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Welcome to a Double Gameweek edition of the weekly transfer talk article. I’ve made it jam packed full of info on who you should be targeting for the double, how many hits you should be taking as well as the regular winners and losers from last week. Might as well just call them the losers. Down to business!


  • Benteke – I’ve probably missed the bus on this one, but I’m finally getting on him this week. While a lot of big guns have been misfiring, Benteke just continues to tick the scoreboard over. Great pick!
  • Mirallas – He is becoming a real smokie up forward. It would be a massive risk to take by picking him given the options available already, but with his injury concerns behind him he could be ready to fire Everton into the top 4. Four consecutive starts and 3 goals in those starts is a fantastic sign. Not for me, but a great option if you want a POD in your side. Great player.
  • Michu – He was 1 shining light last weekend for those who’ve held him all year. Personally I wouldn’t be jumping on him just yet, as Swansea have a blank this week. However they will then have a DGW at some point and with some of our premo mids struggling, he could be a get out clause.
  • Rodriguez – He’s flying under the radar at Southampton, his scintillating form making a mockery of his 5.2 price tag. It is too big a risk however in my opinion, there are so many better, more proven options going around. He is yet to prove his consistency.
  • Fellaini – He timed his suspension to perfection. Side-lined in the lead up to Everton’s double, they will need him back and firing on all cylinders. He should be fresh and ready to tear these 2 games to shreds! Captain option. Great pick.


  • Mata – Sadly it is a lot of our premium mids that we’ve relied on all season that fall into the loser category this week. Is it time to jump off them? Possibly, however we have to treat each individual case as it is. I’ve backed Mata in to recover from his form slump for too long now, and it’s reaching a point where I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping him. After an incredible run of scoring or assisting in 13 out of 15 starts, Mata has failed to net in his last 6 and has returned only 1 assist in this time. However we must bear in mind that Chelsea have a double gameweek to come, so I will look to hold if I can. However if you have no other way of fitting in a guy like Fellaini, I’d pull the trigger.
  • Rooney – His derby performance was poor. Dismal infact. I’ve made the call this week and given him the sack! It was against my instincts to trade him in anyway, you guys will know I’ve been against him all year! Job security is not what you want from a 12.0 striker and his form isn’t too flash either. Personally for me he became Berbatov for the double.
  • Lukaku – In a move that defied all logic, Steve Clark dropped West Brom’s top goalscorer to the bench. Wow. It didn’t pay off either. Lukaku did have a glorious chance to show the manager what he was missing, but sprayed wide in front of a gaping net. With his blank this week it is time to offload, I’ve traded him straight to Benteke.
  • Suarez – Another captain failure! He is really costing me in recent times… Time to offload though? Not a chance, the week you do he’ll pump out a hat-trick. Hold him, but captain with care!
  • Sissoko – I said that last week was do or die, and I meant it. Surely Fulham at home was the time for him to step up. I needed to dump someone for Fellaini, and he was in the firing line. Let’s hope Walcott pulls up this week! Gone for me.
  • Stoke – They have been dismal in recent times. Now Wilson’s down injured! They’re a mess both offensively and defensively. Get off them immediately!


  • Michu – Just because a player has a blank doesn’t mean we need to trade them. There is a slot on the bench to use for just this kind of situation. Michu will make up this extra game sometime down the track and unless you gain serious ground by trading him, I wouldn’t.
  • Walcott – By all accounts he looks like he will be back for both games in Arsenal’s double, why are we trading him now?! Makes no sense. Hold.
  • Suarez – As I said earlier, I’d be holding strong with Luis. Regardless of whether he has a double fixture or not, he can score as high as anyone on his day. And his next day out must surely be approaching… I’ve done my best to convince you to hold!
  • Gervinho – With Walcott returning I think it’s highly unlikely that Gervinho will play both games. Yes he is in reasonable touch, but he has burnt too many bridges. I wouldn’t go anywhere near him, but that’s just on principle.


The toughest decisions of the week revolve around how many players we should be bringing in for the DGW, whilst maintaining a strong team for the weeks ahead. It’s also very important to bear in mind that a few other teams missing out will get their turn in a few weeks!

Firstly, how many hits should we be taking? The answer is simple. For every trade that you make, if you believe it will earn you at least 4 points whilst improving your team, go for it! Personally, I’ve taken a 16 point hit this week. That sounds ridiculous, and it probably is, however my team has just been drifting recently. I’ve had a terrible last 2 weeks and the double gives me a chance to change things up. It should have been a 12 point hit but I was 0.1 short, should have traded on Monday!

Who are the best options to trade in for the double? There are certainly a few that stand out to me. Fellaini is the big one for me. Everton need to get 2 wins to maintain hopes of a top 4 spot, so they will throw everything at it. He should be fresh and ready to play both games, expect big returns! A player to pick based more on form has to be Berbatov. I’ve brought him in for Rooney, I do he doesn’t tease me again! His form is incredible, he almost scored again last week and should at least get on the board this week. Solid option not just for this week, but the rest of the season. Arsenal has 2 home fixtures which should produce plenty of goals. I would advise you guys to steer clear of their defenders, although I was shocked to see Sagna only costs 4.6 now! He could be a cheeky buy. However goals should be flowing, so don’t be afraid to run with both Cazorla and Walcott this week. That certainly covers their attack! Both should smash it at some stage. If you want to go for a bit of a POD, Giroud could be another option to look at to save running with both midfielders. Whilst he doesn’t have a double, Benteke faces Fulham at home. Goals ahoy! Don’t trade in someone for the sake of playing 2 games, Benteke should match their scores anyway. Baines is a defender which I have gone for, hopefully he can sneak a penalty or an assist along the line and scramble me a few points! Not a permanent trade, but more of a short term option. He will most likely go out for another defender with a DGW 36.

Who should I steer clear of? In the most part, Man United players. chances of Fergie playing the same starting XI for both games? No more than 0%. I have Evra in my team and he has disappointed me the last few weeks with some bench appearances. I am hoping he plays both games, but it is only hope. Don’t trade these guys in. I also suggest you steer clear of defenders on the most part, clean sheets are hard to come across late in the season aside from the big clubs. Even then, the chances of those defenders playing both games could be slim. Be very wary!

That’s it from me for now, I’ll have the captains up for you later today! If you have any transfer questions you’d like to ask me, ask away @MattCraigDT! I’m happy to answer them all. I can also answer questions over @FPLaddicts. Hopefully this has helped, cheers all!

12 comments on “Transfer Talk – DGW33

  1. MattyZach

    Trying to fill my 4th midfielder position (for this week), I’ve got 8.3 to spend. Already got Cazorla, Mata and Fellaini as my playing mids (Michu on the pine). Since I can’t afford Walcott (the most obvious choice), is it worth gambling on a Pienaar or Arteta?

  2. kingcolesy

    Ruiz time to shine for me haha. I must of been drunk when I traded in Gerrard last week, how did he get in my team! vs reading doesnt seem to bad tho.

  3. Liam

    Sorry I have not been around much my article was going to be on jay rodriguez his an absolute bargain and a top pick on current form.

    The problem is its a double gameweek and he doesn’t have one.

    Will post about it next week after he returns another haul of points.

  4. juramentardo

    Fabianski (Bunn)

    Baines, Demel, Enrique (Shaw,Clyne)
Hazard, Santi(c), Fellaini, Osman (Sissoko)

    RVP, Berba, Suarez
    Got 0.0 million in the bank, -8pts

  5. pawan

    Had couple of bad weeks. All in for DGW.. Took an 8 point hit. Currently the team looks like this
    Baines, Jones, Demel,
    Santi Cazorla, Fellaini, Walcott, Osman,
    Berbatov, Suarez, Van Persie

    Subs: Federici, Jose Enrique, Sissoko, Cameron. Bank – 1.0

    Any suggestions for captain?

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