Captains – Round 31

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After yet another nightmare gameweek, we all probably wanted to quickly pick ourselves up for next week. But no, we had to sit on our asses for another 7 days and watch some of our players predictably go down with injury during the international break! Anyway, time to take a look at the captain options for the upcoming gameweek. Picking the right captain can get very hard as it gets to the pointy end of the season. Resting, injuries and complacency can come into play. There is rarely a go to option that can guarantee you points, these are the make or break decisions. Some tough calls ahead! Here’s some Good Friday reading…

The Contenders:

Aguero – Even though he’s been injured in recent times he is apparently fit and firing for the clash with Newcastle this week. It is a massive boost for City who really need to show some kind of fight. Interestingly Newcastle are extremely undermanned this weekend with Tiote, Santon and Debuchy all injured. I get the feeling City may romp to victory this week and if you can sneak him in as a POD, then he could pay big dividends as a captaincy choice. If it isn’t to be Aguero then Tevez should step up to the mark in similar style if you own him.

Hazard – He has returned to top form in recent times and is looking a great POD as we turn into the home straight. However he has still only returned attacking points in 1 of his last 3 games, captaincy is a step too far for me.

Kone – Wigan get desperate at this stage of the season. I reckon this could make Kone a massive POD and help you to beat all your league ghost ships to the premiership! In a week where I’m struggling to find a ‘sure thing’, Kone could be a decent captain option. Risky, but should produce some kind of return.

Mata – If his form was better he’d be straight into the top 3. However you’d be captaining him on blind faith at the moment and whilst I’m holding him in the hope he will return to his best form, captaincy is too big a risk for me.

Van Persie – WHAT THE?! I think I’ve lost my mind. However it would seem that captaining RVP currently would be based on blind faith. 5 games without a goal is not what you want at 13.7. I also have concerns over United, whilst they are getting the job done, they are not punishing teams right now. There’s no need to push too hard. Can’t see any big returns here, so RVP is out of the top 3! Watch this come back to bite me in the ass.

Rooney– I wanted to have him 3, but I just couldn’t fit him in. The reason for this is United have just been ‘getting the job done’ in recent times. It could easily be another 1-0 outing and thus Rooney is unlikely to score big. Maybe I’m wrong, if there was a top 4 he’d be there but based on United’s recent displays I have to leave him out.

Top 3:

1. Cazorla – I’m not sure how good your memories are, but it’s hard to forget Cazorla’s last outing against Reading, slotting a casual 3 goals and an assist! I’m not saying he will repeat that performance, but he could be the man this week with Walcott missing. In fact I believe he is the man. This is an absolute must win for Arsenal I don’t care who they have out. Reading have taken a trip to struggle town and are in lockdown, look to him for at least some kind of attacking return, it could be a big one. In a week with not many options screaming pick me, Santi is a great pick.

2. Bale – He gets second place just because, well, he’s Bale. This is also a massive game for Spurs so there’ll be no complacency here, Bale will need to step up and he is a good chance to do so yet again. If your not willing to take the risk on a smokie then Bale is your go to man. However I’m still wary this week, he is no certainty for points…

3. Suarez – The Uruguayan superstar should look to tear the Aston Villa defence apart, and is on track for a big one. However I have my concerns will him also after Liverpool’s last outing against Villa. I captained him and it still scars me to this day. Bit of a risky pick, but definitely potential here once again. Solid choice.

The Punt:

Michu – The forgotten man this season, his drop off in form towards the later part of the year has taken some of the shine of his incredible debut year in the EPL. However a home game against Tottenham might be just the stage for him to step back up to the plate. He has missed some glorious chances in recent weeks and I get the feeling this could be the week for him to nail them! Just a gut feeling, and sometimes they are the best…

That’s it from me for now. I know there wasn’t a full transfer talk posted, there just wasn’t time! However I will make sure I post an article covering the biggest issues of the past 2 weeks tomorrow if not later tonight, Walcott included. I promise! Seags is away on another adventure unfortunately, I’m not really sure where he is! Andy will thankfully fill in with the preview for tomorrow. You can also direct any questions you have my way @MattCraigDT or to @FPLaddicts. Cheers.

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