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transfer-talk-premier-league-imagePersonally, I had an absolute nightmare last week. The less said the better. With double gameweeks galore ahead, who should we be looking at bringing into our teams? I’ll have a look…


  • Vertonghen – He has been on fire the last few weeks, notching 3 goals and an assist in his last 3 appearances. As a defender! However this winner comes with a warning, he won’t do this week in week out for you. Spurs also have a blank in GW33, so I’d definitely hold off for now.
  • Clichy – With the derby this week it is obviously not the time to jump on yet, however afterwards could be perfect timing. Man City are still in the FA cup they have 8 games yet to play this season, so there will be at least one double gameweek along the way. They have a midweek fixture in GW33 so they won’t blank, and have some very easy games in their last 4 fixtures. West Ham, Swansea, Reading and Norwich to be precise. Clean sheets could be on the cards, keep these guys in mind! Clichy could be great value with the potential to assist along the way. Kompany could be a more assured pick.
  • Bale – After watching the highlights I have no doubts of his ability to keep this form up. He could have scored 3 or 4 on another day, he is a freak. Spurs are right in the middle of a battle for the top 4 so they will hold nothing back. Captain lock almost every week in my mind.
  • Gerrard – Will continue to fly under that radar, especially after his penalty miss in the double gameweek. However when your playing with Suarez, penalties are always on the cards. Expect him to keep on profiting, great pick.
  • Berbatov – I never want this guy in my side again after what he did to me, so I’m ignoring his run as best as I can. That may be a bad move though, he is on fire! Fulham need to escape relegation so expect the Bulgarian to be right amongst the goals in the home stretch. Another great pick.
  • Kone – Mid priced forwards are everywhere, none more valuable than this man. Wigan lift at this time of year every single time, without fail. Will they do it again? It would be a brave man to bet against them, Kone will be right amongst the points in these final 8 fixtures. Remember there’s a double gameweek 36 to come for Wigan!
  • Cazorla – He is looking good as Arsenal start to reach their time of the season. The pressure is off, we can’t win a trophy, time to earn our top 4 place! They need it badly, so expect the returns to keep flowing from the gracious Santi. He was fantastic on the weekend.

Tips – For those playing their first season on fpl, here is something to keep in mind. Late season team selections can be a pain, especially with guys like Man United who are safe and cruising by this time of year. However selecting those blokes who are in a scrap for whatever their goal may be, top 4, relegation or Europe will be holding nothing back. Team selections will be very reliable and you can look to them for attacking points galore. Perhaps rely on some of the big teams in defense, and some of the relegation scrappers in midfield and/or attack. Just a thought, some of the premiums will be unreliable. Looking at you Rooney! Double gameweeks will also be something to keep in mind, keep an eye out for more announcements as they come in. If you haven’t though, go check out gameweek 33. Massive. Look at who has played one game less if your unsure, you know they’ll get an extra game somewhere along the line!


  • Evra – Man united team selection will be a lottery from here on until the end of the season. Spend big at your own risk! No one is safe.
  • Rooney – Same deal, 11.9 is a lot to spend on a striker who isn’t guaranteed a start. I’ll be looking to move him on after United’s double gameweek. Sir Alex was a bit of a loser last week!
  • Mata – Once again, team selections will be a pain. However Benitez will eventually wake up to himself, Chelsea are now in 4th place and will face a scrap for Champions League football next season. He’d be an idiot to bench Mata again. No matter how important the FA cup is, Champions league football should always take priority. It’s all about money!
  • Walcott – An untimely injury forced many to cop 0’s or trade him out last week. For those who kept him (like me), he better be back this week! Cazorla is a great swap if you have the cash to get him there.
  • Sturridge – This worried me. While the others who missed out should come back in, Sturridge has been average in my opinion. He is there to score goals and he has been missing plenty of chances. He should come back in but there’s plenty of better, safer option out there. Berba, Kone, Lukaku etc.


  • Gervinho – Don’t you dare! I know your thinking about it. Or thought about it. Just save yourself a massive headache, and the temptation of suicide.
  • Walcott – Wait until we know what’s happening. If you’ve held him this far, stick with him unless he is gone for the double gameweek. If he misses out on that, dump his sorry ass!
  • Sissoko – Did we really expect him to score in a tough game away to City in an undermanned Newcastle team? He very nearly got an assist. Home games against Sunderland and Fulham are his do or die chances in my opinion.
  • Mata, Rooney, Hazard, Sturridge, Evra – They were rested last week, they should start this week! Hold, hold, hold! Miss out twice though, and you have a problem. Keep them on watch.

That’s it from me today. The captains will be out tomorrow, followed by the Preview straight after! There’s a lot to think about, big times ahead. Seasons could be made or lost. If you have any questions just ask me on twitter @MattCraigDT, or ask away in the comments below! Cheers.

11 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW32

    • Liam

      They have Everton, Bye, Manchester City over that period so even if he was to make it back in time a bench appearance might not be as impressive as his stellar season has been.

      I am set to lose 0.7 on his current market value if I transfer him out. I expect him to drop between 0.3-0.5 over his injury period. Money is not that big an issue I have to tell myself in this situation.

      The major issue here is how bad the injury is. He looked like he was in a lot of pain but it also looked like a typical ankle roll.

      I don’t really want to trade him out until I have confirmation because nothing will hurt more then if he plays the next game.

      The flip side is his bye week is going to cushion the blow whatever the result of the injury is.

      Also who to trade to? Sneaky punt on Shinji for the double?

  1. MattyZach

    Just when I was loving my team’s structure I find Bale is injured. I already used my FTs this week to move Walcott to Santi.
    I’m considering burying my head in the sand till next week, and trade him when we know more. It’s a pain that I’d already planned on using my FT next week to go Michu to Fellaini.

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