Hull City

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After a mediocre couple of seasons after relegation from the Premier League at the end of 2009/10 they installed Steve Bruce as gaffer, which proved to be the catalyst for a much more consistent season, leading to a second place finish and promotion.

Steve Bruce likes to buy players and he’s bulked up his squad with several Premier League quality players already. This of course makes it a little difficult to judge how they’ll go and who they’ll start on the field this season. They like to play a 3-4-1-2 formation, but can easily change to a 3-5-2, but that may be a little too attacking against some of the better teams so may become 5-3-2. I’ll leave that discussion for a later date!

The Defence

Hull needed a new goalkeeper so, Steve Bruce being Steve Bruce, he went out and got two, McGregor (4.5m) and Harper (-). I’d be leaning towards McGregor but Harper wouldn’t have quit Newcastle, where he spent his career on the bench, to join Hull to sit on the bench so it might not be so simple… Their 3 centre back formation will probably be filled with Chester (4.0m), McShane (4.0m) and new signing Davies (4.5m) but Faye (4.0m) could happily slot in there. Another new signing Figueroa (4.5m) is a strong chance to fill the left centre back spot or equally the left wing back slot depending on the formation. Rosenior (4.0m) will be in there somewhere as well, maybe playing on the right or as the wingback. None of the guys who played last season for Hull however were very prolific in scoring or assisting, so you’d be hoping for clean sheets to gain points which I think might be a bit of a push.

The Midfield

Hull are looking for a holding midfielder at the moment but if they don’t find one then either Meyler (4.5m, 5 goals + 2 assists from 25 starts) or Evans (4.5m, not much from 23) will fill that role. In front of that they have a plethora of options with Koren (5.0m, 9 + 5 from 37) who is tentatively in my team at the moment, Brady (5.0m, 4 + 13 from 28!) who was excellent last season, Elmohamady (5.0m, 3 + 9 from 41) very good as well, Boyd (5.5m, 4 + 0 from 12) who can also play up front and Quinn (4.5m, 3 + 6 from 41). Any of these could play dependant on the formation. Personally I like Koren but if Brady gets games then I’ll be all over him like white on rice.

 The Attack

Hull have picked up Graham (5.5m) on loan which could prove to be a very shrewd signing. He didn’t settle at Sunderland last season and the attacking style Hull play could suit him. Another, Aluko (5.0m, 8 + 3 from 22), is an exciting talent that could prove a good value pick up for your team. They are in the process of signing one more striker to fill the potential front 3 so keep an eye out. Of the rest, I don’t expect much from Proschwitz (4.5m) and Fryatt (4.5m).

Its difficult to assess what’s going to happen with Hull this season, particularly during the first month or two. Personally, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on their midfield and suggest you do to. Graham has a point to prove and could start with a bang as well. Not too sure about their defence however, I’ve never been particularly comfortable with 3 at the back, but happy to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

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