FPL 2013/14 – Kick off!

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Unless you have taken residence in a cave for the duration of the day, you would have heard that FPL is back for 2013/14! With a month to go until the first kick off there is no need to panic and rush into selecting our teams. Who am I kidding? My first team was selected within 10 minutes of hearing the announcement. Let the tinkering begin! I have set up a brand new RMT for this season so get the discussion going. Over the next month we’ll bring you a series of pre-season articles to try best cover all the options and go for top 20k finishes all round (Seags, I believe in you)! Pondering whether to join a cash league? We’re here to help!

A couple of general knowledge pointers for this season come in the form of a few rule changes. The biggest is the re-construction of the bonus point system. Read it if you will in the scout’s summary, but don’t panic. It’s a similar set-up to last season. A key point is that the point scoring system they outline is purely for bonus point allocation and not counting to the player’s actual score. It’s been designed to help spread the bonus point gatherers more evenly, rather than just rewarding those with the most goals and assists. This sounds like their typical bullsh*t but we’ll see come GW1.  Secondly the definition of an assist has been blurred even further. Last year was pretty simple. If your player got the last touch on the ball before it ended up in the net (Even if the opposition touched it NO more than once) then it would count as an assist. That meant players could take a corner, have the ball headed out to 20 yards before someone smashes it in and the assist would still count. Now that will not be the case. If the ball takes a significant deflection of an opposition player it won’t count. The word in bold is obviously going to be a grey area. What will be judged as a significant deflection?! I’m not sure I like this change as it now muddies the waters even further, but I’m sure we’ll start to see a clear pattern as the season unfolds. Just get ready for more guessing as to which player gets an assist or not.

Finally I’m sure you’re all looking for a point of reference to start your team structure with. My first thoughts are that there is a plethora of cheap defenders around or under the 5.0 mark, so I’m looking to go cheap in defence again (it’s always more enjoyable that way). However once you go below the 7.0 mark in midfield or upfront… Well, good luck. Bargains are extremely hard to come by at this point, unlike last year when we had gifts like Lambert, Michu and Fellaini. Who will be this seasons Fellaini? Will we get another breakout player? All questions which must be asked. To begin with I’d look at Coleman (5.0 – Def), Mirallas (7.5 – Mid), Lambert (7.5 – Fwd) and Boruc (4.5 – GK). All seem to be underpriced or OOP (Out of position). Carroll (7.5 – Fwd) also looks good value if he can get himself fit. RVP (14.0 – Fwd) and Bale (12.0 – Mid) have both been priced painfully high, so I’d be picking 1 for a safe captains option then look to spread your budget elsewhere. That’s all for now, time to get researching! Good luck everyone, and Merry Christmas! Oh it’s not Christmas? Seems like it, happy tinkering! Cheers.

Note: The classic league created last season should be back up and running. If you haven’t joined yet, the code is 41600-15080, league name Knee-jerkers. As we near the start of the season we’ll be sure to create a few head to head leagues. Keep an eye out!

I’ve also updated all the information and content of the articles on the main menu. Enjoy!

11 comments on “FPL 2013/14 – Kick off!

  1. Zeus

    Haha excited for the start of the FPL season, I’m sure you guys will have the best coverage as always!

    Please do let us know if you start up a couple of head to head leagues.


  2. Louie.K

    Great to be back! Picked my initial side within minutes of finding out also. Looking forward to another big year.

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