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Here at The Addicts, our only aim is to make things easier for all you fpl addicts out there! So how do we do that? Deliver as many quality articles as possible! We’ve been working on a generalised plan and timeline to run with throughout the week, here is an idea of what to expect starting from next Sarturday.

Saturday/Sunday –

In Round Discussion – Exactly what it says! We’ll have a post up so everyone can discuss the events of the weekends games.

Monday –

Round Review – Nothing much to add here, simply a place where we can share our failings of each weekend!

Bonus points – We feel that it will be important for people to know how the new bonus point system is working, who is in favour etc. We’ll have our preview master Andrew on hand to help out!

Tuesday –

The Dream Team – You guys have already seen Baysie take us through the GW1 Dream Team, you know what to expect!

Transfer Talk – Same old.

Wednesday –

In form – Liam will take us through the in form player of the week, every week! His statistical view gives a nice edge when deciding whether or not they’re worth it!

Q & A (Everyone) – This is probably our favourite addition, starting next week. We often get a lot of questions on Twitter or on the site, and quite often we can’t get to them all. If we ask for all your questions, I’ll take the most popular ones and email all our writers. From there we can all give our personal opinions so no stone should be left unturned!

Thursday –

POD – We thought of doing a POD series, but quite often you can run through them all very quickly. Finding the right format wasn’t easy. Similar to Liam’s ‘in form’, Baysie will focus on 1 or 2 “PODs of the week” if you like, and analyse their prospects. Will be important for those with less knowledge of the league and all its players!

Captains – No changes here.

Friday –

Preview – Andrew will continue on his brilliant work with our weekly previews on a Friday night as always.

Saturday –

News Wrap – Finally Nick will wrap up all the latest info from the weekly press conferences and keep us up to date leading into the gameweek deadline!

Now obviously we will have to work around GW’s when there’s midweek fixtures, however that doesn’t start to fire up until December. We will bring you some assorted articles during the international breaks such as monthly Fixtures, and whatever else springs to mind!

Finally I want to ask you guys (as you’re the ones we are providing the info to) when (and how) did you want the price change info to be released? I can give you an update in Transfer talk and continue to update that throughout the week? Another idea is to set up an article on the Sunday and you guys can refer to that throughout the week as we update it. Maybe we can put it on the home tab? Let us know!

Don’t forget you can follow us by email, and if you haven’t made a wordpress account then it’s easy to do so! You can also keep up with the action by following us on twitter @FPLaddicts.

GW 1 review:

So, how did we all go? Personally I ended up with 77, thanks to a late Ivanovic header. Leave your thoughts and review in the comments below in this simple format!

Other Comments:

I hope you all fared well, and if not… There’s always next week! Or the next 37 weeks… What a season it will be! Cheers.

72 comments on “FPLaddicts – Update/GW Review

  1. Pagey

    Score: 67
    Lord: Mignolet
    Loser: Mertesacker
    Captain: Hazzard
    Trades: Lukaku out – Dzeko in
    Vent/Brag: Last minute replacement of Benteke for Lukaku bit me bad
    Other Comments:

  2. The Johnsonator

    Score: 92
    Lord: Mingolet, Ivanovic, Coleman
    Loser: Lukaku
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Lukaku –> Lambert
    Vent/Brag: Wolfswinkel 😉
    Other Comments: Didn’t start with Benteke, and regretting it!

  3. Heath Moss

    Score: 82
    Lord: Mignolet
    Loser: Mertesacker
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Not sure yet. Looking at Nolan and/or Benteke
    Vent/Brag: Had Coleman on the bench 🙁 hurts
    Other Comments: Is Bony Injured? Worth holding on to?

  4. Timmy

    Score: 96
    Lord: benteke
    Loser: rat
    Captain: hazard
    Trades: cole>shaw
    Vent/Brag: reasonably happy, wish I had iva over cole though! >:(
    Other Comments: its only week 1….

  5. Dan

    Score: 81
    Lord: Benteke, Ivanovic
    Loser: Rat and Snodrgass 🙁
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Ivan>Coleman as planned already planned
    Vent/Brag: not my brag, but my 10 year old son who picks his players mainly based off who he likes on FIFA scored a ridiculous 106 and that includes fielding two 0s in Barry and Cabaye lol
    Comments: Deciding whether Rat>Zabaleta is worth a little not

  6. toasted1961

    Score: 96
    Lord: Benteke, Ivanovic, Mig
    Loser: Rat and Lukaku
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Ivan>Coleman as planned; Lukaku to Soldado for a hit
    Vent/Brag: You guys convinced me on Benteke; what an brute. Also got Rat instead of Toure. I hope Rat will play soon, otherwise that will be my R3 trade.
    Thanks for all the hard work guys. I really appreciate it; it provides excellent balance to the football scout.

  7. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODeaDT)

    Score: 97
    Lord: Benteke, Mignolet, Ivanovic, Nolan, Soldado
    Loser: LUKAKU YOU USELESS W*NKER, Mirallas was average and RAT FOR NOT EVEN PLAYING.
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: I’m getting rid of Lukaku. Maybe to Bony or RVW. Not sure.
    Vent/Brag: I thought I did alright, but I’m only ranked 217,000 odd. 🙁
    Other Comments: I should have captained Benteke

  8. Go You Gunners

    Score: 90
    Lord: Benteke/Mignolet
    Loser: Mertesacker
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: no idea, maybe Mertesacker > Lescott/Riether?
    Vent/Brag: Good start in my first proper season of FPL, rank of 107k not too bad
    Other Comments: Thanks for the articles guys!

    I think if you had the Price Change info in a tab on the home page, that’d be great

  9. Marcus

    Score: 105
    Lord: Benteke, Mignolet, Ivanovic, Soldado, Coleman
    Loser: Walcott, Miralles
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Ivanovic > Luke Shaw
    Vent/Brag: Absolutely cheering as this is my first season doing FPL and it’s good to have a fantasy team going well after my AFL dreamteam failed miserably this year.
    Overall Rank: 8,679

  10. henry1986

    Score: 97
    Lord: Mignolet – Ivanovic – Nolan – Benteke – Soldado
    Loser: Koscielny
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Won’t be doing any trades this week.
    Vent/Brag: Coleman. I traded our Coleman and brought in Koscielny.
    Other Comments: I hoping Dzeko will start at least 4 more games…

  11. Steve

    Score: 102
    Lord: Oscar, and Benteke, Mignolet, Whittaker
    Loser: Rat, Vidic, Lukaku
    Captain: Oscar
    Trades: Wildcard
    Vent/Brag: Ranked 15, 617, went against all odds to captain Oscar. Yeeeeboy. Not to mention Whittaker was an auto emerge for Rat

  12. Hero

    Score: 100
    Lord: Ivanovic, Nolan, Mignolet
    Loser: Walcott, Mirallas only 2 that didn’t fire for me.
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Cole to Zab try and get amongst city’s easy fixtures
    Vent/Brag: great start it can only be down hill from here haha
    Other Comments: cheers to this site for the info over the pre season

  13. Viper086

    Lord:Benteke, Ivanovic, Mignolet
    Loser: Mirallas, Anelka
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Kim –> Bardsley
    Vent/Brag: Basically took the best of all of your teams that you put forward before kick off and this was the result. Thanks.
    Other Comments: Long time AFL Dter, first time EPL Dter and slowly getting the hang of it. Took it up in a fit of rage as i was eliminated from AFL and i am quite enjoying it.

  14. Louie.K

    Score: 85
    Lord: Coleman, Ivanovic
    Loser: Lukaku and Walcott
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Already done Lukaku to Sturridge
    Vent/Brag: Lukaku reminds me of Karnezis. Dominated in the pre-season and then didn’t fire a shot!
    Other Comments: Picking a captain without RVP will now take on a greater significance. Need to nail it!

  15. Go You Gunners

    Would Mert > Lescott be a good trade with Ctiy’s fixtures and Arsenal’s troubles?

    G: Mignolet, (Boruc)
    D: Mert, Toure, Coleman, (Chester, Clyne)
    M: Walcott, Mirallas, Coutinho Hazard, (Koren)
    F: Benteke, Soldado, Van Wolfswinkel

    Thoughts much appreciated 🙂

  16. snoidz

    Score: 85
    Lord: Mignolet, Coleman and Ivanovic
    Loser: Mertesacker, Mirallas and Walcott
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Thinking Lukaku to Bony
    Vent: If only Lukaku had started. Benteke is GOD.
    Other Comments: Whats up with Ba? he has been a dud at Chelsea..

  17. Shaun Curnow

    Score: 77
    Lord: Mignolet, Coleman and Ivanovic
    Loser: Rat, Cazorla, Mirallas, Downing, Lukaku, Mertesacker
    Trades: Went Downing to Barkley to try catch couple price rises! Missed out on taking hit to get rid the spud Lukaku before price dropped.
    Vent: To many to list
    Brag: Colemans score coming off bench!
    Other Comments: Im in better position then last year after GW1 so light at end of miserable tunnel

  18. aclassdriving

    Score: 93
    Lord: Benteke, RVP Mignolet
    Loser: Walcott, Ravel Morrision,
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Cole to Clyne
    Vent/Brag: Ravel Morrison scored 6 in preseason and didnt play. At least the one long punt only cost me £4.5. Glad I stuck to my gut instinct and didnt pick Lukaku. I think any striker for Chelsea is a bad idea. Who would have thought Ba would start against Villa? No one. Waiting till Saturday before subbing out.

  19. Jan

    Score: 90 pts
    Lord: Mignolet/Whitteker/Coleman
    Loser: Lukaku/Walcott
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: saving FT
    Vent/Brag: already have -0.1 problems due Lukaku
    Other Comments: I’m on the target for my goals

  20. kingcolesy

    Score: 84
    Lord: Ivanovic
    Loser: Lukaku, Walcott, Mirallas, Anelka
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Ivanovic > Shaw, Lukaku > Dzeko
    Vent/Brag: Lucky I got Colemans 13 for Rat. Would of cracked the ton if I had Benteke for Lukaku with the spare mil in the bank 🙁
    Other Comments:

  21. Higgz

    Score: 73
    Lord: Coleman,RVP,Nolan
    Loser: cazorla,lukaku
    Trades: cazorla to paulinho
    Vent/Brag: alright score cazorla to paulinho gives me 3.0m
    Other Comments:

  22. nokiadore

    score 84
    lord mignolet/ivanovic/coleman
    loser mirallas/rat/snodgrass/lukakau
    captain hazard
    trade lukakau > soldado
    vent lukakau wtf?! epic fail

    • aclassdriving

      I think everyone got a little caught up the hype tornado that is Lukaku. Mour. doesnt fancy him, hence the open talk of a new striker. Think he’ll try and get Torres going too. Waste of time, but he may think he’s the man to do it.

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        No way, Lukaku is Chelsea’s future Drogba, he’s a superstar. Obviously feels he’s not quite ready (even though he scored 17 last year). Bet you he has less faith in Ba though, hence the need for a replacement

        • aclassdriving

          I’d love nothing more than to see Lukaku start. I’m a Chelsea fan, and sick to the back teeth of seeing Torres fluff his lines week in, week out. If Mour. wont let him run out against Hull or Villa, I can’t see ever handing him a first team spot.

  23. Pritchy

    I scored 114 after having snodgrass on the field and having whittaker as 1st emergency. Am I the luckiest guy of gw1?

  24. Runci

    Score: 80
    Lord: Mignolet/Ivanovic/Coleman
    Loser: Lukaku/Anelka
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Ivanovic to Whittacker, Lukaku to Agureo
    Vent/Brag: I don’t want Anelka anymore, but I really want Silva. Maybe next week I sell Aguero, Anelka for a better pair.

  25. CeG

    Score: 88
    Lord: Mignolet, Whittaker, Nolan, Ivanovic
    Loser: Mirallas, Lukaku, Walcott
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: lukaku for Soldado
    Vent/Brag: swapped out Benteke for lukaku at last minute, wondering if Mirallas will play the same role as preseason.
    Other Comments: refusing to take a points hit this week even though I want to swap Gerrard and Rat. Must… stick… to… the… plan.

  26. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Score: 100 on the dot lel
    Lord: Bentekkers, Ivanovic, Mignolet, COLEMAN!
    Loser: only GW1 but… Walcott and Coutinho were let downs kinda
    Captain: Hazard… Not too bad I guess
    Trades: dont know yet, maybe Rat to Shaw?? Probably 5% chance of the happening though
    Vent/Brag: had 4 people score over 15 (Coleman 13 makes 5 over 10)
    Other Comments: Last year I got a similar score (92 I think) but I trailed off, hope to keep up the same consistency this year!

  27. Leroy

    Score: 75pts
    Lord: Benteke/Whitaker
    Loser: Koscielny
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Nil – bank it for next week……….maybe
    Vent/Brag: Soldado/Lambert/Benteke strikeforce worked well.
    Other Comments:

  28. MattyZee

    Score: 86
    Lord: Mignolet, Ivanovic, Nolan, Solado, Wolfswinkel
    Loser: Lukaku, Mertesaker
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: went Ivanovic to Shaw. Not sure if I should have!
    Vent/Brag: Pretty happy. Unfortunately played Mertesaker over Coleman. Lukaku is a wang. Can’t wait to get rid of him next week, thank goodness for the bench!

    Thanks for all the help over the preseason guys! I’m sure that the help will be very appreciated over the rest of the season!


    Score: 80
    Lord: Mignolet, Hazard, Coleman, Cole
    Loser: Mertesaker, Mirallas, Walcott, Anelka
    Captain: Hazard
    Trades: Wildcard now:

    Coleman Zabaleta Garrido (Whittaker Collins)
    Nolan Coutinho Walcott Mirallas (Snodgrass)
    Soldado Sturridge Giroud

    Vent/Brag: lets see how the wildcard turned out….

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