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transfer-talk-premier-league-imageSo it’s finally back again. Welcome back to the first edition of transfer talk for the new season, in what I believe is the most important article of the week. I will look at the best and worst performers of the week and analyse whether they will keep it up! I’ll also monitor the all important price rises and falls that are expected. Plus some knee-jerks! Let’s get into it.

The follow-up to every GW1 is always big, one player (Coleman) scores big and everyone is on board! I find that a lot will just end up picking a squad of the highest scoring players from GW1 and expect them to back it up in the next gameweek. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as that. Sure if a player such as Coleman or Mignolet fires after being on our watchlists, then don’t be afraid to jump on board. However think twice before jumping on a player you have never seen, solely based on one gameweek. I tend to find that one gameweeks hero is the next gameweeks villian! Personally I have held my wildcard, however I will base a section of this article for those choosing to roll the dice, trying to jump on those price hikes! If you are holding on to your precious wildcard like me, then tread carefully, don’t go wasting trade points unnecessarily.

Firstly let’s take a look at the biggest winners and losers from week 1 of EPL action –


  • Zabaleta (6.0) – Believe or not, I saw some people contemplating trading Zab to Coleman before he had even played. Hopefully some lessons were learnt. He should be City’s first choice right back for most of the season and has just signed a new 4 year contract. However once Champions League kicks in rotation could become a concern.
  • Oscar (8.5) – Due to rotation concerns I had completely forgotten about him, a great selection if you picked him up for the double. Whilst Chelsea’s heavy schedule will make it very hard to pick him, when Chelsea want to field their best side he should be fielded ‘in the hole’. Class, but I’d still be wary.
  • Silva (9.0) – His 9 point performance was very encouraging for those who took the punt over Coutinho. Whilst I’m not going to go chasing him, he should be locked in Man City’s best XI, and with a few more kind fixtures to come he should be a great pick up.
  • Aguero (11.0) – What a POD! A 12 point performance was exactly what his owners craved, having been a doubt prior to kick off. Will still have to compete against 3 quality strikers but is comfortably locked into Man City’s best starting XI. Could be a great differential if he can maintain his gametime, which he is certain to do so for the first month at least.
  • Van Persie (14.0) – Yeah yeah yeah, he was great. Truth be told he looks capable of at least matching his performance from last year. But I’m going to stick without him, with a wildcard up my sleeve he can easily be brought in if things get out of hand. Can’t go wrong with him.
  • Benteke (9.0) – It was tough seeing him torment Arsenal, however with him firmly on my radar for GW4 my decision is now made for me. A great pick for the double if you risked it and will be massive yet again this season.
  • Soldado (9.5) – The reason why I’m confident running without RVP. Soldado is a goal scoring machine, and you could see why with his movement in the box. Should score 20+ this season and will be a first team regular. Great pick.


  • Rat (5.0) – I don’t even want to speak his name. I was stupid enough to pick Clyne over Shaw on my bench thinking I wouldn’t need them and also passed on Collins thinking that he was a doubt. I’ll back him in to make up for lost ground in GW3, surely he was just being warmed to the premier League.
  • Koscielny (5.5) – Even though it was one of the worst red cards of all time, and I mean that in an unlucky sense, it still killed his owners. All Arsenal defenders have a risk attached to them and Koscielny is now in line for a 1 game ban. I’m hoping that the FA will remove that ban but even so he must be on the chopping block if their defending was anything to go on. Disaster.
  • Baker (4.0) – Injured and is set to miss the midweek clash with Chelsea. Will obviously miss GW3 anyway and he’s playing for a defence dodgier than Wenger’s transfer record. I’m still not a fan, 5th defender material.
  • Snodgrass (6.5) – Not sure what happened with him, so if you were banking on him that turned out to be a bit of a disaster! Give him a chance to return this week with some favourable fixtures to come. Have back-up on hand.
  • Kone (7.0) – Picked Jelavic to get the nod ahead of him and got it right. Can’t go forward with him.
  • Berbatov (7.5) – No shots on target, in fact no shots at all. Had my berb experience last year and I swear never to go there again.
  • Anelka (5.5) – A similar story… Didn’t have a single shot, nor have chance all game and at his age rotation must become a concern. New signing Matej Vydra will also push him for game time. I saw Boselli all over him this pre-season, you can’t compare pre-season to the pace and strength of the Premier League. At least Boselli was good for something! Happy not to have him but if you are one of his disappointed owners, I’d give him a couple more chances to prove his worth. It will only take one good performance to see his price rise.


  • Nolan (7.0) – He was always a great chance to score against Cardiff, and should get off to a flyer this season. However he will go quiet for long periods throughout the season so a short term signing if you really want him. Try not to jerk him in for guys like Mirallas, who you shouldn’t trade by the way!!!
  • Mignolet (5.5) – Traded in by over 50000 teams, and for good reason. Will be a reliable goalkeeper all season and Liverpool should be solid in defence. 5.5 is a bargain, a great knee-jerk trade!
  • Coleman (5.1) – Same deal, we watched him all pre-season, and SOME OF US decided to wait a week. I didn’t think he would keep a clean sheet, suspicions confirmed. Did anyone think he would bag a goal and assist? No way, but we knew he had it in him. Must have for me this week, get in before his price soars!
  • Shaw (4.5) – Pretty frustrated I picked Clyne over him knowing the former wouldn’t play, ah well. Long term I think they’re going to be similar prospects, don’t expect Shaw to go knocking out 12 every week. You need one of the 2 Southampton full-backs but don’t panic if you’re benching Clyne for now. Hoepfully he will be back this week.
  • Whittaker (4.0) – Your typical GW1 bolter. Won’t produce that again all season and game time isn’t even guaranteed. Don’t go chasing him. Please.
  • Barkley (4.6) – Was tipped to play GW1 due to Gibson’s injury, however consistent first team football is asking a lot of a 19 year old. A great finish but I wouldn’t go chasing him either, unless you’re after his price rise. However if Fellaini leaves then I’m all over him.
  • Cole (5.5) – Yeah… I wouldn’t. Will fight for a spot on the right wing all season but not a fantasy option IMO.
  • Kasami (4.5) – No.
  • Welbeck (7.5) – No doubting he was brilliant, however once again game time is the biggest issue. Having said that he’s already doubled last seasons goal tally, so a corner could have been turned! Give him a few more opportunities to prove himself this season, especially with United’s fixtures not getting any easier.

If you’re looking at using your wildcard then make up your mind quickly! The biggest advantage you gain is jumping on those early season price fluctuations as everyone tries to fix their teams. I wouldn’t worry about selecting your team until Friday night/Saturday morning, once the press conferences have been held and all the team news gathered. Until then I’d just bring in the players most likely to rise in price and build your teams value! As I’ve said, those who haven’t used their wildcard need to resist taking too many unnecessary point hits solely based on one week of football. So what about those price rises?

Price rises are one of the hardest things to deal with when new to the game of FPL. For those who don’t understand the system, quite simply the most transferred in players from each week will rise in price, so if you are looking at a player don’t hesitate for too long as it may become too late. Having said that don’t go irrationally jumping on board each weeks top scorer. The same goes for people who have been transferred out, as their prices will drop. Let’s have a look at some of the knee-jerk reactions from GW1, and who is going to change in price:

  • Fellow Everton men Coleman (5.1) and Barkley (4.6) have both risen in price already. With the pace that their price is rising, I’d expect both to increasse yet again before the gameweek is out, but not for a couple of days.
  • Southampton’s Shaw (4.5) is certain to rise in the next batch of price changes tonight, so if you have your eyes on him then it may be wise to make up your mind today.
  • Cole, Whittaker, Welbeck, Mignolet, Benteke and Nolan all look likely to rise before the week is out, but it’s too early to say exactly when. If I had to guess I’d say Mignolet/benteke/Nolan won’t rise until Thursday, so don’t panic with them just yet.
  • As far as price falls go, no one has dropped yet but Hernandez looks like going down tonight. In my opinion the only fantasy relevant player is Koscielny, who is certain to drop this week, with a real chance of going down 0.1 tonight. Make the call on him early. Morrison, Kone, Kagawa, Tonev, Hooper and Nani are the other possibly relevant players looking at a price fall.

Well that’s it for this week, a huge wrap up as there is always so much going on as far as price rises and knee-jerks are concerned after GW1. Hold off on some trades but complete others if you have too, until next week good luck trading! I hope all that bummed out this week can bounce back in the next! Keep an eye out for a couple of new articles this week, I’ll see you with another (hopefully more successful) edition of the captains on Thursday. Cheers!



57 comments on “Transfer Talk – GW1

  1. Go You Gunners

    Brilliant article! Just wondering if you can reverse trades? Want to have a play around 🙂 (yes I’m new)

  2. aclassdriving

    That’s my move too, Baysietoff. Will wait till Saturday to make sure he stays fit and looks to start. He’s just recovered, could possibly see a set back in training this week. If his price goes up, might look at Clyne who will stay at £4.5m

  3. Haz

    Team is currently:


    Toure, Baines, Coleman

    Ramires, Mirallas, Hazard, Coutinho

    Lukaku, Giroud, Soldado

    (Boruc; Garrido, Baker; Kim)

    Thinking of one of two trades:

    1. Baker —-> Whittaker/Shaw


    2. Lukaku —-> Bony

    I’m happy to hold my Chelsea players, this week, then trade out Ramires and bench Hazard and Lukaku in GW3. Ultimately keeping Hazard and getting rid of Lukaku at the end of that week.

    I figure Bony won’t rise, this week, but Whittaker/Shaw will.


  4. Go You Gunners

    Not too sure what trade I’ll make this week.. The areas that I thought would be dodgy, like Soldado/Benteke/Wolf in attack and Mert/Toure/Coleman in defence all preformed well (bar Mert), and my ‘star studded’ midfield failed miserably! Walcott/Coutinho/Hazard (c)/Mirallas (Yes, I know, 1 GW in, Hazard 1 more game) Bench of Boruc/Koren/Chester/Clyne might need shoring up? Maybe Mert out with Arsenal’s woes?

  5. aclassdriving

    Lukaku was mega in pre-season. Why didnt he start? Did Mour. see this as the easy game in the next coming weeks, and wanted to rest him? Or, was it that he’s going to rotate them on a regular basis? I personally don’t think he’ll play week in, week out. For £8m, I want my players to be assured game time. Bony will surely get that in comparison to Lukaku. However, Swansea do have Europa games this season.

    I’m personally not a fan of mega expensive DF. I’d free up some cash by selling Baines and plugging for big name, starting striker. Or another big scoring MF once Ramires goes. Who you looking to replace him with?

    • Haz

      So you reckon trade Baines, rather than prepare for GW3, now?

      Probably someone like Chadli for Ramires, i’d go for Silva but am worried about resting for Champions League.

      Fairly confident that Bony will start playing the full 90 from now, but am very aware of resting for Europa too.

      Am starting to lean towards doing the Baker to Shaw, tonight.

      • baysietoff

        I’d strongly consider the Bony trade. It’s hard enough for strikers to score when they’re playing, it’s nearly impossible when they aren’t… And as you said GW3 is around the corner. I have a feeling Jose will give Torres every chance to get it together.

        • Haz


          I have to make up my mind fairly soon.. especially if i go the way of Shaw. Eitherway one of them won’t play in GW3 (Lukaku or Baker), and given that Shaw is likely to make money and Bony isn’t, it may be the better option to go Shaw this week and Bony next.

        • Go You Gunners

          From my point of view, You have Lukaku starting and Baker on the bench, so wouldn’t the Bony trade help maximize points on the field? Don’t know if that’s how you play this game, just my 2c

  6. Richey

    Contemplating trading Lukaku and Ivanovic for Shaw and Benteke. Worth the 4 pt hit?? Plus I have Mertesacker and I really wanna get rid of him.. Im thinking Arsenal might have a rough season ahead.

  7. Louie.K

    Left 1.0 aside for the Lukaku to Sturridge move post GW1. Sturridge should dominate the early fixtures without Suarez. Happy to go with a front three of Sturridge, Soldado and Lambert for now. Only regret was not picking Silva ahead of Coutinho. Silva is so under-priced its not funny.

  8. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Cheers for the read Matt! The quality is (dont know how its possible), but improving from last year, well done mate 🙂
    Also, I am getting a bit worried Colemans points havent been added on yet… Was thinking the completion of all games but I am getting a bit nervous :/

  9. aclassdriving

    I think Lukaku has messed up a lot managers here. And like someone said up top, I think Mour. will give Torres a chance. It could be good bragging rights for him couldn’t it?

    Everyone is all over Shaw. What about Clyne? If Shaw goes to Utd, he’ll never play. He’s not going to replace Evra is he? Clyne will play once he’s over his injury, which looks like before next game week. He’s already 0.1 less than Shaw, so if you’re budget is tight, could be a good option.

  10. Ray

    I need help, I’ve started well and don’t want to screw it up! I’ve started with Ivanovic Hazard Oscar Benteke and Baker – Should I start off loading so not to tank in GW3 or just beef up my bench and hold the Chelsea guys?

    GW1 – 101

      • Ray

        Mignolet (Boruc)
        Ivanovic Lescott Mertesacker (Baker, Rat)
        Courtinho Hazard Mirallas Oscar (Thomas)
        Anelka Benteke Soldado

        • baysietoff

          Tough. You might get by with some luck. Baker is hurt but might be back for GW3 and Rat might be playing by then… Thomas probably won’t play. I’d suggest downgrading one of them (Ivan maybe?) to give you some money and leave the decision for a week?

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          Any money in the bank? I’d probably go Ivanovic to Shaw/Clyne, Mertesacker to Coleman and Anelka to… bummer 0.1 off Bony. Makes it hard. Wolfswinkel? Tough one… Mertesacker to Coleman, Ivanovic to Zabaleta and Baker to Clyne?

  11. Atticus Parker

    Gday everyone. Normally I play AFL Dreamteam but I’ve joined my work’s FPL league. Any advice you have would be much appreciated. This is my first year playing this and I don’t have a clue.
    Here is my team.

    Boruc Mignolet
    Coleman IvanovicToure
    Walcott Hazard Coutinho Mirallas
    Socaldo Lukaku Hooper
    (Thomas, Rat, Clyne)

    I’m guessing Hooper has to go but I don’t know who for? 0 in the bank. If you are wondering how a newb got such a team, I copied it from one of the FPLaddict articles 🙂

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