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Well that’s most of the first game week out of the way… I hope your teams are doing well and some of our pointers have helped. Don’t forget that your team isn’t solely defined by GW1, players that failed this week can bounce back. What we’ll be doing here at FPL Addicts is going through the FPL Dreamteam each Monday, based on the games played up until then, and if anything comes up in the remaining games we’ll just provide some footnotes. You really need to start looking at your trades now if you want to avoid the price rises… For instance, nearly 60,000 teams have already traded in Ross Barkley!

Mignolet (5.5m) – Mignolet was one of the more popular goalkeepers in pre-season discussions here, and if you picked him you’d be over the moon with his first outing. With a massive 15 points on the back of a clean sheet, a penalty save and full bonus points, he’s a very good pick up if you’re in the market for a keeper. Something you might want to think about though is that Liverpool don’t have the easiest run of games coming up, away to Villa (which now seems difficult!), home to Man Utd then Swansea away.

Coleman (5.0m) – Another that was very popular here pre-season. Seamus capped a very good game with a tap in goal and an assist to score 13 points for those who had him (unlike me who benched him!). Everton’s defence is still a worry in my opinion but they do have a tasty run of games coming up in the next month. I can see at least one clean sheet in the next few and he doesn’t really have much competition for the right wing back role, so put him in your plans if you need a defender. Could be a good downgrade option for a Chelsea defender (GW3 is away to Cardiff). Just don’t expect him to score every week!

Shaw (4.5m) – It was touch and go whether he’d play this week, but those that took the risk banked 12 points. Southampton’s defence seems to have gotten better since last season where they were always a chance of a clean sheet at home. This performance was away to West Brom however… Keep an eye on them to see if this could be the start of a trend.

Whittaker (4.0m) – A very popular bench player in a lot of teams. He roamed the right wing, although not quite as much as Coleman did, and managed to get himself on the scoresheet. The ex-Rangers right back has actually got a decent goal scoring record when he was playing up in Glasgow (19 in 150 league games), and coupled with being in Norwich’s reasonably tight defence, means he could well be an inspired pick up. Job security must still be questionable long term.

J Cole (5.5m) – Played 90 mins for West Ham, which was something he didn’t regularly do last season. When Joe Cole is good he is great, and if he shows that he’s fully fit and playing week in week out then he could be a handy pick up if you’re in the market at that price range. He put away a goal and scored full bonus points for his 11. Disclaimer – It was at home to Cardiff however.

Oscar (8.5m) – Jose played him and he delivered a goal and full bonus points for 11. He operated largely in the hole behind Torres which is always a good role for point scoring. A lot of us had earmarked Hazard to be the standout Chelsea midfielder this season but… No no no… Let’s wait until the game on Wednesday before we start making outlandish comments! If he plays the full game and does well again I’ll be considering holding him for a bit longer than I was planning to. A great option but rotation still the concern.

Nolan (7.0m) – Kevin Nolan has an uncanny knack of scoring goals wherever he has played. You get the feeling he’ll be scoring goals in some veteran’s league at 80 years old! Will continue to be fantasy relevant for a bit longer and will always be considered. Disclaimer – Again… They were home to Cardiff.

Barkley (4.5m) – I’ll try and put any sort of bias aside… Nah stuff that. This kid has got the world at his feet. He could actually be anything. Martinez loves him and will play him, just maybe not every week. He looked comfortable in the team and was always involved in the play but the best part was a cracking goal from 20 yards with his left foot. Unbiased Baysie says keep an eye on how much he plays as he could be a handy midfield cheapie if he keeps getting games. IF. Remember he’s only 19.

Kasami (4.5m) – This guy was one of a few young, up and coming Fulham midfielders that were put in the “watch” category preseason. I’d keep him there for the time being and see if he can recreate this semi-regularly before handing him one of our valuable midfield spots, headers of corners aren’t always the most reliable fantasy trait to go on.

Van Persie (14.0m) – Congratulations to those that kept the faith and took the plunge in starting with him. For the rest of us, never write off a champion! A lot of us will be looking to get him into our teams in the next few weeks but 14.0m is a lot of money and will require some serious team management to accommodate him. He scored a brace against Swansea and let’s be honest, will probably go and score for fun again this season… Going without him will be hard, but not impossible.

Welbeck (7.5m) – He did show glimpses of form preseason and we really shouldn’t be surprised that he got amongst it. He’s been building over the last few years towards a breakout year. Is this the season Danny Welbeck announces himself as a world class striker? Or is this just another very good performance? I’m sitting on the fence for now. Job security makes it impossible to pick him just yet.

Edit : Aguero (11.0m) – Not a bad performance for just over an hour of game time! A goal, an assist and full bonus points gave anyone who had the guts to pick him 12 handy points. He will score heaps of points again this year but we can’t recommend you pick him because he is a big rotation worry, especially when the Champions League starts up. Just sit back and enjoy how much class he brings to the EPL.

Was there any other notable performances that we should all consider? For mine Benteke (9.0m) showed that he could be the real deal and is a serious option for the whole season with a 10 point haul. A couple of other worthy mentions are the solid defensive contributions for Hangeland and Lovren (5.0m each) both with 9 points. Take note: Defenders and clean sheets look likely for bonus points this year! Cheers.

24 comments on “The Dream Team – GW1

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Marcus! That’s a really tough one… A bit surprised they went with O’Brien but Big Sam may have been going for tried and trusted first game of the season. Then they brought on Downing who was always going to get some minutes, Diarra to shore up the midfield after the second goal and then Vaz Te coz Cole was probably knackered! They’ve got Newcastle away so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the bench again but definitely gets game time.

      • Marcus

        Yeah, got a real dilemma whether or not to transfer him out for kolo toure this week (getting on the end of all liverpools set pieces) or holding off and sticking to my original plan of downgrading ivanovic to shaw/clyne.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Just had a look at your team in RMT. Yep that is a dilemma haha… Do you reckon Liverpool will keep a clean sheet v Villa away? If you don’t then it might not be worth the trade and may actually be worth holding it and having two next week. You’ve got far too many options coz the rest of your team is great. 🙂

          • Marcus

            haha Cheers. Yeah originally this week was going to be a downgrade from Ivanovic to Clyne and then next week an upgrade from Van Wolfswinkel to Sturridge. What about Winston Reid? Or are there any other sub-5m defenders that you would recommend swapping in for Rat?

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Argh sorry mate, you’re asking the wrong person. I don’t like any of the sub-5m defenders which is why I went with the defence I did (see my reveal)… If you had a gun to my head then it would be Shaw or Clyne like you mentioned.

          • Marcus

            Yeah, think I might just stick with my original plan for this week and hope Rat gets up to play, but if not I’ll have to re-evaluate haha. Thanks for all of your help mate!

          • aclassdriving

            Shaw and Clyne both really good. I’ve heard from varying sources that Shaw has slightly higher/better attacking qualities. Plus he played and Clyne didnt suggests Clyne may not be over his injury quite yet. Wait till Saturday before subbing.

          • Marcus

            Cheers, and if i were to make the transfer now, and i change my mind, am i able to reverse the trade as in AFL dreamteam?

  1. ozgunners

    Top Stuff Baysie, really enjoying your articles.
    When do you think it would be a good time to wildcard, still a newbie to EPL Fantasy, only my second year.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks fella! I’d suggest you either use it as an opportunity to fix your team after a few weeks or take advantage of a DGW/DDGW. There should be some better DGWs than Chelsea and Villa. Having said that if you get smashed by injuries you might not have much of a choice!

        • aclassdriving

          Hold onto it for as long as you can. It’s easy to have knee jerk reactions early on. Wait until managers settle on first team picks. Then you can see if there are players who happen to play out of position. Michu as a striker for instance. See who’s getting the dead ball opportunities. These could help sway who you bring in.

    • mattcraigdt

      Another idea (if you’re running without RVP) consider it a get out clause if things don’t turn out as you planned (i.e Vanners bagging 10 in his first 6 or 7 games)

  2. Go You Gunners

    Would you recommend bringing Barkley in for Koren? Not sure if I should offload Mertesacker to maybe Riether instead with all these Arsenal injuries/problems

  3. Steve

    I think Begovic deserves a mention. Sure he didn’t score overly well in fantasy (scored 5), but his performance was outstanding! He was the SOLE reason Stoke held on against Liverpool, and almost stole 1 point from pool.

    If his performances are half as good against mid to bottom table teams, expect him to get a few clean sheets and bonus points this year. He was the standout keeper in terms of performance on the weekend.

  4. kingcolesy

    Im worried who I can trade Lukaku to. Was thinking Sturridge but his fixtures arnt the best. But I’m a Liverpool supporter so I’ll probably swing that way.

    • kingcolesy

      Actually Dzeko looks mighty good 😛 I heard somewhere along the grapevine preseason that Pellegrini would make Dzeko their number one striker, and by the looks of GW1, hes done that. So I’ll wait for more news thru out the week then probably do that. All signs are good so far..

  5. aclassdriving

    Dzeko wanted away, but Pellegrini convinced him to stay. What did he say to him? Who knows, but I was stunned to see him start. I think he’s a great player, and now fully acclimatised to the EPL, I think he could be in the serious points this season. Rotation is my only worry. That’s why I didnt opt for Lukaku. I knew he wouldnt get the game time he deserves with Torres around. Aguero managed to get fit in time. Who saw that coming?

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