Captains – Round 32

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So Bale is injured. What to do! I didn’t get a chance to address this yesterday, so I’ll have a look at him after we see the captains poll. More importantly, who will we captain this week?! I’m on a roll with Cazorla last week, so let’s take a look…

The Contenders:

Van Persie – RVP got back on the scoresheet last week, albeit of a deflection. In fact the goal wasn’t even credited to him, making it 4 games without a goal to his name. In the derby his stage to step up? Maybe, but not a captain option this week.

Kone – I really like him as a cheeky POD in your teams, he should be very solid in the road to the finish line. A great chance to get on the scoresheet again this week but not a captaincy option this time around.

Rooney – If only we could be assured of his starting position. I’m 99% sure Sir Alex will start Rooney this weekend as they will not want to give Man City anything this season. He loves a derby and scored 2 against them earlier in the year. Let’s hope he can overcome his groin niggle, if he does he should be solid. Too much risk to captain him however.

Cazorla – What a great shout he was last week. Can he do it again against West Brom? It will be a more difficult task, that’s for sure. Without Walcott he has become Arsenal’s focal point once again. Not enough promise to captain this week though. Would be extremely risky! On another note, a great straight swap for Bale with a DGW 33.

Michu – He had about 5 chances to head a goal last week, you could just see it coming. Unfortunately for Swansea it just wasn’t enough. They are third last on the form table and are in real need of their leading goalscorer stepping up to the plate. An away trip to a desperate Norwich will not be easy, and I expect goals to be at a premium. For this reason, he’s not a captain option for me this week.

Gerrard – Probably a great shout again this week, he always seems to pop up for a goal here or there. However I don’t think he will outscore Suarez, he is more of the consistent type. I also rate Coutinho just ahead of him this week, so a pass for me.

Top 3:

Suarez – I believe that if you continue to persist with something, it will eventually pay off. He has destroyed the last 2 games he’s played in without getting on the score sheet. How he didn’t get another goal or assist last week is still beyond me. Class act, class player. He could leave West ham’s ass looking like the Japanese flag this week, great captaincy pick.

Mata/Hazard – I am presuming that most teams will have one or the other. Both should profit in this weeks clash against a struggling Sunderland, it is an absolute must win for Chelsea. Both will start, that’s for sure. I expect a dominant display from the European Champions (wtf). Both are great picks and should score well, but if you had to choose one, I’d go for Mata. Watch that one come back to haunt me!

Coutinho – He’s a very good shout this week, with many people on the hunt for some quality midfielders he may just be a slice of January gold. He’s been great for me so far and 6.7 is a bargain. Expect another decent haul this week against the Hammers, if he can actually finish his chances this time he’ll go huge! Good shout if you don’t own Suarez, their link up play has been fantastic.

The Punt:

Sissoko – For those with steel balls, here is the man for you. It would be putting a lot of faith in him that’s for sure, however this could be the game for him to destroy. Fulham have been by no means solid at the back, so I expect goals to be flowing in at both ends during this game. He is a real physical powerhouse, so he will continue to run all day. Will his fitness see him get on the scoresheet? I can see it coming… massive risk though. Suarez still gets the nod for me, but if you want to be different well… this could be your man.

Bale – I know there will be a lot of people struggling to know what to do with Bale. However I see it like this. He will miss the next 2 weeks guaranteed, and some teams have a double gameweek in GW33. So technically you could get at least an extra 3 games from his position if you trade him off. Seems like a good deal to me. His price will drop anyway so you shouldn’t lose too much cash, I certainly think it’s worth ditching him. No doubt that Cazorla is the perfect swap, while Kagawa could be a cheeky pick if he starts the next few games. That’s a massive risk though, I probably wouldn’t go there. However there is one saviour. Fellaini. He returns for the first game of his double and will provide a perfect swap if you can last this week without him! Those are the only options I see, Coutinho could be a worthy downgrade if you can use the cash.

That’s it from me this week, expect to see the full gameweek preview up tomorrow morning (or tonight GMT) courtesy of Seags! That’s right, our beloved fpl ‘expert’ is back! He may not know how to structure a decent fpl side but he sure knows how to write a preview! Good luck to all this weekend! Cheers.

6 comments on “Captains – Round 32

  1. Bayswater Toffee's gaffer

    Firstly, well done for keeping this up what with the AFL becoming a much higher priority!!!

    Pretty happy I held off my trade until after the Euro games! Flipped Bale for my boy Santi with the multiple games coming up.

    Not sure how much effort I’m going to put into the upcoming DGW though. I’ve smashed every one up to now and done well, but I’m not sure about this one. Too much potential for rotation maybe.

  2. Steven Sexton

    took a punt on michu this week. usually when he scores a goal, he has a run of form in the following weeks and then goes quiet for a bit….ebbs and flows…traded out bale for cazorla. only 8 weeks left, no time for mucking around. still it has been a good first year of fpl for me…

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