Game Week 32 Review

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Well, i’m not going to bother with a full review this week – not only am I disillusioned by my team (Stoke) losing a game they shouldn’t have lost (on paper), but FPL on the whole wasn’t much better! If you had more than one player return attacking points for you this week, kudos to you!

Tottenham Hotspur v Stoke City - Premier League

Summary for GW32:

Score:  25

Captain:  Suarez

Lord:  Yeah… no. Michu I suppose.

Loser:  The lot of em.

Trades:  No idea what i’ll do here, whether i’m conservative or whether I go all out for the DGW. It’ll no doubt be covered in depth here later this week though!

Vent:  In some ways, I just wish the season would end. It can be so frustrating at times! The most disappointing thing for me this weekend is the lack of attacking returns from generally all the popular forwards/midfielders.. seriously any danger you blokes! I’ve dropped about 10,000 spots overall this round to about 25k or so now.. it just gets better.



Anyway, we’ll have plenty of content running through this week with a big DGW to look forward to! Don’t forget to check back here for more & also post your scores below!

PS: Don’t be ashamed, have you looked at mine?!





8 comments on “Game Week 32 Review

  1. Seags

    Not only did I not have any attacking returns on the WHOLE PITCH, I also had a defender score an OG and my keeper subbed off after 15 minutes…. eeehhhhhhhhh.

    Short one for me this week.

    Score: 20.

    It was nice knowing you all.

  2. MattyZee

    Score: 30. How is the average for the week 32?! What a joke!
    Captain: Suarez
    Lords: Michu and Lambert got half my score.
    Losers: Everyone else
    Trades: Bale to Fellaini. Now got 3.2 in the bank, so will probably move Michu or Gardner on (probably Gardner because it’s no good having your bench cover suspended.

    • MattyZach

      I’m thinking about Arteta in for Gardner to capitalise on the DGW. Thoughts? I’m not keen on getting Walcott back until he’s a certain started.

  3. Steven Sexton

    Score: 45
    Captain: Michu
    Lords: Michu, Lambert, Glen Johnson, Zabaleta(kinda)
    Losers: Rafael, Podolski
    Trades: Bale to Santi Cazorla & Michu to Fellaini for a -4 point hit
    Vent: I traded in Podolski a few weeks back specifically for this DGW and now it looks as though he is not even in the best line-up for Arsenal, especially now that Rosicky & Gervinho are firing as well as a possible inclusion of Walcott this week. Should I take a -8 point hit and get him out? or hope he comes on as the sub in one or more of the games?

  4. Liam

    Score: 33
    Captain: Suarez
    Lords: Michu, Benteke
    Losers: RVP & Hazard in particular
    Trades: Not really sure pretty deflated with the whole situation at the moment
    Vent: It has been a bumpy last month with 3 scores under 40 & 24 points burnt during that time. Van Persie looks spent as a fantasy force, the reliables in Mata, Bale are no where to be seen with Suarez as inconsistant as ever. Looking forward is proving difficult wouldn’t mind a wildcard.

  5. snoidz

    Really starting to piss me off this fpl now ranked 950,000 HAHAH!

    Score: 36
    Captain: Suarez
    Lords: Remy, Demel and Jaask
    Losers: Everyone else
    Trades: Walcott to Cazorla
    My team looks like this .. not sure how im doing so badly?

    Monreal, Demel, Evra (Fonte & Wisdom)
    Mata, Bale, Cazorla, Townsend (Schniderlin)
    Rooney, Suarez, Remy


    Meh got supercoach now ranked 924 😀

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