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So with double gameweek announcements happening left, right and centre I think it’s best we focus on the gameweek ahead of us. Nothing will happen for the next few weeks, games could be re-scheduled again and a lot can change in general! However we can set ourselves up best for the upcoming next few weeks, so let’s take a look at the big winners and losers from a disastrous GW 29, and some names that come back into contention after a blank last week…


  • Suarez – The saviour of the weekend for so many, his 12 points proved so vital, especially for those who had him captain. For me he has passed his final test. Having been renowned for struggling against top opposition, making him inconsistent, he finally dispelled those rumours with a stunning display against Spurs. He really could have scored anything. He looks a must have now coming into the final straight this season, he is bar far and away the league’s top goal scorer with 22! Get him in if you haven’t already…
  • Bale – Even though he failed to hit the scoresheet for the first time in his last 7, he still managed to provide 2 assists and score himself a very respectable 8 points, adding some needed respectability to our scorelines. Surely a must have as we enter the final stretch, he just shows no signs of slowing down! The role through the middle as a number 10 has taken him to a new level. Gun.
  • Remy – He is becoming a real option in the run home I reckon, fit and firing once again Mr Remy has scored in both his starts since returning from injury. A gun when in form, he looks that way right now, and with QPR in a serious relegation scrap, expect him to post more goals in the run home. Fixtures may be slightly concerning, however you can never rule out anything when the fight for survival is on…
  • Lukaku – Yes he missed a penalty and cost himself what would have been a certain 13 points, however the fact is that he was one good strike of the ball away from that score. He looked extremely dangerous and was unlucky not to have an assist to his name as well. Dominant when in form and he looks that way right now, so many good strikers going around!


  • Michu – A blank when his owners needed him most, not a great return. He is becoming increasingly inconsistent and teams mark him tighter every week. H will have his days in the sun, but probably enough value out there to warrant not selecting him… Fellaini a better option currently in my books.
  • Sturridge – I brought him in on a short term move, it hasn’t paid off. I really needed him to fire on the weekend, he does seem to go missing in games. Will struggle to post big scores like Suarez, or produce as much value as guys like Lambert, Lukaku, Remy and Kone. Probably a no for me at this stage with Suarez the obvious Liverpool front man.
  • Taarabt – Rightfully dropped from the starting XI and look what it’s done, QPR are playing like a team. Dump him and don’t bring him back, all I can say.
  • Lambert – Let down his owners with an away blank, what?! Rickie could be a hot and cold type of player, so make up your mind whether you want to keep him. There’s so much value going around the forward line that it makes holding him increasingly tough… Let’s see how Southampton bounce back this week as they get dragged into the relegation scrap themselves…
  • Le Fondre – Those who continue to hold out for him to bring you points, I can tell you it is very unlikely to happen. Reading look shot, and while he will produce some match saving magic once a month, it won’t happen often enough. Anichebe could be set for a return and with a DGW for Everton locked in gw33, he could be an option.


There’s plenty of this going on this week. With all the DGW scheduling, then re-scheduling due to the FA cup we must all try to keep cool heads. These are just a few of the blokes who seem to be getting the chop ahead of a return to epl action this week, I’m not sure how that makes much sense. Remember that each team that missed last week will have to make up the games at some point, although Manchester United, Wigan, Manchester City and Chelsea could have more disruptions down the road. Also, don’t ask us when the games will be re-scheduled, we know as much as you do! Here’s 4 of the top scoring players that really shouldn’t be traded out ahead of this week…

  • Van Persie – He is still comfortably the top scoring forward, however it must be admitted that he’s had a recent dip in form. Is this enough to trade him out? To be honest, a home game against reading is too good to pass up, surely you have to hold him. However I’ve traded him out a couple of weeks ago, so who am I to say! I’m confident he’ll bounce back this week, I expect a good haul from Robin Reliant this week!
  • Walcott – He’s scored or assisted in 13 of his last 15, yet over 10000 managers have traded him out this week. Not sure where the logic is in that, however I’d be holding him for a few more weeks, especially with a DGW locked in for GW 33!
  • Fellaini – Hold, hold, hold! Why are you even trading him out?! Over 10000 managers have traded him out also, even though he scored 12 last time out. DGW in GW33 also, lock him in.
  • Mata – Finally for this week Mata is under the microscope. it is true he has had a recent dip in form, however he hasn’t had a chance to redeem himself since we last examined him! I’ll definitely be giving him a few more chances, let’s not forget how good he’s been. If you trade him out you’d be expecting some very good points in return! Is there anyone out there aside from Bale doing that in the midfield currently? Not in my view…

That’s it from me today, apologies for it being slightly late again this week, just re adjusting to life at Uni. Weeks aren’t as structured! I’ll get better, captains up tomorrow arvo for sure! Cheers.

6 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW29

  1. MattyZach

    I traded out RVP before their blank, but have brought Rooney in with the DGW in mind, and in the hope that he can also capitalise on United’s good run.

  2. CeG

    Agree with the article regarding Fellaini and Walcott. I managed to keep a hold of them over GW29 and I think they will go on to score and assist fairly regularly in the closing weeks, especially Walcott. Their differential is also more appealing.

    I swapped out Mata in GW29 for Cabaye and Lambert out this week for Rooney. My main concern is that I should perhaps have swapped in Remy instead but my gut is that Rooney will be more value. Benteke is my budget forward and quite happy with him for the rest of the season along with Suarez.

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