Nasri at the double

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Doubles are the traditional makers or breakers of this often-complex game. The peaks and troughs theory seems to rear its head more often then not in these enthralling situations. A successful double can result in the sacrilegious 100+ gameweek while a failure of 50 points leaves us scratching our heads with unwanted assets encrusted into our squads. I present this week’s double differential:

Samir Nasri

The midfielder once the 2nd Cesc of fantasy (that’s being extremely kind) is now nothing more then a benchwarmer with an extremely large pay packet. What is interesting about Samir as most differential fantasy options is the ‘hot streak’.

At a Fellaini jumping 8.1 price tag the fiery Frenchman is worth of consideration into this weeks double. Lets have a look at his past 5 gameweeks:

Newcastle (H) 70 minutes 1 assist

Man United (A) 70 minutes 1 assist

Wigan (H) 90 minutes

Tottenham (A) 90 minutes 1 goal

West Ham (H) 90 minutes 2 assists

Over a 5 game period Nasri has returned 32 points at a rate of 6.4 points per game. Quite simply he is the in form player for Manchester City in a team that is playing for very little as the season winds down. So why the upturn in form:

  • Opportunity: Being a benchwarmer Nasri is looking to prove himself potentially for a move in the summer
  • Injury: Having had significant injury issues Nasri is looking to make the most of what is left in the season having missed so much
  • CUP FINAL: Manchester City are playing in the FA Cup final if anybody didn’t notice. Every player wants to play in a final its what dreams are made of and its what Nasri moved to City for.

The Cup final one would assume is a huge personal driver for Nasri the greedy yet driven man he appears to be. What is extremely interesting to note is whether he will appear or not. Manchester City failed in large patches to open the gate in the league game against Wigan. Nasri played a full game in a slender 1-0 win while David Silva missed out injured.

Yaya Toure, Silva & Barry are the three rock solid regulars. A cup final is often a scrappy and tight game I see James Milner an explosive type, a committed player starting the game in midfield alongside these 3 mainstays. This opens the opportunity for Nasri to fulfill our fpl needs over the double gameweek.

Looking to prove himself for the final a start at Swansea is more then likely. The wheels have slightly come off Swansea as they lack the necessary ‘fight’ for points. Still filled with quality and often extremely tight at home the game could be close. Most likely opened up by the hunger of a few individual talents.

Looking beyond a cup final is extremely difficult and is not going to be done here. What I wish to close on is those people who are considering Yaya Toure. He is in similar form to Nasri and is playing attacking midfield in recent weeks. Toure is one of City’s main players and will be key to their FA Cup final ambitions (as noted in their 1-0 win a few seasons ago). I doubt he will be going at 110% against Swansea and I am confident he will be rested or in the holding role after the cup.

Nasri is at 4.1% ownership compared to Yaya’s 20%, Tevez 25% presents a strong alternative for point gains as the season comes to a close. It is very much looking into the unknown Mancini wanted to punch him in the face earlier in the season so lets see if we will be punching for joy come the close of gameweek 36.


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  1. mattcraigdt

    Good to see you back! I’ll make sure I cover the rest of the double options, I’m building a huge transfer talk right now! 😉 Not in that much depth of course, well written mate

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