Player Analysis – The Midfielders (Part 1)

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We’ve gone through the defenders, and last weekend I analyzed the forwards. That leaves only one line to go! The midfielders can be the trickiest part of selecting a team, with so many options available to us. We must choose 5, who should they be? The season is fast approaching so we better get a move on, time to find out!

Let’s kick it off with the budget to midprice options available to us. These guys are essential if you are looking to grab somebody like RVP. However we seem to have a real lack of options here this season, as your about to find out.

Mirallas (7.5) 5.6%

Sometimes you have to be careful not to over hype a player, so I’ll tread warily. However this guy should be a steal, all the signs point to a massive season. Ignore the fact he only got 6 goals and 5 assists last year, he came home like a freight train, averaging over 6 points a game (as a forward) and notching 5 goals and an assist in Everton’s last 10 fixtures. He keeps up that pace as a midfielder and we have ourselves the bargain of the year. Not only are the planets aligning with his OOP role on a wing, he has been scoring for fun in pre-season, notching a further 5 goals and 2 assists in the process. With good quality mid pricers hard to come by, this bloke seems unmissable.

Snodgrass (6.5) 16.1%

Yeah… This guy is a solid pick. Don’t expect him to be anything spectacular though. 6 goals and 9 assists was a solid return last time out, now their line-up is being completely re-structured with some big signings. Who knows where Snodgrass will fit in, however to expect increased returns in probably pushing sh*t up hill. I’m leaning towards RFW to cash in on Norwich’s early fixtures, for a similar price I reckon he should offer better value. Safe pick but I highly doubt it will be a winning move.

Nolan (7.0) 12.6%

Once again, a safe pick but probably won’t be a winning one. If you’re after a second midpriced midfielder then this guy could be good value for the start of the season, thanks to West Ham’s soft opening. He should pop up here and there for a goal or two, he’s got great goal sense. However he is not at the value he provided last season when priced at 6.0. Doesn’t really get me too excited.

Chadli (7.5) 0.5%

Whilst the levels of risk are high, this guy does grab my attention far more than the previous 2. 12 goals and 13 assists last season in the Dutch league shows his capability to score well. Read more on him here. Loves and goal and has great pace, should cause real problems for defenders of Tottenham’s left wing. A soft start to their draw gives you the perfect opportunity to roll the dice, my second favourite behind Mirallas.

Koren (5.0) 0.9%

If you can afford to have your midfield bench cheapy (or rotation) at 5.0 then Koren is a safe selection. Will be on Hull’s penalties and slotted 9 goals and 5 assists in 37 games last season. Read up more on him and Hull’s other options here. Should be ok but nothing spectacular, wouldn’t rely on him.

Brady (5.0) 0.8%

Check out that link above for Baysie’s stats on his last season, 13 assists in 28 games is quite astounding. The former Man United man has never been able to consistently nail down a starting birth, however if he can at just 5.0 he could be a bargain. I’d hold off for GW1, but if you see him hit form and get game time then don’t be afraid to jump on board!

Thomas (4.5) 1.8%

Check out Palace’s round-up here. As a bench fodder I think he’s the best of the 4.5 options available to us this year, will be a consistent starter and should chip in with an assist or 2 along the lines. A solid budget saver if I’ve ever seen one, don’t rely on him to start though.

Dembele (5.5) 5.4%

If AVB does move into a 4-3-3 rotating formation then Dembele is certainly one to monitor. Nothing more, nothing less. Too many questions to start with him but if he looks like breaking forward often then definitely consider him as a midfield cheapy.

Ben Arfa (7.0) 4.7%

For those with balls of steel. Ben Arfa is less reliable than a 1995 Land Rover Discovery. However on his day he can tear teams apart, and if you just take a look at his fixtures from GW 2-5 then you’ll know he has the potential to go mad. West Ham (H), Fulham (H), Aston Villa (A), Hull (H) for the man who scored 100 points (5 goals and 7 assists) in less than half a season 2 years ago. A worthy risk after GW1 if you want to take the plunge.

Lallana (6.0) 1.3%

Yeah… if you’re really desperate for a midfielder at 6.0 then the Southampton captain is probably your best bet. If he gets fielded ‘in the hole’ behind Lambert then he could star, same goes for Ramirez (6.0). However it’s very hard to call who will be the better option out of the two. Much safer picks out there, I’d take Rodriguez or Lambert ahead of him anyday. A risk with some upside, but not enough for me.

Some other popular selections I’ve noticed are: Zaha (6.5) Won’t be a massive scorer this season and game time is questionable. Arteta (7.0) Don’t rely on penalties for points, definite pass. Paulinho (7.0) will play a deeper lying midfield role, unless AVB switches formations. Could be solid but for 0.5 more Chadli has similar risk with a much bigger upside if you’re really after some Spurs value. Wilshere (6.5) is not really a fantasy player yet, doubt he’ll play ‘in the hole’ for Arsenal, rather in the deeper 2 man pivot in midfield with a guy like Arteta. Sessegnon (7.0) probably won’t get a central role after the first couple of weeks with Fletcher and Altidore likely to partner upfront. Potential thus ruined. Finally Kim (5.0) is in hot form pre-season and the Cardiff winger could be great value if he can keep it going in the Prem. Big if.

That’s it from me today! The premiums are up tomorrow, strap yourselves in! Well into the final week now, team reveals and captains are to come after the final analysis! Check out the RMT section if you’re still unsure. Most importantly tell all your mates playing fpl to come check us out! Spead the word!!! Cheers.

13 comments on “Player Analysis – The Midfielders (Part 1)

  1. greennred

    Sessegnon will be more attacking, Altidore and Fletcher are fairly over-rated and even if they do well there’s no reason why Sessegnon won’t have an attacking role.

    Kim is a bargain, playing behind the striker, best value 6.0 or under midfielder.

    Paulinho will still pick up points from deep cos he’ll still make forward runs, a class act.

    Wilshere, like Modric of old, will be class every game but not gonna get you lots of FF points.

    Zaha, if he gets his game will be golden.

    Another to look out for, though not gonna get in to the Swansea team unless they have a few injuries is Pozuelo. A great preseason, might make the breakthrough if he keeps doing well as a playing sub.

    Ben Arfa, as you rightly said, is too unreliable to be waiting for occasssional brilliance. Even if he’s playing deep Cabaye will get you more points. Keep an eye out too for Sissoko.

    Joe Allen, apparently playing further forward, could be worth a cheap midfielder slot.Getting games preseason, playing well, 5.0 m, how bad !

    And here’s 2 cheeky punts –

    Tonev, Bulgarian winger, not great opening fixtures but has a DGW and 5.0m

    Dejagah, Fulham winger. Played with Dzeko at Wolfsburg so he’s no slouch. Missed a lot of games last year through injury. 5.5m

  2. baysietoff

    Lovely post as always Matt. You mentioned Gaston Ramirez, I really reckon he could be up and about this season. I just don’t have the gut to pick him. Another good cheapie is Whittingham (pens and frees).

  3. Timmy

    do you think routledge is a good option in the long term? thinking of having him on the bench and playing anelka early while hes in form.

  4. Calvin

    Who would you reccomend as the best 5.0 and 4.5 options in midfield?
    currently have whittingham and jedinak.
    thinking about kim/ brady and morrison

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Brady/Whittingham are very similar options and hard to separate. Kim/Brady more of a risk but at the same time more upside. Depends what you’re after!

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