturridge
    Trades: Will probably hold off to see what DGW get scheduled.
    Brag: Last minute decision to bring Gerrard in paid off.

  4. MattyZach

    Score: 53
    Captain: Bale
    Lord: Suarez, Bale, Shaw, Martin, Sissoko
    Loser: Davies, Begovic, Wilson, Michu, Sturridge, Lambert
    Trades: Just did Federici to Bunn, and that should be it. I’m rolling with 4.4 in the bank, so will upgrade Sturridge pretty soon, I think.
    Brag: Played a full 11 this week, with no transfers.

  5. Andy

    Score: 60
    Captain: Suarez
    Lord: Remy, Sissoko, Bale, Cabaye
    Loser: Sturridge, Michu, Harte, Johnson
    Trades: Sturridge to RVP. Got rid of Michu too. He hasnt done anything in a while…
    Brag: Almost picked Sturridge as captain!

  6. CeG

    Score 58, no transfer penalty
    Captain: Suarez
    Lord: Suarez, Bale, Cabaye, Sissoko, Benteke
    Loser: Johnson, Lambert, Harte, Davies and a no-show Clyne ([email protected]”)
    Trade: Lambert out, Rooney in. Good fixtures, DGW to come and will slowly be transferring in more along with the current Walcott, Fellaini and the mighty Demel.
    Brag: Captained Suarez after nearly going with Benteke. No transfer and nearly a full 11 (damn you the usually ever-present Clyne).

  7. kingcolesy

    Score: 42
    Captain: Suarez
    Lord: Suarez, Bale
    Loser: Wilson
    Trades: Will hold this week then trade Sissoko back for Fellaini(Actually now that I look at Swansea’s fixtures, it might just have to be Michu to go for Fellaini!!!!!)
    Brag: Suarez captain was a lifesaver

  8. stiffysexton

    Score: 43 (47 -4 point hit)
    Captain: Bale
    Lord: Suarez, Bale, Gerrard, Sissoko
    Loser: Michu, Lambert & Puncheon
    Trades: Ruiz> Podolski as he should come back from injury and take Wilshere’s spot for the next 3-4 inc DGW
    Vent: Put the big C on Bale again this week, still not a bad decision but I lost my private league head-to-head by a solitary point. If I had made Suarez captain all would have been sweet….ahh well can’t win ’em all
    Brag: Getting the hang of things now and am seeing green arrows most of the time recently….apart from this weeks debacle of captaining issues

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