The Captains – Round 35

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captainsThings have been tough for the captains for those without RVP whilst Bale was injured. However now we have them both back, the decisions get a lot tougher, but with more chance of success! Let’s take a look at the captaincy options for this week…

The Contenders:

Mata – I tried to fit both Mata and Hazard into my top 3, but I just couldn’t separate them. Which one does best is a lottery at the moment, and even though I can see goals for Chelsea I just can’t pick one or the other. I see safer options going around…

Hazard – As I said, you just can’t trust him with the C. Too many blanks for you to captain him with better options out there. He does have a big upside if you want to risk it though.

Fellaini – If his form was better he’d be cemented in my top 3, however he hasn’t scored since returning from suspension. He has been playing in a deeper role with Osman out however I feel Everton will chase the 3 points here and Fellaini could be a great chance to get back on the scoresheet. Massive stab in the dark however, better options going around.

Walcott – There will be goals in the Arsenal Man U clash however who will get on the scoresheet is a lottery. Not for me.

Aguero – If he starts (which seems likely) I expect a goal or two from him today. Captain option? I’d say yes if you have him, although City have been renowned for struggling to break down the lesser teams this year.

Mirallas – Cheeky POD if you want to captain him this week, I reckon he is a good chance to score. However I’m not sure he is more reliable than the number 1. In fact I’m sure he’s not. Would be a massive risk!

Top 3:

1. Bale – Lock and load if you want an easy ride. Tottenham are desperate for the Top 4. Bale wants to stay and will be giving it everything to make the Champions League cut next season. Who else is going to carry Spurs to victory? Fairly easy decision, I see only 1 other possible option.

2. Benteke – Here is the other option. Aston Villa need to win and Benteke will be just the man to carry them to victory. Sunderland at home is a juicy prospect and even with Di Canio at the helm, Sunderland must feel they are safe now. The perfect time for Villa to pounce. 2 weeks without a goal is sure to come to an end this week, safe as anything this week IMO.

3. RVP – He could be anything this week, however I am not so sure he’ll murder Arsenal as people say he will. Arsenal beat United in the corresponding fixture last year and with nothing to play for, Man U could hit cruise control. I’m not denying RVP a goal, but I can’t see a big score this week. Bale a much better option IMO.

The Punt:

Tevez – I was going to make Benteke the punt this week but felt he was better than that. The reason I classify tevez as a risk is City’s tendancy to make things hard for themselves in games they should win. They are scraping through to a lot of 1-0 wins and Tevez is no certainty to get on the scoresheet. However if things open up it could get ugly with West Ham now securely safe from relegation. A big upside to him but a lot of risk attached as well. A great punt this week!

That’s it from me this week, hoping some of my attackers can actually score this week! If you have any captaincy/trade questions just ask away in the comments below or on Twitter @MattCraigDT @FPLaddicts! Cheers.

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