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Hey lads, Nick here again. This time I’ll be writing about the most popular players. I will be assessing the most popular Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards and whether or not they will be viable options for FPL 2013/14! Today I will start with Goalkeepers – lets find some fools gold!


Simon Mignolet – The most popular choice between the sticks thus far during the pre-season for the upcoming season in 20.3%, and of teams! In my opinion he is an absolute lock! Having just recently made the move from Sunderland to Liverpool over the summer Mignolet is going to be a fantastic pick for FPL 2013/14. Last year he notched up 140 points from 11 clean sheets – and that’s playing with a team who finished 17th! Now look ahead a year – Mignolet has now moved to a top 6 club in Liverpool. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, Pepe Reina has just agreed to a season long loan to Napoli which is fantastic for Mignolet owners. Personally I was initially worried about who the preferred option would be for Rogers’ side would be, now with Reina moving to Napoli it is as clear as day who that option would be, Mignolet. With Liverpool facing Stoke (H) and Aston Villa (A) in the first 2 weeks, clean sheets and points are definitely on the cards for Mignolet and Liverpool defenders. Definitely get on board this bandwagon – he is priced at 5.5m and will be in the top 5 highest scoring goal keepers at the end of the year.

Kelvin Davis – Currently the second most selected goalkeeper so far. Priced at just 4.0m Davis is at basement price, and it’s obvious why – he is second in line for the Saints. Last year he played 855 minutes scoring just 31 points. Southampton have a great first month, playing West Brom (A), Sunderland (H), Norwich (A) and West Ham (H). However it’s pretty hard to take advantage when you’re not playing! It’s obvious that the 16.3% of coaches that have selected Davis are just using him for bench cover. I believe that it is worth spending that extra 0.5m on Boruc/Mannone/Seperoni who are all number one goalkeepers at their respective clubs, especially if you’re going budget goalkeepers! If you’re desperate on a cheap backup keeper however, you might as well pick the bloke with the best name! Definite pass for me.

David de Gea – 15.2% of managers have decided on De Gea as their preferred option for season 2013/14. But I am not so sure. Last years champions have an extremely tough first 5 games facing Swansea (A), Chelsea (H), Liverpool (A), Crystal Palace (H) and Manchester City (A). From these 5 games I can see a possible clean sheet against Palace, and that’s about it… I could well be wrong but Swansea away, Chelsea at home and Liverpool away is an extremely tough first three games which should be full of goals, not to mention the derby! Personally I believe that there are better options out there, and at a cheaper price. Downgrading to Mignolet/Szczesny/Stekelenburg will either free up 0.5m or 1.0m depending on who you choose, which could definitely be used elsewhere – especially with the prices of popular picks Gareth Bale and Robin Van Persie being so expensive this year. After the first 5 games United’s fixtures start to clear up and clean sheets could be a regular, until then I would be sticking well clear of De Gea and United defenders.

Asmir Begovic – Last years second highest scoring goalkeeper Asmir Begovic is currently selected in 13.3% of teams. Priced at 5.5m Begovic is priced similarly to Mignolet/Szczesny and more expensive than Stekelenburg/Mannone/Boruc. The 13.3% of managers that have selected Begovic as their main keeper have the mentality that Stoke will have the same defensive game plan they had last year. Despite having the same defenders they do not have Tony Pulis in charge. I am unsure whether or not they will continue to purely focus on defence and counter-attacks like they did under Pulis. His departure obviously leaves a void, and that was filled by Mark Hughes. Having not managed Stoke in an official Premier League we do not know the style Hughes will be looking to implement. Probably one that will get them relegated. He doesn’t have the best track record… Keep a close eye on Stoke’s friendlies as to the goals scored and more importantly the goals conceded. Personally I will be staying clear of Begovic, until I know the game plan anyway. I think there are better options out there either for the same price or cheaper.

Well that wraps up the most popular goalkeepers so far. At 20.3% ownership Mignolet looks to be my number one pick. With no job security questions and at a potential top four club clean sheets could be a regular for Liverpool and for Mignolet. The 5th most owned goalkeeper is the forever popular Joe Hart. Owned by 11.8% of teams and was last years highest scoring keeper. With City’s dream opening month he could be a very solid option. But with Pellegrini now in charge we don’t know what City’s game plan will be like. Like Stoke, keep an eye on City’s friendlies to see how they’re going. Thanks for reading, next will be the most popular Defenders.

Cheers, Nick!

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    • nburk53 Post Author

      Definitely could be a good pick early on. West Ham have a very good run. But I think there are better options out there for the same price or cheaper.

  1. Dan

    Thinking of starting with Cech for the DGW (with Boruc as backup) rather than a Chelsea defender. Saves a transfer for the blank in GW3.

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