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Only just put together your first fpl team? Missed our earliest pre-season articles and finding it hard to catch up? We have all the links here in an easy to reach spot as to help with your research! Note: With a few more signings/team news coming through we may not get through it all on the site. Make sure you follow us @FPLaddicts to keep up to date leading into the GW1 deadline! I’ll continue to update the article with each new link as the articles come through. Enjoy! KEY KEY KEY (Forwards) (Defenders) (Mids and Fwds) (midfielders) (defenders)

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Good luck for 2013/14! The addicts crew.



15 comments on “The Addicts Pre-Season

  1. Steve

    Talk to me about Oscar!
    Big year for him, he’ll surely be seeing more game time right?
    Starting spot possibly?

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Not consistently. Read the list: Hazard, Mata, Schurrle, Oscar, Moses, Van Ginkel, De Bruyne are all pushing for starting spots in their front 3. Hazard and Mata are almost locks, leaving 1 spot for a lot of talent. Wouldn’t touch him.

    • Liam

      Too much midfield depth as mentioned by Matt. The price tag additionally is too high for a risk. Personally I was hoping he would come in at a discount this season & possibly become nailed on due to an LTI.

  2. brian

    My team post gw 1 after using wildcard.
    foster, boruc
    mert, k toure, lowton, chester, 4m
    coutinho, hazard, walcott, mirallas, thomas
    soldado, benteke, giroud

    who is the most nailed on 4m defender?
    giroud is too good to ignore atm. even if they sign suarez’ he will be playing for the first 6 gws.
    NO BALE OR RVP!… pretty crazy, but team looks so much better overall without.

  3. templetontherat

    My compliments on comprehensive coverage from this site. You lot have my full confidence. Doing well in fantasy football makes the Premier League season better!

  4. youngy148

    Hey guys would love some advice with my squad. First ever time epl fantasy player, however have followed epl 24/7 for most of the last 4 years. Found this site thanks to a good fella on nrl sc.

    GK: Mignolet, Boruc
    DEF: Coleman, Santon, Mertesacker, Shawcross, Turner
    MID: Mirallas, Coutinho, Michu, Chadil, Snodgrass
    FOR: Van Wolfswinkel, Giroud, Soldado

    Now, I am pretty sure I have too many Norwich players, with 3, and i could not justify picking any man u players with their tough run home. Was wondering if you would pick anyone else than snodgrass? Like the look of turner and RVW in the forward line. Followed Soldado alot before his move and think he is going to be such a good player in the premier league. Thanks guys, look forward to learning many things this year and all feedback throughout the year.

    OH and where do you get late teamlists?? cheers.

    • kingcolesy

      Hey, for dropping a rate my team (link is under page banner)

      Also I forget where the team sheets come up, one of the boys here will help with that. From memory, some website like fox sports would show them 2hours before game, I could be wrong tho! Never tracked it last year!

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        Na you cant get final teams before the deadline unfortunately. You will get the squads and know injuries etc. Just got to follow up on the Friday press conferences, we’ll try and fill you in on the news wrap/preview! That’s why you try to pick safer players solid for 90 mins

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1Ng5

    MIGNOLET!! Penalty saved on debut in the first match of the season…. W-O-W-!! Plus a clean sheet to him and Toure, Im off to a good one! Ill see you for the MAN U and SWANSEA game guys!

    Also, will there be like a lockout chat or something like last year?

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