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The lead up to a DGW is always key. Trying to squeeze as many players with a double can go either way. In GW32, it went tits up for me. My team has been disgraceful ever since. Is this the DGW we go all out? Do we save our transfers for next week? Start planning ahead with your trades this week. Let’s take a look at the winners and losers from this weekend…


  • Bale – He’s back. Thank god for that, finally I have a player who I can captain in good faith! Must have, simple as that. No midfielder is as good nor as consistent as him. Yes, Bale is now referred to as consistent.
  • Van Persie – Interesting this one. RVP was a saviour for a lot of managers prior to February, then he fell off the face of the planet. Suddenly he’s back, and back in a big way. His hat-trick was glorious and totally justified his premium price tag. However do we scramble to get him in with Sir Alex promising to rotate his team, with no more trophies/titles to play for. RVP is getting on and has done his job this season. Does he rest him up and give guys like Welbeck and Hernandez a run? It seems likely. I’m not going to chase him personally.
  • Sessegnon – Sunderland have re-found their attacking flair with the introduction of Di Canio, god he is exciting. Sessegnon is benefiting and they have a very nice run of fixtures to come. A good option, but tends to be very inconsistent.
  • Mata – Back to his old ways with a couple of assists on the weekend, only because I traded him. A solid choice with the double coming up, surely Benitez will focus on making the top 4. However there is always the distraction of the Europa League and he will be desperate for some kind of silverware. Still has his doubts surrounding him, however one of him or Hazard is probably essential for the double.
  • Hazard – Chelsea’s better half. Big call? He’s been very up and down this year and could do anything over the next few weeks. I’d think he’ll play every game in the chase for a top 4 spot, he seems indispensable to Chelsea’s line-up. If Lampard continues to bench then he has penalty duties in his locker also, a handy addition. He was my choice this week instead of Mata, however they are very hard to separate.
  • Sturridge – With Suarez now gone for the rest of the season due to his idiotic bite on Ivanovic, Sturridge will need to step up in the striker spot. He seems a very solid option, however Liverpool are not in the best of form and they have nothing to play for. They are playing like it. I must say 6.6 is very cheap for a striker of his calibre and could be a great pick up over the next few weeks, although there are many other mid price forwards with a double gameweek coming up. Do we take safety in the double or potential in Sturridge? I’m leaning towards option 1, not that GW32 supports that theory…


  • Suarez – He’s bitten a lot of managers in the ass with his actions on the weekend. We definitely need to bite the bullet with him. Maybe he should go and watch ‘Finding Nemo’. “Defenders are friends, not food.”
  • Cazorla – I’m done. Done. How many times will I cop the D from Cazorla this year, he teases us with a good couple of games, then plays like a dis-interested young child playing in the U8’s. A lot less headaches without him. Expect a brace to follow this weekend.
  • Fellaini – He has come back from suspension with a new role. It’s not a good one. We don’t like to see the big afro man in defensive lock down roles! However Fulham at home will give Everton the license to attack. And attack Fellaini will. Give him this week to prove his worth.
  • Sissoko – I made the right call a few weeks ago, flash in the pan from a fantasy perspective. Once the excitement of moving to a new club rubs off, things get a lot harder. Just ask Cisse. Get rid.
  • Coutinho – I’ve loved the way he’s gone about it and he provides some great flair. However last weeks performance was damning, subbed at Half Time? **** you Rodgers, Spuderson and Downer are half as good. If that.
  • Berbatov – He’s done it again to me. He seriously shits me off, never again Dimitar. Get rid! *Another brace coming*


  • Fellaini – As I spoke of earlier, he should be freed up against Fulham as Everton chase the 3 points. Perhaps look to offload him before the double if anyone takes your fancy. I’ll look at double gameweek options next week.
  • Michu – Don’t trade him out with 3 goals in his last 4 and 3 games in the next 2 gameweeks. Fools!
  • Mertesacker – Flash in the pan from the BFG (Big Fucking German). Please don’t fall for it, Arsenal are as fragile as ever.
  • Sturridge – Don’t trade him out if you’ve held him for whatever reason, he should pick up over the remaining few games. However it might be best to take the safe option in Kone or Lukaku for the DGW. I am anyway, Sturridge has a risk attached to him and a reward that both Kone or Lukaku could deliver as well over the double. Perhaps an inclusion for GW37.
  • Lambert – People are trading him in when other striker options around the same price tag have an extra game coming up. Not to mention Southampton are now going through the motions. Hold if you have him, he’s a great pick. But I would go trading him in that’s for sure. Not now.

That’s it from me for now, I’ll make sure the captains are up by tomorrow arvo, if not tonight in preparation for the upcoming gameweek! Cheers.

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  1. MattyZee

    Thanks for the read Matt. Loved your work all season, even with DT taking over as our priorities.

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