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To do well in Fantasy Premier League you don’t just have to own the highest scoring players – you have to own 11 fit players each week. There have been a few injuries over the pre-season thus far, some more serious and more talked about that others, I’ll cover the FPL relevant ones here!

It has been announced in the past few days that City youngster, Nastasic, has been ruled out for 6 weeks with a foot injury. With City’s kind early run Nastasic looked like a fantastic pick if he could start. With his injury managers wont have to ponder if he will start or not, instead they have to look for a replacement. If you have the extra cash then Kompany would be a very safe bet and a fantastic option, especially if after a City defender. If wanting to go a little cheaper then Lescott looks like he could be a solid option.

For those wanting to maximise points from Chelsea’s DGW and looking to select Lampard as well, I would advise to look elsewhere. He played his fist minutes today (08/08/2013) in a friendly against Real Madrid for the entire pre-season. And it was only 45 minutes. Mourinho had stated that if Lampard wanted to stake a claim for selection in GW1 he must feature in the Madrid game. Even though he did play, and got through unharmed, I would still be keeping an eye on the remaining few friendlies.

After an injury plagued season last year, Aguero is once again injured and once again it’s a knee injury. He has been plagued with injury this pre-season and is now facing a race against time to prove his fitness for the first game week. Aguero was a risky option as it is with City’s plethora of strikers and his 11.0m price tag. With this injury he can’t be selected. Pellegrini has 3 other world class strikers available to him so Aguero might not be risked – keep an eye on him! Never write a good man off… So I’m probably making a mistake here. Don’t start with him!

With a mountain of speculation surrounding a possible move to Barcelona, Luiz was left out of Chelsea’s two recent friendlies due to a hamstring injury. There has been a lot of talk that he was left out so he could talk to Barcelona but Chelsea have downplayed this and I believe that it is a genuine injury/soreness. It is allegedly just some tightness in the hamstring and nothing severe. He was doing some intense training (from the photos I have seen) so it should be just a minor set back. Like Lampard, keep an eye on him. Expect him to be fit.

Manchester United are expecting Rooney to miss this Friday’s friendly and is in doubt for this Sunday‘s Community Shield clash against Wigan. Moyes has stated “I don’t think he [Rooney] will be fit for Friday [at Old Trafford],”. “There is still a chance, but I don’t think he will be. It is not a serious injury, but the problem we’ve got with the Wembley game on Sunday is that he has not played so we need to take that into consideration.” From this it seems unlikely that Rooney will feature in either of these games, “We need to take that into consideration” smells a lot like resting him. I would keep an eye out if he features in these games. However United have a very tough opening month so personally I wouldn’t be touching him. Yet alone the fact he’s not a good option anyway!

Disappointingly the Norwich play maker has suffered a knee injury and is likely to miss the opening weekend against Everton. He is obviously very keen to prove his fitness so will be doing everything he can to be fit. He would be a wonderful option with his set piece ability. Keep an eye on any progression with the injury, see if he features at all in Norwich’s pre-season friendlies and see if any statement is made regarding the status of his injury! Avoid for now.

Perhaps the most horrifying news is that of Crystal Palace gun, Glenn Murray. Murrary looked set to be a fantastic pick for FPL this year. He has an incredible goal getting ability, had fantastic job security, was a bargain price and was Palace’s number one striker! Murrary suffered an ACL injury and may not return until 2014 which would be devastating for him, Palace and the FPL community. See how he is going with his treatment and consider bringing him in when he returns from his injury, looks a very good player!

How disappointed I am about this injury! I had him in my team for a lot of the pre-season until the announcement of his injury, and the expected time of return. Carroll has been ruled out until after the International Break in September (GW3-4). With West Ham’s incredible opening month Carroll looked like he could be a fantastic pick – with the news of his injury don’t go anywhere near him until around GW4-5. See how he is tracking over the next few weeks and reassess when he’s fit – could be a very good option, especially if West Ham are going to score goals! Ok… That wasn’t the most convincing argument, but consider anyway!

In Tottenham’s Asia Cup defeat to Sunderland, Jan Vertonghen suffered an ankle injury which is likely to see him miss the opening first two weeks of the season. Keep an eye on him to see if it is going to be more/less than the estimated time, at this stage definitely get rid of him though!

After a lot of speculation about Suarez’s future at Liverpool it has now been announced that Suarez will miss Liverpools tour of Norway with a ‘foot’ injury. Unlike Luiz, I think this may not be as serious as it seems. Rogers has openly stated his displeasure of Suarez during this time of speculation and this could be him letting Suarez know who’s boss. Apparently he is having scans so wait to see what the result is. He is suspended anyway for biting Branislov Ivanovic from last year so don’t go anywhere near him!

After just joining Newcastle on loan, Loic Remy has had a setback and is looking doubtful for the season opener. He suffered a calf injury late last month at QPR and it still hasn’t come right. Keep an eye on him, could be very handy for Newcastle this campaign… But not for GW1!

Well that’s all the latest injury news. The best thing to be doing now is keeping an eye on each teams’ friendlies and whether these players are making an appearance. Some of these injuries are very minor and may only miss the first week at the most so keep your eyes peeled. Cheers!

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