In Round Discussion – GW2

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Let us know your thoughts on the current GW right here! Good place for some banter and to vent some of that frustration…

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    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Premier League needs to get their shit together, Walcott should have been a clear assist. Almost certain they’ll add it after they set the bar with Hazard. They can’t go back on that now. New assist system just makes for more confusion, not clear cut at all, terrible.

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    It’s like EA is controlling the points and rules system now… Eg its terrible!
    Walcott should have an assist, d feel sorry for those who took the punt on Walcott as Captain and end up not getting the assist…

  2. will

    I really hate it when your starters are on the bench, then your subs start to rack up points and then with only minutes to go, managers bring on your starters and you only get one point instead.

  3. Go You Gunners

    Benched Migs & Toure for Clyne & Boruc 🙁 arggghhhh
    Mirallas and Coutinho shit, again
    only on 24 points with Lescott, Hazard and Soldado (c) to come

    • keysnskis

      Yeah, I made the same mistake, I benched Mignolet and Toure for Boruc and Chester. Only missed a point with Chester, but missed out on 5 with Boruc.
      I’m on 24 with RVP, Zabaleta, Silva, Lampard, and Soldado (c) left.

  4. Hero

    Must be a tough week so far. Jumped up from 22000 to 8000 with a 35. Still hav Zab, Cole, Hazard, and captain Soldado to go.

  5. Shaun Curnow

    An OK start, 36 with Ivanovic, Hazard and Soldado (C) to come. Think its time to wildcard and fix my team up!

  6. Dan

    Tough scoring week so far by the looks.
    Im 21(-4) with just Zabaleta, Hazard, Soldado and Dzeko (c) to come. Midfielders are sucking badly so far this year. Thinking of going 4-3-3 next week.

  7. Tim

    Toure(8) Chester (7) Reid (6) saved my bacon….benteke captain..
    0.2 short of going benteke to chamakh and lukaku to van persie 🙁

    • Fahad

      Already used my Wildcard. Really hope it pays off this week and I manage to get 50+ at least. Got Aguero(c), Soldado, Navas, Dawson & Zabaleta. Currently on 19. Had Chamakh but left him on the bench for Mirallas :'(

  8. Tim

    I am thinking about it Got:
    Mignolet (Harper)
    Toure Shaw Reid (Chester, Brayford)
    Mirallas Coutinho Silva (Williams, Hazard)
    Soldado (Benteke Lukaku)
    could take a 4 point hit and bring in chamhakh and aguero or play wildcard…thoughts?

  9. Brayden

    Should I use mine? My team is:
    Mignolet (Mannone)
    Baines, Collins, Chester (Dawson, Turner)
    Walcott, Mata, Hazard, Countihno, Barkley
    Benteke, Lambert (Anelka)

    Thanks for help, first year player

    • Fahad

      I’d say only use your Wildcard if you planning on bringing in RvP. Team is quite strong as it is though. Unless you planning on bringing in RvP keep the Wildcard & use it later on when your team is really doing bad. (If you not gonna use your Wildcard then use your free transfer to take out Mata & bring in a City midfielder they have Hull at home next)

  10. keysnskis

    Thinking about dropping Hernandez & Agbonlahor for Kasami & either Podolski or Giroud. Is this a smart transfer, and worth the -4? And should I choose Podolski or Giroud, I can afford either one. Thanks!

    • baysietoff

      Good idea getting rid of those two… Big fan of Kasami just not sure how Fulham’s midfield is going to look like over the next few weeks, They’ve just brought in Parker and Taarabt, as well as the fact they need to find a way to get Bent into the starting XI. Could be a risk… For me it’s Giroud over Podolski but only just!

      • keysnskis

        I think I’m going to take the risk, I need to get rid of Agbonlahor before Villa’s off week, there’s no point in keeping him, and to afford Giroud/Podolski I need to sell Hernandez for a midfielder bellow 4.9. My options are basically Kasami or Ward-Prowse. Maybe Ward-Prowse would be a better option?

  11. Joe

    1. What do you guys think about Ward Prowse? Will he be a regular starter?
    2. I don’t understand why people are opting out Snodgrass. I think he is going to be playing full time from next week.
    3, How did Barkley play yesterday? Couldn’t see the match.
    4. Is Luke Shaw injured?
    5. Walcott or Countinho?

  12. Hero

    Would be quite happy for RVP to pull a blank this week to keep my ranking of inside the 5000 in tact. A Chelsea clean sheet would be perfect

  13. viper086

    What is the strategy with Chelsea and Villa players for next week? Should we be looking to offload them?

    • baysietoff

      Depends who it is and how many of the you have? Ideally you wouldn’ve started offloading last week… Example, I had Cole, Oscar, Hazard and Beteke. Last week I got rid of Cole and this week I’ll get rid of either Oscar or Hazard and bench the rest.

      • viper086

        Thanks guys. I have Hazard, Ivanovic and Benteke. Rat has been my only non scoring player at this stage so will probably trade him out and bring in a defender which would leave me playing a 4-4-2 but I wont have that strong a team unless i make 2 trades and get rid of Hazard or Benteke as well

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          Hazard and Benteke are keepers definetly, Benteke was very unlucky not to score against Liverpool, Mignolet was amazing in goals!
          If you can bench them both, that would be ideal, if not the trade Hazard to someone like Silva for the week or Benteke to Giroud maybe for a week.

  14. Louie.K

    Anyone watch the Everton game? If so, how did Mirallas go? Needs to show something soon if I’m going to hold onto him.

      • Louie.K

        Yeah he was my smoky. Was hoping he could do a “Michu” and hit the ground running. But what concerns me is his value (7.5). There aren’t too many solid options in that range. May need to generate some cash and turn him into SIlva or the like.

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          I don’t like the value in midfield at this stage, the premiums aren’t doing much better. Thinking of rolling with Chadli and Mirallas and going with a power front 3. Talking about that tomorrow 🙂

          • baysietoff

            Agree we were poor. We took far too much time to get it forward and when they did there wasn’t much in the way of inspiration. BUT to be fair, West Brom did play a very tight formation without the ball which would have made it very hard to play against, particularly for someone like Mirallas. I’d hold off judging him too much until after this week.

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