The Captains – GW2

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captainsWelcome back to the second edition of the captains. Without a DGW to go by the decision gets a lot tougher. Those with RVP may have a safe option, however the majority here are without. So who do we turn to? Time to find out!

The Contenders:

Ok… there would be a pretty extensive list if I didn’t narrow it down, as the options are so vast. If I miss anyone then feel free to question me in the comments down below, although they are probably left out for a reason. Here’s this weeks contenders:

Mirallas – Everyone is jumping off ship and, well quite frankly I’m happy for it to happen. For some reason everyone gets lost up in the craze that is GW1 and suddenly starts kicking themselves for picking Mirallas… Well no, he is still a great OOP prospect. A home game against West Brom, who incidentally lost at home to Southampton last week, should give him the perfect platform to get his season off and running. Should be in line for a goal this week, I’ll back him in. Having said that he is too risky to captain IMO.

Coutinho – “Damn, should’ve picked Silva.” Once again we can’t write off our favourite pre-season picks on the basis off one game. Coutinho dominated, and if it wasn’t for the dismal finishing of Jordan Henderson he would have been looking at a double figure haul. Should be very bonus point friendly and I’ll back him in to bounce back this week against Villa. Not a bad captain differential.

Sturridge – He is a man in-form, no one can deny that. With Villa yet to keep a clean sheet this season, and a weakened back line to boot, I’d be backing in Liverpool for a goal or three on Saturday. Surely Sturridge will be amongst them and, if there was a top 5, he’d be in it. Solid option this week.

Lambert – Yes the arriving of Osvaldo is disappointing, but nothing could hold Lambert down at the moment. After just experiencing “the best week of his life” I’m sure he’ll be keen to put Sunderland to the sword with his starting spot now somewhat under threat. Should be a man on a mission, another great captain differential.

Nolan – It doesn’t take much for Nolan to be right amongst the fantasy points, with 1 swift finish gaining him 11 points last week. Newcastle should hold no fear for opposition sides with their current form and you would have to back the hammers in for a goal or two. Nolan also used to play for the Toon, so there’s extra incentive. Should be great again, but I wouldn’t have the balls to captain him.

Silva – Cardiff will present City another great opportunity to continue their flying start to season 2013/14, and you wouldn’t bet against Silva delivering again. It was slightly concerning that he could only manage a header from a deflected cross, and played no part in any of the other 3 goals. A role on the wing looks set and whilst some kind of points haul is likely, double figures is perhaps not.

Aguero – He looks a great selection if Pellegrini’s first team rolled out on Monday was anything to go by. Rotation won’t kick in until after the international break so he should be fit to fire against Cardiff and Hull. A great captains pick for those few who own him, I’d almost go for it if I was in your shoes.

Top 3:

1. Van Persie – Now to the all important top 3. And who else would claim the number one spot. Yes I know that there are more tempting options out there, however if you own the 14m giant why not take advantage of his biggest asset. Almost certain to score and will therefore save you any captains headaches, nor heartaches. Lock and load for the new season. Fixture proof.

2. Benteke – He climbs up to second purely on form. Whilst I tipped him for a goal last week, 3 was more than anyone surely expected. 2 penalties (one extremely generous) was perhaps a gift, but nonetheless he took them without hesitation. He almost set up a couple of goals in the Chelsea clash as well and netted 2 goals and an assist against Liverpool last time the 2 sides met. Villa’s first game at home should provide him yet another opportunity to show the footballing world his immense talent, a great option if you don’t own RVP. Another fixture proof forward.

3. Soldado – He sits behind Benteke on form, however if you’re like me and don’t have the Belgium monster then this guy should be your next best bet. With Tottenham’s new signings walking through the door they look set for a massive season, so goals shouldn’t be hard to come by. Manchester United slotted 4 against Swansea at the Liberty last week so I expect Spurs to greet them with nothing but ruthlessness. Soldado calmly scored his debut spurs goal with a well taken penalty and looked dangerous throughout the match with his movement in the box. He was born a goal scorer, pure and simple. He’ll be my captain this weekend so please Roberto, don’t let me down!

The Punt:

Walcott – Oh Arsenal, what do you do to me. Why. A 3-0 win against Fenerbache in a massive UCL clash was just what the doctor ordered. You would hope that they’ll carry this new found form to Fulham on Saturday with nothing less than a win acceptable. Their defense is not exactly looking solid so attack looks the best form of defense in this scenario, I’m thinking they could run riot! That is a complete huntch though, hence why Theo is a massive punt this week. If they do turn up however, I’d expect walcott to be looking at a double figure score. Will certainly start and should hopefully get his tally ticking for the new season! Will you take the punt?

So that’s it from me this week, I’m a little hesitant without Benteke and RVP however Soldado should step up whilst I fix that little loophole in my squad. Let us know who you’ll be captaining in the poll above, and most importantly good luck for next week!

EDIT: You can now check price change updates in the menu tab on the home page.

27 comments on “The Captains – GW2

  1. Marcus

    Nice article Matt. Without RVP, I have no idea who to back this week. Tossing up between Benteke, Soldado, Walcott, Coutinho and possibly even Miralles. Why didn’t I just take Van Persie! 🙁

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      You didnt go for RVP cos you could have Soldado and Benteke for 18.5 all up (27 points together) or RVP and Wibraham (14 points all up) 18.5m together.
      Saved 0m, gained 13 points… I’d take that any day!

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Bentekkers, Soldado… AGONISING!
    Will probably go Bentekkers though, did manage to break down one of the best defenses in the EPL… Should be good for a goal and maybe an assist if we are lucky! 9m, fixture proof, a nickname like Bentekkers, what more do you want! Haha

  3. baysietoff

    This is much tougher than last year, especially without RVP! Man Utd v Chelsea should be an absolute cracker. I might go Giroud as a risk to score against Fulham!

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  5. juramentardo

    Dzeko for captain? he has to score to retain his spot(different manager last chance to shine!) and with current form, not withstanding he has scored a hat trick last season makes a good punt!

  6. Manny craven

    Wasn’t planning on doing any changes this week but uve now got me thinking about silva r augero mmmmmmm great reading thnx

  7. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODeaDT)

    Hey Matt, great read! Just a couple of interesting ones-
    -Robin Van Wolfswinkel vs Hull?
    -Ivanovic (even though against United, he loves an early season goal and is in form)?

    I might even go Van Wolfswinkel for a COD, after all, it’s a bit of fun to try and pick players who are going to do really well each week!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Ricky* 😛 And not sure of his potential to score big yet. Needs to prove himself. Can’t captain a defender hoping for a goal… Wolf might not be a bad shout though!

      • Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODeaDT)

        Haha cheers mate. I knew it was something starting with ‘R’! Took a guess. Yeah I know what you mean about being risky (regarding Ricky), but all of the players have an element of risk don’t they? But I’ll still probably chicken out and go Benteke….

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  9. Jefferson Miranda

    the game week 1 of mine was a horror. I will be using my wildcard now. Please suggest a the best 15 players for the coming 2 weeks please.. i am very confused..

  10. Marcus

    Backing Walcott! Should be plenty of goals in the Arsenal vs Fulham game and backing Wally to get amongst it.

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