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A key element of the game this year will be team structure. Do we go expensive in defence? Load up on guns and fill in the gaps? Spread our budget through the magic of midpricers? RVP and Bale, one or the other? Both? None? Which formation to use? How important is it to have a solid bench? All options will be addressed right here! Let’s take a look…

To begin with you’ve got to look at the available options that have been presented by the organisers this season. Where are the bargains? The answer to that question is simple. Defence. Just 2 players over 6.5, and a PLETHORA of defensive options at 5.0 or under. I do not over exaggerate there. We will analyse these options in depth later on, however Riether, Rat, Collins, Clyne, Coleman and Reid name just a few. I’ll be sticking with a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2 structure. You can save big dollars in your budget by selecting a bargain defence, and fact is the big points are simply located elsewhere. Always try to keep the minimal amount of defenders on your field. They are painfully untrustworthy and 90th minute goals will feel like taking a sledgehammer to the groin, whilst also causing ruckus in your household at an inopportune time of the morning. Personally my defence and goalkeepers will be my budget savers, allowing for big spending in attack.

And boy, will you need that extra budget space, because value options in attack or defense don’t seem to be occurring anywhere under the 7.0 bracket. As far as the Bale/RVP dilemma goes, I’ll be looking at selecting Bale as my go to captain and avoiding RVP. This seems to be a pretty general consensus and will make RVP a massive POD. If you can fit him in he could cause your league opponents headaches all season long. If he doesn’t fire, well I guess you can take a free punt at any attacker! It would be extremely dangerous to run without either of these 2 and captain choices will be the bain of your next 9 months. However having both may unbalance your budget and have your team looking extremely fragile and lop sided. I advise going with just 1 to begin with.

To go with your uber premo, I suggest stacking a couple of solid midfield premos to keep up with the pack. Too much reliance on some dodgy midpricers may see you fall behind while fixing your mistakes instead of improving your squad! Player and team values will be crucial. Don’t miss the best bandwagons! I’m looking at 2 midfield premos in the 9.0-9.5 bracket, and seriously take your pick from them. Endless possibilities! My 4th mid will be a midpricer in the 7.0-7.5 range, once again there’s quite a few options to look at. The decision to be made from here is do we choose a mong 5th mid, a mong 3rd forward, or go in with 7 solid attackers and rotate your midpricers? If one of them doesn’t succeed they can easily be benched then traded. I’m leaning towards a nuffy on the pine as I don’t see much cheap forward or midfield action going on. No one I’ll back. Yet.

In the forward line (other than RVP) I don’t see much premium potential, unlike midfield. I’m looking at rolling the dice on 3 forwards in the 7.0-8.0 bracket who all have massive upsides. Carroll, Lambert, Bony, Dzeko, Kone and Altidore will give you plenty of options to choose from. This could all change with a new transfer (*cough* Higuain *cough* Don’t let me down Arsene) but at this stage I don’t see much value between 8.5-11, with Aguero the only other real premo option to consider. If you were to bench a spud like Tiote (Point scoring spud) then you should be able to upgrade one of your midpricers to a guy like Aguero. You could also use that extra cash to improve your defence a little. It all depends on what kind of risks you want to take. I’m still hopeful that we will discover a midfield/forward bargain or two in the newly promoted clubs and save ourselves this dilemma.

At the end of the day I could go on about team structures forever, the options are endless. Personally I will be running 5 solid defenders (mostly budget, possibly a stalwart at 6.0) and rotating them, one of RVP or Bale, a couple of premiums to hold the fort and a foray of midpricers. I am a true believer that bench cover will really help, however cheap options aren’t exactly walking through the door. I’ll leave it open shall I? Good luck with your teams and stay tuned for the player analysis to start coming through shortly! Cheers.

12 comments on “Team Structure

  1. Nick

    Matty you’re a legend! Love your articles. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m bloody pumped for this years EPL season! Do you happen to know when the player analysis will start coming out? Cant wait!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Cheers mate! As soon as we get around to it! I’ll be doing some research over the next couple of days and they’ll gradually get posted 🙂

  2. Glory

    It will be interesting to see how the Bonus Point System changes things with team structure. Eg. Williams 4th highest scorer under system, yet never delivered a goal or assist. Vertonghen being the 2nd Highest, whilst Carrick is 7th for mids just behind Bale. I feel that this system puts a bit more emphasis on defenders. I also notice a few swansea, arsenal and liv players in there, maybe their style of possession helps. Will be interesting none the less! Maybe a few different strategies thrown around!

  3. kingcolesy

    What’s your view on 6.5 mid cabaye this year? At start of last year I think I recall him being all the rage. At the moment he’s in my team.

    • Liam

      Cabaye is fairly priced. That is his output matches his price (there is no real value). It would be better to place your money elsewhere as he shouldn’t top 130 points.

      Additionally he has had a bad run of injuries, seems to have bad groins so I would avoid

  4. Louie.K

    Strongly considering going with Bale and RVP from the start. Set and forget. There’s enough value out there to go with that structure. Anelka netted a brace overnight and looks the goods at 5.5.

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