DGW 33 Review

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What a stinky bum poo poo round. Most went in to the Double GameWeek targeting a century, but most ended up lucky to crack 50. How did you fare?

Score: 66
Captain: Fellaini
Lord: Giroud
Loser: Cazorla/Suarez/ Fellaini
Trades: Sturridge -> Kone
Vent: What a shitter. Wilson didn’t play, neither did Shaw, while Liverpool blanked again. I can only be happy with my smokie pick Giroud paying dividends.

Let me know how you guys went below- next GW starts Saturday so there’s a quick turnaround! Stay tuned for TT and Captains!



3 comments on “DGW 33 Review

  1. MattyZee

    What the hell was that round?!

    Score: 44
    Captain: Fellaini
    Lord: Arteta
    Loser: Rooney, Suarez, Martin, Lambert and the rest.
    Trades: Probably Arteta to a cheaper mid, and upgrade Shaw/Wilson to a higher priced defender. Rooney will be on the chopping block next week.
    Vent: Wilson, Shaw both out injured and Zabaleta rotated meant I copped 2 0’s in a DGW! Wtf! Horrible week for me. My only smokey in Arteta came off. Phew!

  2. Liam

    Score: 68
    Captain: RVP
    Lord: RVP, Hazard, Mertesacker, Bertrand
    Loser: Suarez…………………………….
    Trades: Begovic has to go stoke look like they have no idea atm
    Vent: Suarez seriously pull your head in so frustrating

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