Player Analysis – The Forwards (Part 1)

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It’s about time we got seriously stuck into the best options for each position. The fine tooth comb is out, and nothing will be missed. If we do then let us know! Today I’ll start with my first lot of forwards, with a bit of help from Baysie. Let’s roll!

Baysie has done up a spreadsheet to cover all the options briefly. Check it out Here. (No guarantee our views will match, just different opinions!) I’ll now take an in depth look at the more talked about options. Today I’ll focus on some midprice and cheaper players:

Hooper (6.5) 3.6%

Check out my in depth review here. He’s currently in my GW1 line-up and I expect him to stay there until GW4, where hopefully he’ll become Benteke. He was born to score goals, it’s that simple. With Norwich’s easy first 3 I expect Hughton to roll with a 4-4-2. I admit game time could be an issue if Hughton opts for a 4-4-1-1, but surely with all these purchases he is looking to get on the front foot early. Could get off to a flyer!

Van Wolfswinkel (7.0) 4.4%

Similar to Hooper, if you prefer this alternative then go for it! The 0.5 price difference was the deciding factor for me. A top class player and should be great, my in depth review can be read here. Should also get a chance to get off to a flyer, just not showing the pre-season form we’d all hoped for (scored his first goal last night). Job security is slightly stronger for him so if you want to play it safe then he is your man.

Lambert (7.5) 16.3%

A selection you can lock in and throw away the key. He should be fielded at the top of Pocchetino’s 4-2-3-1 and will not miss a penalty when he gets the chance to go to the spot. With free kicks in his locker you have a safe 15 goal forward, whether he can replicate last seasons heroics is another matter. At 31 age and rotation must come into question, and with all the other striker options coming in around 7-9 I’ll probably pass. Still a very solid pick.

Kone (7.0) 10.6%

10 foot pole, you know the saying by now. I wouldn’t go there. Jelavic is in top form and while Martinez was happy to re-kindle their love story, I can’t see Kone avoiding rotation throughout the season. Better options out there.

Anelka (5.5) 16.0%

Perhaps like this guy? Yes he scored a hat-trick last night, but I wouldn’t read too much into pre-season. Even I could bag a few against Cork City. However the managers praise of his efforts are not to be scoffed at, he really has settled down well. I think he is fantastic bench coverage, however as a first team regular I would have to disagree. You can read more of my thoughts here. Fantastic back-up but don’t rely on him for consistency.

Gayle (5.0) 1.0%

The budget option of the week it would seem, and for good reason too. He has a fantastic goal sense, read more about his prospects here. If you’re after a forward cheapie then I reckon this guys your man, if the risk doesn’t pay off you can look elsewhere but the potential is massive!

Berbatov (7.5) 12.1%

Yeah… I wouldn’t do it. Lambert a much better option if you’re after the old brigade.

Dzeko (7.5) 12.2%

I wouldn’t be going near any forward with the letters MCI next to his name. Wait and see who gets the nod, however I highly doubt anyone but Aguero can muster consistent game time and avoid rotation. Pick players you can rely on, and Dzeko isn’t it.

Rodriguez (6.0) 2.7%

Here’s an interesting option flying under a lot of radars. When Pocchetino took over Southampton, Rodriguez caught a second wind, going through a golden patch of 3 goals and 2 assists in just 4 games. However it must be considered that in the last 6 games of the season, he failed to register a goal and notched only a single assist. His pre-season form can’t be denied, however he is a far more riskier option than Lambert. If you want a cheaper alternative to Southampton’s early fixtures then Rodriguez is a man in form, however it won’t come with guaranteed success. Not on my radar but a worthy risk for those struggling to reach that middle priced bracket.

Graham (5.5) 2.6%

In my opinion selected by 2.6% teams too many. Hull strikers to my team are as welcome as a pork chop in Jerusalem. Don’t do it to yourself! Not much upside and Gayle a far better pick in my opinion.

Remy (7.5) 0.9%

I wouldn’t be too keen on him at his price anyway, so his injury concerns can put our minds at ease. Don’t touch to begin with, but keep an eye on his progress. Should be a first team regular at Newcastle.

Moore (4.5) 4.7%

No, no, no! I don’t like putting potatoes on your bench when you can find some great value and potential for just 0.5 more. If he gets his proposed trade move pushed through then definitely monitor him as an option.

Aspas (7.0) 4.2%

Read up on him here. His pre-season form has been nothing other than brilliant. My problem is trying to fit both him and Coutinho in, and I am pretty set on Coutinho. If Suarez goes then I have no doubt he should be great value, however Sturridge’s inevitable return is my biggest concern. A move out onto the wing is likely, so expect his impact to diminish. Don’t let that put you off if you’re set on him, should be fantastic.

Crouch (6.0) 4.2%

You know what. Yeah no, yeah nooooo…. Yeah.

Carroll (7.5) 1.1%

An injury cloud once again hovers over him and diminishes his undeniable potential. Don’t start with him, however if he can regain his form he produced at Newcastle, even partially, he will be a great pick at just 7.5. One to watch.

Bent (6.5) 1.1%

If he finally gets his move out of Aston Villa (he joined for 18m…) then consider him. I’m still not going to touch him until he proves his form and ability to be that of 2010/11. Hold off to begin with.

That’s it for today! Expect the second part to be released tomorrow before we move onto the mids. It’s getting close now! Team reveals will start to come your way next week, let the countdown begin! Cheers.

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  1. MattyZee

    Great summary article mate! Definitely enjoying the commentary this season.

    I like the look of Hooper, but am not sure that he’ll find me side for GW1.

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