GW 38 Special Edition – The Final

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So we’ve reached the final week of the season. It’s been an epic ride, but more on that later! For now we have to make our final trades and set a captain. I’ll take a different approach to the final gameweek, so let’s get straight into it!

The Chopping Block:

Hazard – Is he injured, isn’t he injured? All I know is Mata is a much safer bet for this weekend. I’ve heard he won’t be fit anyway so if you can’t reach Mata then Oscar could be a safe bet.

Fellaini – I can’t get him out quick enough. A really poor decision to get him back in after suspension without any proof of form. He hasn’t scored once since! Coutinho is your go to man if you don’t have him, otherwise Michu is another great option.

Tevez – I have my doubts every week that he’ll start. Even when he does he’ll do sweet **** all anyway. If you don’t have Sturridge get on board, otherwise you may just have to stick with him. I can’t see any other options screaming pick me.

De Gea – Sir Alex has announced that Lindegard will start in goals this weekend so he has to go! Evans and Jones are also confirmed starters so be very wary of United…

Benteke – His suspension will see him miss the remaining game of the season. Will he ever play for Aston Villa again? I doubt it. Hopefuly we’ll still see him in the EPL next year!

Get on board:

Mata – Your go to man if your looking for a Chelsea player, I straight swapped Hazard to him. Surely good for at least an assist, he’s been very unlucky to not get on the scoresheet recently. This could be his week! I’m backing him in.

Liverpool’s defence – You’ll struggle to find a surer thing this week. Points in the bag. Reina in for me.

Man City’s defence – My bad, you’ve just found a surer thing. More points in the bag as long as the key players all start. Kompany the safest bet, Zabaleta should return and Clichy will surely start…

Spurs defence – If your still struggling for defensive options (if that’s possible), here’s a $1.02 favourite for another clean sheet. They will do all they can to topple Arsenal in the race for a top 4 spot. Vertonghen the obvious choice here. Lloris another option in goals.


The Contenders:

I’ll be honest here, I only see 3 real contenders this week and they sit in the top 3. If you want to chase form there are 1 or 2 others but let’s not waste too much time!

Cazorla – I advise you don’t chase his form, one game doesn’t make him the best option for the armband this week. Don’t get greedy! Much better, safer options out there this week.

Coutinho – He should smash it again this week but do I truly believe he’ll out score Sturridge? I doubt it. Not worth the risk…

Mata – Not producing the big captain like scores that made him an armband option earlier in the season. Definite pass.

Top 3:

1. Sturridge – I suggested we jump on board last week and hello baby! I do get worried at Liverpool’s inconsistencies but they have been flying without Suarez holding them back! Sturridge is playing like a man possessed. His form is incredible and QPR is as tasty as it gets. It could be party time for the reds this weekend! I’ll back him in.

2. Bale – I steered clear of Bale last week and it worked well for me. Spurs are getting it done without him and while he has to be favourite to get on the scoreboard, I just like Sturridge’s taste for goals at the moment.

3. Walcott – We all know how he dismantled Newcastle last time out. Pardew has stated that he doesn’t care if Newcastle lose 4-0. Arsenal have to win. I smell goals. His pace is too much for Newcastle’s defence and he presents another brilliant option for captaincy this weekend. Just be glad if you have all 3 of them in your team!

The Punt:

Lampard – He was a great punt last week for those who took the chance, however I’m not sure this is the week to pull the trigger. Chelsea’s season is done and dusted so I can’t maintain the confidence that I do with the top 3. Starting is the big issue.

That’s it from me for the season! I thank everyone who has stuck with us until the end and we’ll be back bigger and better than ever in July! Enjoy the break, focus on DT for all those multi tasking and good luck this weekend! Cheers.

3 comments on “GW 38 Special Edition – The Final

  1. templetontherat

    I can’t thank you guys enough. I’ve never been good at fantasy football but I’ve had my best season by a country mile and it’s down to the advice I’ve received from you. The last 2 years I did the FPL game online I finishes in 7 figures. This season after finishing in the top 10,000 in a gameweek for the first time I ever I sit inside the top 150,000. In the ESPN’s version of fantasy football I sit inside the top 7 percent (currently ranked 7,832). So thank you for not only the great recaps, previews and information but the humor that’s gone with it.
    Having said all that, wash your mouth out with soap because Christian Benteke will stay with the Villa! >-(

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