Captains – Round 36

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captainsSo, let’s get straight down to business. We have a double gameweek to worry about. Now apologies to all if this seems blunt, but it’s the honest truth. A lot of effort also went into last nights article. If you haven’t read it check it out! Anyway I feel it’s a pretty simple captains choice this week so let’s take a look.

The Contenders:

Lukaku – I really like him for a goal at home to Wigan, however Man City away is a much tougher prospect. With a few men missing West Brom may struggle so no captaincy here.

Tevez – Very hot and cold at the moment, Man City aren’t putting in the consistent performances to justify captaincy. By all means have him in, but even with some easy fixtures that doesn’t guarantee you goals…

Michu – Once again I have to pass. Swansea are going through the motions, he has lost his early season spark and his form doesn’t justify captaincy at all.

Defoe – He is my sneaky tip for this week, I don’t have him personally but he should get on the scoreboard. A solid option for the punt if you have him, it could pay off handsomely. Would be on gut instinct though, I do not recommend it!

Defenders – I’ve learnt the hard way. Don’t. When you have Bale in your team I honestly don’t understand the urge to captain a defender!

Top 3:

1. Bale – My captain lock and he should be for everyone else. Some people will try to look for a differential, but here’s some facts for you. He has scored in 9 of his last 10 appearances, notching 10 goals in that time. 10 goals in 9 games! For a midfielder! RVP eat your heart out. He also has 5 assists in this time frame and has scored 107 points (a lazy 21 bonus points included). In 10 freakin games. At that average he’ll score 22 this week. He also loves a London derby, expect goals to flow and he will be amongst it. Southampton at home you say? Get your deckchair out. Keep calm and lock Bale.

2. Mata/Hazard – Can’t split the 2, no idea how they’ll go yet alone who rafa will pick for both games. If their form was better I’d reconsider, but no one else is sticking their hands out. Both should score well, but I just can’t justify it…

3. Aguero – Should be good for a couple of goals and will be very solid. Great POD, but once again I can’t justify him over Bale.

The Punt:

Kone – Wigan will fight tooth and nail and he is due a goal to say the least. This is not the week to take a punt IMO, no one has the ceiling to beat the Welsh winger.

Need I say anymore?!

bale captain

That’s it from me this week! Good luck this week, I hope the fpl gods are with us! Cheers.

If you have any transfer questions you’d like to ask me, ask away @MattCraigDT! I’m happy to answer them all. I’m also happy to answer any captain dilemmas you have as we reach the pointy end of the week. We can also answer questions over @FPLaddicts if you wish!

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