The Captains – Round 34

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captainsApologies for the late arrival, I’ve had mid semester examinations and assignments left right and centre! Thus there will be no transfer talk this week, however I will do my best to get one up next week. Exams will continue through until next Friday personally, so we’ll see how I go. I’ve wasted enough time as it is, let’s take a look at the captains for this upcoming gameweek. Let’s hope some attackers can actually put a score on the board this week!

The Contenders:

Mata – Personally, he’s out of my team. Chelsea have another 2 Europa legs coming up, which you would expect them to win. There is no guarantee of him starting and even if he is still capable of consistent, top scoring, there’s better and safer options going around. A couple will get mentions right here! Not for me.

Hazard – Similar to Hazard, his job security is always shaky under Benitez. Not to mention how inconsistent his scoring is anyway! Once again a nor from me.

Lukaku – Newcastle are having a nightmare run of form and West Brom will look to take advantage of that. Lukaku will certainly start and could be a great POD as captain. If you can fit him in, he may be worth a shot.

Suarez – Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. Burn me three times, GET OUT OF MY TEAM! Ok well I held him, but not again. He is a good chance to bend Chelsea over but he’s just as likely to miss 7 chances and get you a cynical yellow! Captain at your own risk.

Berbatov – Mr Inconsistent. He burnt me earlier in the year and I was doing my best to avoid him. NEK MINNIT, he’s in. Surprise surprise he hasn’t scored for 3 games. Captain no captain. However Arsenal can be leaky so don’t rule him out, is your deprived of options then go for it!

Top 3:

1. Van Persie – I doubted him, and he delivered. The penalty was a gift and, to be fair, the second one was to. But who cares, he scored them nonetheless! Home against Aston Villa, certain starter, easy choice. IF you have him.

2. Cazorla – A bit of a risk here, he burnt me last week and all my logic says no. However he thrives on away games, and Arsenal need this win. I reckon it will be an open, high scoring affair and Santi could prove a masterstroke again. He is due and will be my captain this week.

3. Michu – The man I traded in for Mata. He’s scored in his last 3 and seems to be back near his best form. However Southampton can be quite deceiving, don’t underestimate them. Even so, I’d expect Swansea to get at least one or two past and Michu be amongst the goals yet again. A very solid option.

The Punt:

Bale – Injury clouds over his head. Will he play? Won’t he play? The one thing I do know is that Tottenham need this win, and he will be vital for them. If he plays he will be firing on all cylinders and should score big. However it goes without saying he is a massive risk this week, but if you don’t buy a ticket you won’t win the raffle. Great punt!

That’s it from me this week, good luck to all for the upcoming gameweek! Enjoy Seags’ preview and if you have any further captains questions (or transfer questions) feel free to ask me @MattCraigDT or @FPLaddicts. Cheers.

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