The Conundrum – Bale

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Pre-season is well and truly underway now with managers starting to properly dissect their first XI’s. Keep up with all the action right here, things should start to kick back up again this week. Hope you can manage! It’s time for another conundrum, this time it’s a big one. Bale was locked fairly and squarely into over half the competitions original pre-season squads, including mine. Now that he looks set to leave, who do we turn to? I know RVP wasn’t in my original squad, but he is now! What other questions must be asked? Time to answer them!

Real Madrid look set to match their record breaking purchase of Ronaldo from United to poach Bale from his beloved Spurs. The other man in question could come into our thought process at some stage also, but only in our wet dreams for now. The real focus for now has to be on the immediate impacts on both Spurs and our fpl teams. Let’s break it down.


There’s no doubt that the gaping hole he leaves in their squad is almost irreparable. Based on last year’s evidence that is. However if you look back to Tottenham’s sudden rise into the top 4 a few seasons back, 2009/10 to be exact, Bale was only developing as a first XI defender. In Spurs breakthrough season Bale scored just 3 goals and 5 assists (in defence) from 23 appearances.  With the ridiculous amount of funds gained from his sale, you would think that they can get some high quality replacements. They’ve already thrown another spanner in our forward works by bringing in Soldado for 26 million pounds. There’s no doubt the movement at White Heart Lane will take some adjusting to, however they’ve proved before that they don’t have to turn to Bale for their inspiration. Perhaps they focused on him too much last season. If you don’t believe me, here’s a list of names who outscored Bale in Spurs breakthrough UCL season: Bentley, Huddlestone, Lennon, Pavlyuchenko, Modric, Crouch, Kranjcar, and Keane! As I say, while there’s no doubting his quality, don’t write them off with him gone. It could even benefit them if they spend their war chest wisely! Definitely keep a close eye on them throughout the pre-season, it’s not all doom and gloom!

Team Structures:

Whilst the changes at Spurs may be a complicated matter, our fpl changes are fairly straight forward in my opinion. I maintained from day 1 this pre-season that one of Bale and RVP was a must in your team, both for reliability and a safe captain option. That decision has now been made for us. Unless further changes in the transfer market occur, which in reality CR7 would be the only major complication (Highly unlikely) then RVP should be locked and loaded. I don’t care how, make room!

That’s my views on the situation. What do you guys think? The changes to the EPL landscape are getting larger by the day, I just can’t wait for the season to kick-off! We’ll get right into the final player analysis over the coming days before getting to our team reveals in the final week. Cheers!



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  1. Richey

    Im avoiding Bale and RVP for the double gameweek.

    Favouring Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham and City before completely changing my team around for GW2.

    Am I insane or a genius?

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