The Conundrum – Walcott (In Game Chat)

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Apologies to all for not getting out a full transfer talk, however there is a glaring issue I do need to touch on before we enter gameweek 31! Enough of the intro, let’s take a look!

Walcott has been a revelation this season, finally proving his worth and potential that we all knew he had. However over the last few weeks his scoring has suffered as Giroud has been named striker. Not really sure why, Wenger just continues to persist with him. However that is the situation and we must deal with it. Now he has suffered a pelvic/groin strain, a perfect opportunity to dump him right? However, unless you have the spare cash to get Cazorla (in which case go for it) I think we should hold. He’s still been scoring well and should be back very soon, before the double gameweek at least. Personally I have Lukaku as bench cover so I feel no issue in benching him for a week or two.

However if you feel your back up is not satisfactory, there are not many other options to speak of. Michu is always a chance, he’d probably be number one on my priority list if you don’t have him already. Fellaini is of course suspended, perhaps a Lampard could be a worth risk? Like I say, Michu would be my go to man. Coutinho is another sneaky midfield option if you need the cash.

Anyway they’re my thoughts on Theo, I’ll just quickly touch on suspensions. Fellaini should be out of your teams, plenty of sideways options to trade to and 2 weeks is too long for me. Coutinho was my straight swap. There’s also been a bit of talk surrounding Suarez, until he cops that next yellow card don’t think of trading him. He’s an absolute gun, just too arrogant for his own good sometimes… Hopefully there’s no more unnecessary cheeky yellow cards!

Good luck to all this week, leave your thoughts on the gameweek throughout the weekend in the comments below. Let’s hope for a change in fortunes! Just out of interest I’m captaining Suarez… Couldn’t fit in Cazorla! Cheers.

8 comments on “The Conundrum – Walcott (In Game Chat)

  1. MattyZach

    I agree with the thoughts on Walcott. Due to his awkward price I think it’s best to hold. For the money I don’t think there’s value in trading him out.
    My opinion might be a bit swayed because I have Lambert as cover.

  2. Joe

    Unfortunately I brought in Walcott at the end of the last GW before he got injured. I’m definately keeping him, I think it will still be worthwhile given the DW coming up, I just don’t trust Cazorla.

  3. Liam

    I ditched Walcott for Santi gladly I had enough cash in the bank.

    Walcott’s injury is not a simple strain groin injuries are a little more complicated. They can take an extra week or two to get full power & pace back into the region this is after being declared ‘fit’.

    I would expect a couple weeks off minimum & the chance of re-injurying the area at high to very-high considering his explosive style of play.

  4. Joe

    I wouldn’t have this problem if I had of waited until after the internationals to use my trades! I think I will try to save my trades this week and try to leave Walcott on the bench. With DT back I know where my focus will be!

    • Liam

      That is a key learning curve save the trade until after an international break. I got burnt by that one about 3 years ago & had to learn the hard way.

      Walcott’s condition Wenger has said is ‘near a return’ he also said the same thing about Jack so I wouldn’t trust his word.

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