The Big Reveal (Matt) – GW1

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And so it is that I will present to you the final reveal of our pre-season. We have given you all we can muster as far as player tips are concerned, you can check all our pre-season work here. From this point onwards we will be focusing in on GW1, with a captains article, final news wrap and GW preview to come. Enough on that, let’s check out my (almost) finalised GW1 line-up!


Just the regulation for me. Mignolet (5.5) is obviously great value and Boruc (4.5) should get consistent starts for Southampton. I reckon they rotate really well up until GW16, so I’m pretty comfortable with this combo. I was close to rolling with Foster in a rotation policy but I can’t completely trust Boruc and Mignolet seems worth the extra 0.5.


I’ve seen a lot of teams rolling with 3 defenders then 2 complete mongs. I’m not sure this will be so successful, defender depth could be quite crucial. At this stage I’m going with Ivanovic (6.5) just for the double, before he becomes Chester (4.0) after GW1. Will free up the cash to make upgrades elsewhere and Hull have some great home fixtures to begin with. Chester is nailed on for them. Rat (5.0) has 2 very easy fixtures in his first 3, West ham’s draw has been well spoken about. His attacking threat and Collins’ latest injury has swayed me to pay the extra 0.5. There’s no doubt that Toure (5.0) is probably a big risk, but with Skrtel seemingly on the outer there is very little competition for spots at CB. Toure has great experience and I can’t see Wisdom getting too many starts unless someone gets injured. At 5.0 he will offer a great aerial threat and should be favoured for some bonus points, not to mention the fact that he plays in a top 6 defence. Coleman (5.0) will bench for me in the first week, however he could easily become Chester for GW1 (if I need some cash) as he won’t play for me anyway. We all know his potential, should be a great pick. Finally Clyne (4.5). Yes I don’t think he will line-up in GW1, however he should be fit to go for GW2. If news breaks that he is a doubt for both games, then I will look at picking up Shaw (4.5). This backline should rotate well and hopefully pick up some solid points! Definitely keeping an eye on Arsenal’s defence early in the season to see if they’re worthy of investment.


My midfield has been the same for about 3 weeks now, ever since Chelsea’s DGW was announced and Bale’s transfer saga began. I don’t need to say much more about Walcott (9.5), Hazard (9.5), Coutinho (9.0) and Mirallas (7.5). Will be a pretty typical midfield for those gunning without RVP (spoiler). Thomas (4.5) will provide great bench cover during GW3 and will surely line-up on the left-wing for palace. No worries there.  I’m pretty happy with that set-up, Chadli (7.5) was a POD that I was after and he will come in for Walcott if he doesn’t get up (should be no worries).


My favoured line this season, the new options are abundant. Soldado (9.5) has been in my line-up ever since his transfer and I’m thinking he should get off to a flyer. The other 2 spots are a bit contentious up until GW4. I’m going to pass on Benteke (9.0) until GW4 to allow myself to capitalise on Ivanovic for the DGW and get one of the new Norwich boys. Speaking of the new Norwich boys, I’ve made up my mind that I’ll have at least one of them. Which one? I’m thinking my team needs a nice POD in there somewhere and Hooper (6.5) definitely gives me that. I just like him more than Anelka (5.5) and I think he may score more frequently than Van Wolfswinkel (7.0). The differential between RFW and Hooper could be key, as I said earlier I have quite a few moves planned that can easily free up the extra cash. Hooper gets the nod at the moment, presuming Hughton announces him fit to play on Saturday.  Finally Lukaku (8.0) gets the nod for the double. He has enough firepower to make an impact in even 100 minutes of the DGW, and personally I don’t want to be one to miss out. He will become Bony (8.0) straight after GW1 as I think Wilfried will have a great first season in the epl. And did I mention I love his name. I hope to own Soldado, Bony and Benteke as my killer front 3 by GW4. Oh yes, no RVP. Let the games begin!

So, after much deliberation here’s my final line-up!

FPL team GW1Agree/Disagree? Let me know what you think! It’s probably nothing of a shock if you guys have been reading my player analysis, I guess the 2 key differentials are: 1. To RVP or not to RVP 2. GW1 wildcard or not

Obviously I won’t be wildcarding immediately as I think it gives me a get out clause if one of RVP/Bale was to become a must have. Easy team re-structure!

We won’t know who’s won until next Wednesday, personally I’m just keen to get into some football! Keep an eye out for our weekly articles leading into GW1 coming your way over the next couple of days. Until then, happy tinkering!

30 comments on “The Big Reveal (Matt) – GW1

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1Ng5

    Not a bad team TBH, similar to mine just a couple of differing players!
    Im weighing up Lambert as a POD option, his draw early on isnt too shabby (against teams that should/could finish low to mid table I recon). Im also running without Coutuinho early, just gonna see how he goes, but I have some trades I can pull to bring him in.

  2. Richey

    So Ive ended up with an empty spot in my team. I need a midfielder for 6.0mil. Any suggestions? I threw Morrison in for now.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I see how it is… 😛

      Mignolet (Probably starting Boruc)
      Toure Coleman Clyne (Rat, Chester)
      Walcott Hazard Mirallas Coutinho (Morrison)
      Bony Lambert Soldado (C)

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