Player Analysis – The Forwards (Part 2)

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Yesterday I ran through the budget and mid priced forward options, but any good fpl player knows you need at least one big name in the forward line. Today they are very much in the firing line! Who will be the best picks? Time to find out…

Van Persie (14.0) 36.4%

I originally had an attitude towards having one of RVP or Bale. To be honest I still can’t see Bale staying, and he was my lock. Rvp… Well I’m just not so excited. Yes he was brilliant last year, but he’s 30. He peaked in 2011/12 for the Gunners, then was brilliant again last season for United. Now that he’s won the EPL, got his trophy… What next? Welbeck is playing well, Hernandez is too good for the bench, United aren’t lacking quality strikers. Rotation will surely come into play. Yet alone the fact that I’m not sure he can be as good as last season, expect 20 goals but I doubt he can get anything more than that. Finally he is 14m. That is a ridiculous price and I can’t see him getting anywhere near that value again this season. He’s certainly not going to get better. So they’re my thoughts, I’m pretty set on rolling without RVP. It’ll make for some interesting captaincy decisions! But it brings more fun to the game, for me anyway. Go fourth with him if you like, however you need to be pretty good at spotting the bargain talent for under 5m if you’re going to have success.

Aguero (11.0) 7.8%

I’m going to stick with a pretty consistent trend here. Don’t select Man City forwards. Granted, Aguero should get plenty of game time and if he starts on fire then I’d definitely look to get him in. However with the amount of competition for spots and injury concerns also clouding his pre-season, I’d steer clear to begin with.

Negredo (9.5) 3.9%

Read more on him here. Again a no to begin with.

Jovetic (9.5) 2.1%

And again! I like him as a player but he’ll have to prove himself in the EPL before I select him in my team. A young gun with plenty of scope for improvement, more on him here as well.

Soldado (9.5) 6.4%

You might as well fill yourselves in on that fresh blood! All the new big name forwards are there, however it’s Soldado that I am most excited about. I just want Bale out already, surely Levy can’t refuse a world record offer of 86 million pounds. Oh he did? I’ll hang around for someone to slap him back to reality. Soldado should be a lock for Spurs and with a great early fixture run, I really like him as a premo option. Currently in my team and doesn’t look like going anywhere.

Benteke (9.0) 23.2%

Yes, yes, YES! I’m so glad he stayed at Villa, he is already slotting goals for Villa pre-season and as I type he just notched against Malaga (Make that 2). The guy is a freak, then you realise he’s only 22! The scope for improvement is massive, and I can’t see him taking a backward step from last year. He’s certainly not lacking in confidence (source). I like that in a striker. Consider that he only played just over half a season in top form last year, yet still managed 19 goals and 4 assists. 16 goals and 4 assists in his last 21 to be precise, he became unplayable. I’m going to pass on him for the double, however GW4, come rain hail or shine, he is coming into my squad. The only reason I’m not starting him is that I’m not looking to wildcard and I’ll carry Hazard through GW3. Should be amazing again.

Sturridge (9.0) 14.5%

Can’t say I like the guy, but he knows how to score goals. He is coming into GW1 without any pre-season action at all, however Rodgers still expects him to be fit for the first kick-off. I’m sure he’ll take take it in his stride, however it does add that element of doubt. If you’re going to pass on Coutinho then I think he’s almost a must, tossing up between him and Aspas. Should get the lone striker role when fit and will be a fantastic option yet again.

Giroud (8.5) 7.5%

I’m really not sure what to say here. Yes he is in great pre-season form and looks to be heading into GW1 in top shape. However as an Arsenal fan I really don’t think he’s anything that special, decent back-up maybe? I pray to god Suarez does make the move over and that 6 games is all we have to rely on Giroud for. Could get off to a flyer, but by the same token he could spud and be replaced by the streaking hot Walcott. Wing options is something Arsenal certainly don’t lack. Some people are considering him a lock with Arsenal’s lack of a striker, presuming he’ll carry his pre-season form straight into the season proper. It doesn’t always happen like that, a good pick but still holds an element of risk.

Cisse (8.5) 1.6%

If you’re up for risks then this one is for you! GW1, definitely not. However if you’re looking at wildcarding early then Newcastle will face West Ham (H), Fulham (H), Aston Villa (A), Hull (H). Talk about a soft month. However since eying him up for a spot in this article Remy has joined Newcastle. Could they both pair upfront? It’s certainly a possibility, who will be the more successful is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t do it, but it could make a season!

Lukaku (8.0) 21.4%

From GW 2-38 I’d say this guy is a no go zone. The element of risk far outweighs the potential. However his pre-season form has been nothing short of incredible, and Mourinho may just give him the chance to shine against weaker opponents in Hull and Villa. Check out more of my thoughts on him and other Chelsea players here, I think he’s a great risk to be taking for the double gameweek.

Bony (8.0) 14.9%

Last, but certainly not least. The man that has inspired fpl team names around the world. Not only does he have a great name, but he’s also a goal scoring machine! Read more on his past stats here, however he proved his goal scoring record at Vitesse was no fluke by notching a double on debut for Swansea in the Europa League. A straight swap in for Lukaku in GW2 looks to be the way to go, watch him snag a hat-trick against United. Should be fantastic!

Well that’s it for the forwards, mids up next! I expect the first part to be up by Monday, we should have an Around the Grounds for you tomorrow. Under one week to go! Better get the countdown up. The team reveals will start coming through mid next week so keep an eye out! The captains will follow before we get stuck into the GW1 preview. I’m excited, you’re excited, and if not you shouldn’t be here! I better sign off before I climax, cheers!

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    Can you pls rate my team
    Cech (Begovic)
    Baines Ivanovic Mertesaker (Garrido & R. Bennett)
    Nolan Snodgrass Coutinho Walcott Morrison
    Sturridge Anelka (Lambert – incase struddige doesn’t start, the rest should)

  2. Louie.K

    I think RVP proved in the Charity Shield that he’s still the man to have. I’ve dumped Bale and bought him in. Have Lukaku and Anelka up front as well.

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