Round Review – GW2

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So with just the one game to go this gameweek, it’s time to reassess our situation. How did we all go this week? Are you being pressured to wildcard? Struggling to hold off that trade button? Let us know below in the following format!

Player(s) to come:

Other Comments:

Personally, this is how I’m sitting:

Score: 45 (-4)
Player(s) to come: Hazard
Lords: Soldado (C), Toure
Losers: 3/4 of my squad. Coutinho, Bony, Boruc, Clyne and Mirallas stand out.
Captain: Soldado! Very happy with that call, a good start to life without RVP.
Trades: I’ve confessed my sins to Father Brian… I’ve wildcarded. I COULDN’T HELP IT! My team was just slowly losing value as everyone committed to their early season knee-jerks and my team was slipping. I’m hoping to avoid a few price falls to my key players this week and making value that way! More on that tomorrow…
Vent/Brag: Only brag is a correct captains choice, and probably being one of few to start Toure.
Other Comments: If you’re going to wildcard, make up your mind soon! If you aren’t in desperate need then at least save it until the international break or after.

Hope you all fared better than me!

56 comments on “Round Review – GW2

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Score: 50
    Player(s) to come: Hazard & Ivanovich
    Lords: Soldado, Mignolet, Sturridge, Coleman, Cazorla
    Losers: Everyone else!
    Captain: Soldado
    Trades: WILCARD TIME!!!
    Vent/Brag: Bringing in Sturridge this week. And my vent is Coutinho & Mirralias just not living upto what we expected. Do we hold them? Thats the bit question

    Other Comments: Playing my wildcard this week as had too many players (Rat, Mertesaker) going to lose value.

  2. viper086

    Score: 48
    Player(s) to come: Hazard, Ivanovic
    Lords: Soldado, Mignolet, Toure, Coleman
    Losers: Mirallas, Benteke, Wolfswinkel, Coutinho, Chadli
    Captain: Soldado
    Trades: Rat –> Reid
    Vent/Brag: Good captain choice but struggling to generate any points in the midfield.
    Other Comments: Feel like 48 is pretty decent with 2 to play and should keep my spot on top of the league ladder.

  3. Pagey

    Score: 52
    Player(s) to come: Hazard
    Lords: soldado, Mignolet, Giroud, Coleman
    Losers: Rat (dump time), coutinho (come on!)
    Captain: soldado
    Trades: Rat -> ??,
    Vent/Brag: Midfield so so points again, great capt choice
    Other Comments:

  4. Dan

    Score: 45(-4)
    To come: Hazard
    Lords: Dzeko, Soldado
    Loser: Me for benching Toure and Chester’s 8&7 pt hauls (after raking a hit to bring in Zabaleta for his 1
    Captain: Dzeko
    Trades: Hazard>Silva . Will probably do something else for a hit by the weekend.
    Vent/Brag: Hit for Zab effectivley cost me 11 points (woulda played Toure) 🙁
    Other comments: Holding thr WC this year. Pretty happy with how my team looks currently.

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Score: 41
    Player(s) to come: Hazard
    Lords: Coleman, Toure and Soldado
    Losers: everyone else, especially Norwich for not being able to keep Hull to nil…
    Captain: Benteke
    Trades: probably Anelka to RFW or someone around that range
    Vent/Brag: bad captain choice has me behind the pack leaders this week (lost 10 points cos of it D:)
    Other Comments: hope Anelka is alright and doesn’t retire, would love to see him play in the premier league for longer!
    Also, Mignolet is an absolute TANK! He has to be at least 83+ rated on FIFA 14! Lol

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Also, just wanna ask quickly who is the best option below 7.2m in the forward range? Was looking at RFW or even Aspas? Any thoughts appreciated, just dont wanna lose too much value on Anelka!

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        Not really much on offer… Lambert looked good for 7.6… I guess Van Wolfswinkel is your best bet but won’t be consistent. Aspas will have huge question marks after Suarez returns.

      • kingcolesy

        Im in same Anelka situation, I was tossing up between Chamakh and Campbell but who knows. There now seems to be alot more trade ins(more $$ gain) today for Campbell than Chamakh today, and he just proved he can score against a big club which is a positive, also has Hull in a fortnight. I think I’ll go with Campbell. Although I do have 8.4m to play with, I am also not massively decided what I’m going to do. I think I’ll let it stew for a few more hours. A little advice would not go astray. Default plan is Campbell!

      • kingcolesy

        Im thinking Hazard > Silva might be a more important trade than Anelka. Just throwing a thought out there.

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          I’ve got Reid on the bench (transferred Rat to Reid) so hopefully he can keep a cleanse against Stoke who lack attacking prowess but are only good defensively.
          I’ve also got Whittingham against Everton-only if I have low to zilch options, then I will use Whittingham card.
          As you said as well, Campbell may be an option as well as Chamakh-both risky but ive got limited options

  6. kingcolesy

    Score: 56 (-8)
    Player(s) to come: Hazard
    Lords: Dzeko + Soldado + Toure
    Losers: Lescott + Shaw (2 guys I took a hit for haha)
    Captain: Soldado
    Trades: Anelka to Campbell maybe
    Vent/Brag: Getting in Dzeko was the right move.
    Other Comments: Maybe get Jelavic in for one week vs Crystal Palace then Wildcard might be the go for me?

  7. Go You Gunners

    Score: 39
    Player(s) to come: Hazard
    Lords: Soldado, Coleman
    Losers: Lescott, Boruc, MIRALLAS AND COUTINHO, Southampton manager for not starting Clyne
    Captain: Soldado. Gun.
    Trades: Hazard > Silva maybe. Mirallas/Coutinho testing patience. Perhaps Coutinho > Chadli to free up some cash?
    Vent/Brag: Horrible week. Lost 13 by playing Boruc/Clyne over Migs/Toure
    Other Comments:

    Should I wildcard?

    G: Migs, (Boruc)
    D: Toure, Lescott, Coleman, (Clyne, Chester)
    M: Hazard, Coutinho, Walcott, Mirallas, (Koren)
    F: Benteke, Soldado, Wolf

  8. Tim

    Hey Guys, Just a Quick survey responses appreciated!
    1. Best Midfielder under 5.0?
    2. Best Defender from non-promoted team 4.5 or under?
    3. Best 3 expensive midfield options for next 5 gameweeks?
    4. Van Persie or Aguero for next 5 game-weeks?
    5. Which of Soldado, Silva and Mirallas are the best captain option this week?

    • will

      1. Lucas plays and only 4.5
      2 clyne or Shaw
      3. Silva
      4. Aguero has it easier on paper. Rvp can score points against anyone and in recent years, man utd do well v liverpool
      5. Silva should again have it easier

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      1. Brady/Whittingham
      2. Clyne (wait for price to drop)
      3. Tough. Almost impossible to say, Walcott, Coutinho and Michu??? All gut feelings and guesses with the midfield not firing atm.
      4. If you have the cash get RVP
      5. Captains on Thursday!

  9. juramentardo

    Score: 53
Player to come: Hazard
Lords: Soldado, Dzeko, Toure, Coleman
Losers: Mirallas, Coutinho, Gibbs and Whittaker
Captain: Soldado

    Trades: Hazard –> Silva

    Vent/Brag: Strikers Soldado and Dzeko but Anelka trade to who?
Other Comments:Resisting the temptation to get RVP, will proberly downgrade Coutinho and trade Anelka for Benteke GW4.

  10. Higgz

    Score: 29
    Player(s) to come:hazard(C),RVP,lukaku
    Lords:Reid,Coleman,figuroa went alright
    Losers: long,gerrard,
    Trades: stekelenburg to mignolet
    Vent/Brag: Accidentally forgot to confirm RVP as captain so now stuck with hazard
    Other Comments

  11. Hero

    How does Soldado look during play?? 2 goals from penalties doesn’t look great on paper is all I’m worried about. I know his record is terrific but is English football suiting him???

  12. Marcus

    Score: 42 (-4)
    To Come: Hazard
    Lords: Soldado, Mignolet
    Losers: The rest of my f***ing team
    Captain: Walcott (he was alright)
    Trades: Hazard to Silva
    Vent/Brag: Despite a bad week it looks like I’m one of very few that is still very happy with their team. Will definitely be able to hold off wildcarding until the oppurtune moment. Even if i want to get RVP come GW 4/5, I can pull that off using only 2 trades. The season is a marathon, not a sprint and I am very confident that my team will be able to perform over the long haul.

  13. George

    Score: 54
    To Come: Hazard, Terry
    Lords: Enrique, Giroud, Soldado, Coleman
    Losers: Mirallas, Coutinho
    Captain: Silva
    Trades: Terry for someone (maybe Zab)
    Vent/Brag: Looks like another good solid week for my team. Hopefully Chelsea can get up and win with a clean sheet as I have no Man Utd players! 🙂

  14. Go You Gunners

    Got massive concerns for Mirallas, playing only 70 mins in both games means he’s missed roughly 1/4 of possible TOG so far.. is this enough time to make an impact?

  15. snoidz

    Score: 49
    To come: Hazard
    Lords: Soldado (C), Mignolet and Dzeko
    Losers: Mirallas, Coutinho, Shaw, Lescott and Bony.
    Trades: not sure, maybe J.Thomas to someone playing to cover for Hazard?
    Vent: Hazard to score 10points.

  16. jakemoz

    Dzeko or Wolfswinkle? Dzeko seems like a new player under new manager thoughts? well actually it’s too late I’ve gone dzeko but I thought it was the best choice even if rotated?

  17. nokiadore

    score: 56
    players to come: hazard
    lords: soldado (c) giroud, dzeko, coleman, miglonet
    losers: same monkeys as last week…….Mirallas,Coutinho,the Rat, snodgrass, Lescott, and clyne and me 4 benching ivvanovic for clyne.
    trades: the Rat for reid maybe …. dunno
    comments: not an epic failure this week, wud be even better if hazard does something and rvp sees RED!

  18. Toby

    Score: 65
    Players to come: None
    Lords: Mignolet, Walker, Dzeko, Sturridge
    Losers: Mirallas, Coutinho, Zabaleta, Nolan
    Captain: Bent
    Trades: Used wildcard after GW1
    Vent/Brag: Let Mirallas play the full 90 minutes. Glad I picked Bent as I was sure he would score against a shaky Arsenal defence.
    Comments: With the exception of Silva, I’m really struggling to get points in midfield. I’m strongly considering a 4-3-3 or 5-2-3. I don’t have any ManU coverage so will probably add Evra after ManU’s fixtures get a bit easier in the coming weeks.

  19. keysnskis

    Score: 49
    Player(s) to come: None
    Lords: Baines, Soldado(c), Chester
    Losers: Zabaleta, Agbonlahor
    Captain: Soldado
    Trades: Thinking about taking the -4 and dropping Agbonlahor & Hernandez for Ward-Prowse & Giroud. Played my wildcard last week
    Vent/Brag: Ended up leaving 24 POINTS on the bench between Collins, Toure, Mignolet, and Hernandez.
    Other Comments: Considering switching to 4 in the back, considering that my defenders are the most consistent scorers on my team.

  20. Tommy

    Score: 56
    Player(s) to come: Giroud or Dzeko?
    Lords: Sturridge, Soldado(c), Mignolet
    Losers: Zabaleta, Nolan, Paulinho, Benteke
    Captain: Soldado
    Trades: Played my wildcard GW2. Now Villa has a bye, Benteke for Giroud or Dzeko?
    Vent/Brag: Wish I didnt get Benteke for the Liverpool match…
    Other Comments: Benteke for Giroud or Dzeko?

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