The Big Reveal (Baysie) – GW1

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My turn guys (and gals of course!)… I’ve taken a little bit of a different mentality than most of the teams I’ve seen on here, but that’s what makes this fun. We’ve all got different views, ideas and philosophies…

I’ve gone for more of an even spread of players particularly in goal and defence, all with good rotation prospects. If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that teams have better defences at home so I’m going to try and take advantage of that this season. The flow on effect is that I’ve needed to make a sacrifice somewhere. I’ve passed over both RVP and Bale for the time being as I don’t see any form to suggest they are worth the massive fees.



Norwich had one of the best defences at home last season for a team that finished as low as it did. The strengthening of the team in general can only help that. Ruddy is the main man there so he’s in. I’ve then gone for Southampton’s keeper, Boruc. Their defence has received a massive boost in the purchase of Lovren and should tighten up. As well as the experience gained last season by the two young full backs and the fact their defence was pretty solid at home too. I mentioned before about rotations. Norwich and Southampton rotate home and away games all the way up to GW8, also the home games they do have aren’t particularly difficult ones. My plan is to just play whoever is at home then reassess GW8/9.



You’ll notice I haven’t gone for any sub 5.0m players in my defence… Cole may become one of those after GW1, or I’ll trade sideways chasing form. I had to have at least one Chelsea defender and I’ve gone for him (Jose loves him). Next is Lescott who is seriously under priced. He should play the majority of the first chunk of games and has real capacity to get on the score sheet. Jose Enrique is my next pick up. Liverpool should tighten up at the back and he likes to get up the pitch to get involved in attacks. Like everyone else I’ve got Coleman, but like nobody else I won’t be starting him just yet. Everton’s defence has been a bit shaky preseason and I want to see them get their act together first. The final spot has been given to Riether. Again I see improvement in Fulham’s defence, it was either him or Amorebieta but I see Riether getting a few more points up the pitch. What I like about these picks is that Fulham and Everton’s home game marry up with Liverpool’s away games for the first couple of months so the last spot in the 3 man defence can be a choice dependent on that. Even after that Everton and Liverpool, rarely play at home at the same time.



This is where it gets tricky… Firstly. Yes, I know I have Wilshere. Yes, I know everyone says he’s not fantasy relevant. But… He started last season very late and one would suggest not 100% fit. He’s had a rest and I know he has a lot more in him than what we saw. A speculative pick up on my behalf. Anyone who saw Hazard tear it up at the start of last season agrees that he picks himself. Oscar is picked purely for the DGW and the fact he has looked pretty good preseason. He should start the No 10 role but will be out of my team by GW3. Mirallas is a common pick up and with good reason. He looked sensational at times last season, but then got injured every time he looked like he was about to blow the EPL apart! Also, Martinez will give him a little bit of freedom to not have to chase back and defend as much as Moyes did. You don’t drive a Rolls Royce in the effing mud! Whittingham will warm my bench for me. He’s on pens and frees for Cardiff and was very good last season. This spot could’ve been taken by one of several but the additional security of set pieces won me over.



This was pretty easy in comparison to the rest of the team and most of you can see why I picked who I did. Both Giroud and Benteke have had very good preseasons and come into GW1 in form. Giroud will start the season as Arsenal’s number 9 and with the talent around him may find it harder not to score (Ratboy Suarez transfer pending of course). Benteke is just a beast. He monstered some of the best EPL defences last season and now he’s committed to Villa he will only get better. The last spot is for Bony. It’s always a risk picking up a new player to England but I have a good feeling he’ll settle into Swansea’s team quickly. He’s exactly what they needed last season to allow Michu to play his game. He’ll get on the end of a few.

So that’s it! My plan in the upcoming weeks is to get rid of Cole and Oscar for form players, or a super cheap defender and maybe a Coutinho, and then I’ll just bench Hazard and Benteke. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’m also going to hold my wildcard. There will be other DGWs and they may be a little easier to manage than this one… Cheers!

15 comments on “The Big Reveal (Baysie) – GW1

  1. Steve

    I personally hate this team, far too much spent in defence. The fact you’re not playing with Coutinho straight up, who i believe is a must for this season. And just generally a very weak midfield.

    I don’t claim to be an expert on this, but in my opinion i don’t like it! 🙂
    (except for Oscar, finally another team with him besides mine :P)

  2. henry1986

    I’m firm believer that everyone should have their own say. With that put aside, this team looks like horse manure.Dude, you’re shooting yourself in the leg. Please, please change your team, please. At least for horse manure’s sake, please do atleast one change, please use KIM instead of WHITT”Who The Fuck Cares”HAM…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thank you for your feedback, as well as bizarre concerns for my leg’s welfare and the reputation of horse manure, but I’m happy with Whitt “who the fuck cares” ham and where I’m going with this. It seems that most of the teams I’ve seen are just slight variations of a template team which is boring as bat shit.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Meh. I get worse than that at work haha… It’s just the GW1 team after all. We only get one trade a week, unless you want to pay for them, so I’m going in with some depth to allow for more flexible trading.
          If it all goes Lamela up then I’ll just use my wildcard.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Yeah it will definitely! Arsenal have needed someone like that for a while. Wilshere pushed a bit further up the pitch for England last night too apparently.

  3. Jacob Pope (@Popey_99)

    I feel like everyone is going in with a same template, basically with a few different selections separating them. I like that Baysie has tried something different, even if I do think you are a little heavy in defence. I’ll be doing the opposite to this and playing 5 in the mid, just for something unusual. 🙂

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Cheers Jacob! It is all getting a bit same same isn’t it…
      Like I said at the end of my article though, Cole will become someone else after GW1… The defence could easily become the cheapest going around 🙂
      I think I finished last season with 5 mids and did alright! Go for it!

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