Points of Difference – GW2

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POD… Point of Difference. What? If you’re still a little green to fantasy sports management you may not have a clue what I’m on about. I’m talking about a player who you think has been left out of mainstream discussions a little, they haven’t been picked up and have some excellent point scoring potential. There’s any number of reasons why that has happened… They may be a new player to the league or club, be a little unfashionable or we may have just forgotten how good they were once and worried if they’ll get back there!

I’ll be going through some players every week that haven’t been picked up as much as I thought they would and should come under consideration if you’re looking for someone to make you stand out from the rest. I’m always a strong believer in risk / reward, as long as it’s a calculated risk.

One thing to keep in mind is these are purely opinions and you may well agree with the 95% of people who haven’t picked these guys! There will be logical explanations for all of them however, then it’s up to you to use that how you wish. This week I’ve picked one seasoned veteran who is looking for redemption after being left on the sidelines for far too long, and a brand new player to the league with as much talent as anyone and playing in a team that may as well of been created for him!

Lescott (5.5m) – 3.3% ownership

Man City have a few injury problems in central defence don’t they? Kompany hurt his groin in last weeks win against Newcastle and looks like he might miss up to a month.  Nastasic hurt his ankle back in July and is only back in training as of yesterday, so you could easily suggest another week out for him. It’s still going to be “weeks” until Richards is fit to play. That leaves the very inexperienced Boyata as the only fit centre back. I’m not sure they’ll even play him, they may turn one of their defensive mids into a key defender for a week or two, or move Zabaleta across from right back, until Nastasic is able to play.

You read that and you may think, “how are they going to stop the goals with a massive hole in their defence?” Cardiff away, Hull at home and Stoke away is why. I’m taking two clean sheets to the bank out of those three. Also, I am supremely confident that he will keep his spot even when all the other centre backs are fit. To be able to get a centre back in the best defence of the 2012/13 season at 5.5m is ludicrously cheap. Not too mention he has a history of scoring goals… In 2007/08 he scored 10 goals in 54 games for Everton. Yes, it’s a while ago but he didn’t do that by luck.

The only thing that could put a stick in the spokes is that Pellegrini is in the market for another centre back. They’ve already been thwarted in their attempts to get Pepe and are now looking at Demichellis. I’m thinking this is more a case that he knows he needs 4 quality centre backs so that City can manage the 60+ games they’ll potentially play this season and so he doesn’t get into this situation again. Please consider…

Aspas (7.0m) – 3.5% ownership

I fully understand why ownership of Aspas is as low as it is. He came to Liverpool via Spain and from a team in Celta Vigo that was extremely close to relegation. Also, Liverpool didn’t have to break the bank to buy him, his readily available stats don’t exactly jump out at you and let’s be honest he’s not a household name. But… Michu….

He had a decent goal scoring record last season. He scored 12 from 33 games (Celta scored 37 total) which isn’t great but you need to look deeper to find the nuggets of gold. He received rave reviews all last season as their main man in attack and the reason why they weren’t relegated. He was often left alone up front in a very defensive formation and asked to do all the work, which doesn’t suit him. He likes to roam around and create.  This is the stat I’m hanging onto however… He created more goal scoring chances than both Ronaldo and Messi last season (69 v 62 v 45).

Some more stats for those interested… The season before last he scored 23 from 35 which is great, but it was in the division below. In this preseason for Liverpool he scored 3 and provided 4 assists.

Last weekend v Stoke he put in a very good performance for a debut, especially considering the type of team Stoke are. He played largely in the middle behind Sturridge but popped up on the right at times. He created 5 goal scoring opportunities and had 2 shots on goal, both on target. He is exactly the type of player that will fit in with Rodgers’ style of play as well as the players around him. He seemed to link up well with Coutinho and Sturridge and his simple passing was a highlight (if you’re into that kind of thing).

The negative side to Iago is that he has at times been a little sporadic with his performances, however I can see Rodgers managing him well and him being a revelation perhaps after a short bedding in period… We might actually see the best of him when/if Suarez is back in the team. Again, please consider!

Anyway, that’s my couple of cents! In no way am I saying go out and buy them now, just keep an eye on how they are going and if they start showing some form jump aboard. Some great PODs!

21 comments on “Points of Difference – GW2

  1. Steve

    Sorry Baysie im going to hijack your thread to ask a question, because i’m not sure where else to post it.
    Would you choose either Hatem BA or Snodgrass?
    would you sacrifice Giroud & Mignolet for Soldado and Boruc?

    In regards to your article, I’m already on the Lescott wagon, but couldn’t bring myself to have both Coutinho and Aspas in my side! Aspas is killer value at 7.0

    • Steve

      Or, probably something i’m leaning more towards is picking Fer, and upgrading Giroud > Soldado, this will allow me to keep Mignolet.

      But i’m not sure what Fer’s job security is like..?

      • baysietoff Post Author

        No worries Steve… It’s going to be interesting how the points are split between Coutinho and Aspas in the long run!

        I don’t like Fer this early. He hasn’t played a game yet so would need to see where he actually plays, positionally. He’s able to play up and back but am suspicious that he might play back (a bit like a Yaya Toure). How did he go in Holland re goals/assists? I haven’t had time to look too much into that.

        Re Hatem or Snods, I like Ben Arfa a lot as a player but he can’t get on the field. The last two seasons he’s played 19 and 26 league games. That’s not enough for this comp I reckon? That said, Snods didn’t play last week and isn’t guaranteed a game as much as last season. Got any other options haha?

        Last one… I’m neither here nor there with that one! My feeling is its a sideways trade that may not get you too many more points. Reason being is I’m backing Giroud to score a few in the next couple of games. Not that Soldado won’t but I can see them cancelling each other out which then means you rely on the goalies. And then Soton’s defence is a bit riskier than Liverpool’s.

        • Steve

          I’ve looked into Fer a little bit, but haven’t found anything of real substance. He was used as a RB at his old club on occasion and the Scout seems to think he will be used as a defensive midfielder so you’re right there. He scored 11 goals last season with apparently no assists in 21 matches, so no immediate appeal.

          I’m with you, i was leaning towards Hatem, but his lack of minutes over the last couple of seasons is a massive deterrent. Huge potential, but even larger risk. Snodgrass i also like, he has a much stronger forward pack to feed this year, and Norwich have recruited well enough to be challenging for a top 8 spot in my opinion. I personally think his job security is fine, with an injury being the reason he was sidelined last week.

          Basically i need a midfielder worth 7 or under, to finish off my new look team (I used my wildcard, not due to me panicking but as it was planned). The names i’m tossing up are Fer, Taraabt, HBA, Snodgrass. (I already have Nolan).
          Every other position i have filled to my satisfaction, i’m not too worried about picking a POD in midfield as i have Livermore as cover if they aren’t played.

          DECISIONS?! I know whats going to be running through my mind at work tonight…

  2. Viper086

    What are your thoughts on Anelka? Will he come back? Picked him up as he was cheap but i honestly can’t see him returning. I have already used my trade for the week, is it worth copping the point penalty to bring in Wolfswinkel or someone else $7 or less.

    Very keen on Aspas as a POD. I really think Liverpool will be 10 times better this season and blokes like Aspas will cash in on the ride

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Agreed. If it was me I’d take the hit and ship him out for the 4 point penalty. Not sure who else is in your team and on your bench however… If you do, you’re basically banking on the player coming in scoring decent points.

        • Viper086

          I have Benteke and Soldado up front already and with Anelka out i probably need another striker. I’ll trade him out. Thanks lads!

          • aclassdriving

            Anelka, perhaps never coming back, is going to pork quite a few of us up. Nothing at £5.5m with as much quality. I’m going to try and resist taking any points hits this season. Will look to bring in Aspas ASAP. I was keen on Lambert, who looks like he has the world at his feet at the moment, but with Osvaldo coming in, it could mean him missing game time long term. I don’t know much about him, but Talk Sport was full of praise and couldnt believe that someone of his caliber was heading to the South coast. £8 mill however is too off putting for an unknown at the moment.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            I am in the exact same position mate, but luckily I have Whittaker who should surely take the field and grab an easy cleanie against Hull (not expecting attacking returns though). Depends on their fixture really, Van Wolfs could score/assist a couple especially against newly promoted Hull, if I was in your situation I would take the risk and take the hit.

  3. snoidz

    Thinking of using my wildcard!

    Ivanovic – Shaw
    Mert – Lescott
    Countinho – Silva
    Lukuka – Dzeko
    Lambert – Bony

    As you can see im jumping on the city bandwagon. Easiest fixtures ever..
    yes no?

  4. Leroy

    With Anelka being ‘sidelined’ (retired?) – I’d keep an eye on Chamakh for Palace. On 5 mil and could be a solid differential. He’s a pretty lively character and was at his best for the Gunners when he had a nailed down spot. Nothing exceptional but for 5mil, might help you get RVP and not just take up a spot on the bench.

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