2012/13 Season Review!

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season review

Well what a… slightly boring season it’s been. For the first timers it’s all very exciting but to be honest, the epl felt like it was over 2 months ago. Whilst it’s been a bit of a slow year, I just cant wait to get stuck into next season! Fergie is gone, Mourinho looks very likely to return. Things may even up at the top. Players leaving, new signings, it’s all too exciting! But for now we must rest, enjoy the 2 month break, then be back to where it all started! RMT’s, Fresh Blood, Value for Money, Most Popular, Hot and Cold. Ok maybe not good old H&C, but the rest will be there and more! Bring back the masses! For those of you who stuck with us until the very end, let us know your final results in the comments. Were we even helpful?! Seags aside I’m sure the boys gave you some very handy tips. Let our season reviews begin!

Summary for GW38:






Summary for the Season:


Overall Ranking: 

Total transfers made: 

Best/worst trade of the season?: 

Vent/Brag/Final word: 

Personally I scored 63 for the final gameweek leaving me with a grand total of 2129 points. My ranking of 43k was solid without being spectacular. I did reach the top 20k around GW 30 but then turned my focus to my cash league. Which I then lost. Good decision. I went trasnfer crazy towards the end and ended up with 76 transfers. And I tell people not to knee-jerk! I had 6 gameweeks where I took a hit over 12 points, maybe something to build on for next year… My best trade of the season was certainly bringing in RVP after his Southampton hat-trick (before his price rise) whilst getting in Rooney the week before for a grand total of 2 was the complete opposite! Hopefully he won’t be around next season to screw me over. Obviously the final word is a massive thank you to all our readers over the whole year, especially those who stuck with us until the end. I can’t wait to be back here researching next season’s prospects in under 2 months! Until then, cheers.

p.s Seags is too embarrassed at his ranking to comment. I can assure you his knowledge of the game far exceeds his ability at fpl. Ok maybe a bit harsh on his fpl ability. We all have bad seasons, right?

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  1. MattyZach

    Summary for GW38:
    Score: 56
    Captain: Bale
    Lords: Bale, Coutinho, Mata
    Losers: Aguero, Martin, Davies and Zabaleta
    Vent/Brag: Left Lukaku on the bench over Aguero, not expecting him to play at all if he didn’t have 90 mins. Well, didn’t that make me look stupid! Oh well.

    Summary for the Season:
    Points: 2017
    Overall Ranking: 186,059
    Total transfers made: 50
    Best/worst trade of the season?: I had been on Lambert all season, but then transferred him out with my 2nd Wildcard. Which, turned out to be right before he went absolutely nuts and go on his massive run of goals. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to get him back in until he’d gone up over 1.0 from what I sold him for.
    Not too displeased with my season. I won my main league by about 40 points in the end. I made a pretty huge number of silly trades, and could never get my starting 11 right. Missed out on so many points! Ie. This week. haha

    Thanks for all the help this year guys!

  2. Nick

    Summary for GW38:
    Score: 65
    Captain: Sturridge 🙁
    Lords: Bale, Mata, LUKAKU, Coutinho, Johnson
    Losers: Zabaleta, Hart & Sturridge 🙁
    Vent/Brag: Had the C on Lukaku up until I read the captains article

    Summary for Season:
    Points: 2081
    Overall Ranking: 85,250
    Total Transfers Made: 59

    Been an enjoyable year! Cheers guys, cant wait for FPL to open again in a few months!

  3. Louie.K

    Summary for Season:
    Points: 2126
    Overall Ranking: 44,719
    Total Transfers Made: 41

    Enjoyed the year. Second best ever overall finish for me. Loved you work across the season. Looking forward to the next campaign.

  4. Dan

    Summary for GW38
    Score: 47
    Captain: Sturridge
    Lords: Bale, RVP, Coutinho
    Losers: Sturridge, Kone, Zab, Baines
    Vent/Brag: Lukaku to Sturridge and taking capt off Bale/RVP…Sturridge is on my never again list. Just never performed when in my team.

    Summary for the Season
    Points: 2128
    Overall Ranking: 43,613
    Total transfers made: 51
    Best/worst trade of the season?: The above Lukaku to Sturridge one is right up there with the worst…Suarez to Hernandez the week before a hatrick was pretty bad too.

    Best were bringing in RVP in wk 4 and Lambert in wk 6

    Vent/Brag/Final word: 1st season, so pretty happy with the final ranking. Flew up from about 150k+ from just before the final DGW. Managed to win my only H2H league aswell (DT Talk league which a few on here are in) so can’t complain too much.

    Apperciate the site lads, hopefully be back next season. Good luck with the DTs!

  5. stby

    Summary for GW38:
    Score: 61(-4)
    Captain: Sturridge
    Lords: Bale, Mata, Coutinho, Sagna
    Losers: Sturridge, Tevez, Zab
    Vent/Brag: Poor captain choice, chasing last GW’s points.

    Summary for the Season:
    Points: 2287
    Overall Ranking: 1709
    Total transfers made: 40 (not including the wildcards)

    Best/worst trade of the season?:
    Best – Having Michu from GW1, then ditching him when he slowed down.
    Worst – where to start? Getting Gerrard in _after_ he had finished his good run, getting Fellaini in after his last suspension (never again?), ignoring Everton’s run of clean sheets towards the end. I can go on but I don’t have all day!

    Vent/Brag/Final word:
    A big improvement from a 42K finish in the previous season, at the cost of many hours’ lost sleep, but well worth it! A big thanks to a lot of FPL sites for helping me move up the rankings, and this site in particular is a new favourite of mine. Keep up the great work guys, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who’s riding every shot into the post (*shakes fist at Walcott*) and every injury-time lost clean sheet. Unlike the Fantasy AFL games, I love the fact I can rage-trade my entire squad in a single week if I wanted to!

    Back to DT Talk and the like for the next couple of months…

  6. Shaun Curnow

    Points: 2,202

    Overall Ranking: 12,337

    Total transfers made: 42

    Best/worst trade of the season?:
    Best: Rooney to Sturridge before GW17 and collected Sturridge’s 17 points!
    Worst: Probably Gerrard to Felliani when the Fro returned from suspension

    Vent/Brag/Final word: After being in top 10K for most of year was little disappointing to drop out of the top 10K in final week. Played it safe in GW38 & only managed to score 44. Played couple donuts which hurt. But overall very happy with season.

    The amazing thing about my season is that I didnt have RVP all year and managed to finish so high!

    Massive thanks to everyone on here, without a doubt without you guys i would have given up pretty early and would have finished in 1,000,000 position!

    Already looking forward to next season starting!

  7. 3rdmonky

    Season Review:
    Pts: 2115
    Ranking: 52,967 (my 3rd best of those recorded)
    Final word: Terrific work by all on this site, can’t thank your efforts enough! I’ve mostly been a silent member but kept on here all season.
    To finish with a story:
    Been playing since… early 1999 I think. My first ever gameweek was late in I think the 1998/99 season (could be a season or two later, potentially). Liverpool had a double game-week. Picked Michael Owen, made him captain. Owen scored 5 goals that weekend (bonus pts didn’t exist yet) and as captain scored me a 48. Team score of 73. Thought: “How easy is this?”

    Since then, had the greats of FPL rotating through the team – Owen, Kewell, Pires, perma-captains Henry/Ronaldo/RVP, Torres (when at ‘Pool), Gerrard, Lampard, Joe Cole for a time… gotta love it!

  8. kingcolesy

    Summary for GW38
    Score: 47
    Captain: RVP
    Lords: Bale, RVP, Mata
    Losers: Tevez
    Vent/Brag: Average! In fact if I left my team alone 2 months before end I would of got more points as RVP would of been pumping my captain scores along!

    Summary for the Season
    Points: 2073
    Overall Ranking: 94,550
    Total transfers made: 41
    Best/worst trade of the season? Cant remember now! Been a while! But would have to be Michu at start of the year surely.

    Special thanks to all on this site.

  9. Sinbad

    Summary for the Season
    Points: 2133
    Overall Ranking: 40,088
    Total transfers made: 34

    Vent/Brag: not a bad result overall, got 73 in the last week ad won a couple of leagues. for me, I dont atually follow the sport or watch the games so found this web site a great source of information. I found your tips at the start of the season great which got me off to a good start and the weeky captains choice helped throughout the season. big thanks for all the input guys.

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