Transfer Talk – DGW36 (Mega edition)

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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageAfter a much better gameweek last weekend it’s time to prepare for the final DGW of the season. And it’s a big one. I took a big risk in taking a big points hit last week in preparation and it paid off as I posted a massive score anyway. It’s meant I’m already set-up with 8 players playing twice this week, beautiful! For those who haven’t, how many trades is it worth making? Who should we look at? I’ll discuss that in depth after we check out the big winners and losers from last week. Down to business!


  • Benteke – Give this man a medal. I tipped him last week in the captains as I was sure he’d get on the scoreboard. Did I expect 3? Not a chance! But I’ll take it! Must have in the last few weeks as Villa fight tooth and nail to stay in the league.
  • Lukaku – My sneaky POD last week for the double, not anymore! Absolute jet, he’s only a teenager?! Chelsea must be frothing watching him dominate games, step aside Ba. Oh, and you to Fernando. Should be good to go for both games this GW.
  • Bale – Lock and load. Gun. Captain. Done.
  • Nasri – He’s slipped under the radar over the past fortnight, he did however catch my attention in last weekends game. A no for me, but could be worth the risk for the double. Check Liam’s article for more. Very up and down though, you’ve been warned.
  • Coutinho – Love this guy, however his 45 minute performance the week before had me trade him out! Fail. Can’t say I saw a 6-0 winning coming though, he’ll be straight back into my side after this DGW. Personally I have a massive league clash in GW 38, so that’s where my focus is headed. Liverpool play QPR at home. Enough said.
  • Sturridge – I thought Liverpool might struggle without Suarez and Sturridge wouldn’t just walk in and take his points. Doh! If there was no double gameweek he would have been in last week but oh well, he’ll come in for me next week as well. Quality player and has his chance to shine with Suarez missing.


  • Fellaini – His defensive role is really killing his scoring potential unfortunately. He benches for me this week then becomes Coutinho next week. Persist with him if you want, buy you’d be relying on a goal from a corner I suspect. We all know he’s capable, but there’s more reliable options out there at the moment.
  • Michu – Can we just have some consistent scoring please! I suppose we’ve got a bit comfortable with our mid priced midfielders dominating all year, what is all this 2 point nonsense! The upcoming double decides Michu’s future. For those who don’t have him, I wouldn’t panic but I can certainly see him popping up for a header here or there. Very hard to predict what will happen now that Swansea’s season is over. Who knows when they will rock up to play.
  • Hart – Seriously… Cost me Zabaleta’s clean sheet and extra bonus points with an absolute howler. He’s protected like you wouldn’t believe over in England, he is nowhere near the keeper he was 12 months ago. People move with the times and he is falling behind, he needs to pick it back up. Soon. As far as fpl goes, he could be a great way to get that extra City player for some clean sheets. That is if he remembers how to keep.
  • Sessegnon – Was SO close to trading him in this week but decided I would wait to see how he fared. Thank **** for that. He’s been a great POD but say goodbye!
  • Cazorla – Inconsistency personified. A nightmare player to own, if it was me I’d be dumping him ASAP! Unfortunately you always have that fear he’ll bag 3 when you eventually do…
  • Gerrard – He didn’t even register an assist in a 6-0 thumping. Cause for concern in my eyes, however more on him in the knee-jerks!
  • Berbatov – His injury will make things easier for those struggling to let go. Not sure why that would be anyway, goodbye Mr Berbatov!
  • Lambert – Not that he isn’t a good option, but with all the value going around in the strikers this double gameweek he should probably go for a week. Southampton can relax now anyway… Lukaku or Kone await.
  • Rooney – Wasn’t quite sure he was on the pitch at times on the weekend. Get him out!


Just a note, the knee-jerks are getting a lot harder as we reach the pointy end of the year. We no longer have the light hearted first timers around to trade a player out based on a single score, good to see we’re all learning who have stuck with it! (A lot will be discussed in the DGW section anyway).

  • Van Persie – A lot of people are trading him in, however I’m not convinced. Not now anyway. He’s been great, that’s a given. However United have now won the league. Vanners has reached Fergie’s target of 20 goals and he ain’t gettin any younger. Time for resting in my eyes, Chicharito is too good to keep sitting on the bench. Expect some Sir Alex headaches over the last few games, I’d try my best to steer clear of United players.
  • Ba – People are trading him in for the double, however there is one big problem with that. Chances are he won’t play both games! The thing he does have going his way is being unable to compete in the Europa League, so perhaps he might start both. However it’s a massive risk. It’s not like he’s in red hot form either. Put on a blindfold and walk The Path of God. Your relying a lot on faith, and a step either side results in certain disaster.
  • Gerrard – Yes he disappointed last week. However he is a big game player. It’s Stevie G! A merseyside derby seems like the perfect time for him to step up does it not? Think twice before trading him out is all I’m saying, it would need to have good reason.


How many hits should we be taking? I answered this last DGW but I’ll say it again. For every trade that you make, if you believe it will earn you at least 4 points whilst improving your team, go for it! Now last time that didn’t work out so well as half of the premium options involved decided to set up the deckchairs and enjoy some sun. However if it doesn’t work the first time, try, try and try again. Who doesn’t love a good double gameweek gamble! One day it will pay off handsomely. You don’t want to miss out of that day! Personally, I’ve taken a 4 point hit this week as I did most of my trades last week in preparation. If you feel it’s worth it though, do what you need to do.

Who are the best options to trade in for the double? In reality the question should be, who is worth it for the double? I really like Man City’s fixtures from here on until the end of the season and they comfortably have the best DGW fixtures of the 6 teams playing twice. I see a gold mine in their defence so Clichy and Zabaleta are in! Kompany is a much safer option than Clichy if you can afford him. As far as their attacking options go, they haven’t been that convincing of late. I own Tevez out of hope more than anything else, Aguero could be the go if you can afford him instead. Check out Liam’s article to get a better idea of Nasri, he could provide some great value! Silva doesn’t do it for me.

Spurs have 3 real options. The first is Vertonghen. He could pick up a clean sheet or 2 in the run in and can pop up for a sneaky goal every now and then. Gotta love a big man who finds the net with his feet. Defoe could be a great POD with Adebayor horribly out of form, I expect big things from Jermain in this double. He’s my tip for the round. There’s some other guy I’m missing… Just make sure you have him. Ok?

Chelsea have the toughest draw of the lot, but should still do well attacking wise. Toss a coin between Mata and Hazard, maybe even pick both. If you can fit them in then go for it, however I’m not going to predict which one will score. I’d expect both to join the party at some point so both are solid options.

Michu is the go from Swansea, while De Guzman could be a POD if you don’t like the look of the Spanish giant. Personally I’ll back Michu to beat him, however Swansea are licorice all-sorts currently…

Kone will surely score in one of his 2 games. Ignore his recent form, I really like him this week. Wigan are desperate and they haven’t failed before, so why now? Expect goals a plenty to come in their remaining fixtures.

Finally Lukaku gets the nod for West Brom. He is a well oiled machine, a big one at that. Don’t expect too much against Man City, so really you are relying on his clash against Wigan. That’s enough for me! If it was between him or Kone, I’d say Kone. Just a gut feeling with Wigan fighting to the death, he is due a goal also. Tight call!

Who should I steer clear of? This is just as important, people can easily get sucked into ruining their teams in the mad scramble to get as many DGW players as possible! Chelsea’s defence is a good starting point. I struggle to see more than 1 clean sheet, if that, in their last 4 fixtures. Wasting your time IMO.

Man City’s attack is not something to be relied on at the moment. They aren’t exactly putting the foot on the throat of weaker teams and 1-0 or 2-0 results seem popular. Just be careful.

POD’s from Chelsea. Guys like Oscar or Torres are almost certain to miss one of the 2 fixtures with Europa league to contend with also. Unfortunately I can see Mata or Hazard (or both) being rested at some stage as well. When do they draw the line between winning the Europa league and qualifying for the Champions League? What’s better, apples or oranges? I’m an oranges man myself… yeah, not helpful at all. Don’t even try predict Rafa’s teams.

Finally we should all steer clear of destroying our teams for this 1 gameweek. Have exit plans for those guys who you don’t want for the last 2 gameweeks and plan for any extra hits you will have to take. Always plan ahead with your trades and act accordingly! City and Spurs have some soft fixtures, always bear these kind of things in mind! Lastly don’t forget form, just because a player plays twice doesn’t mean they will score! Don’t trade for the sake of it, the guy you had in your team previously will probably beat him anyway (*cough* Gerrard *cough*).

That’s it from me today. Once again sorry for the recent delays, exams were causing some issues. Then I had an Econs essay! But I’m always doing my best for the site. The captains will be out soon, I had a great week last week so hopefully I can back it up. In reality I think we all know who should get the big C this week anyway… Until then! Cheers.

If you have any transfer questions you’d like to ask me, ask away @MattCraigDT! I’m happy to answer them all. I’m also happy to answer any captain dilemmas you have as we reach the pointy end of the week. We can also answer questions over @FPLaddicts if you wish!

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  1. MattyZee

    Thanks again for the article.

    My first transfer was an easy one this week. Lambert > Lukaku
    Second one being Rooney > Tevez or Aguero definitely isn’t an easy choice.

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