The Dream Team – GW2

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Well that sees the second week of fixtures nearly out of the way! It was a little bit tougher than GW1 wasn’t it? If I can give you some advice… Just because one of your players has spudded it so far remember there was a reason why you picked him in the first place and give them a little more time to prove you right. Mirallas only has a week or two left however… Secondly, try to avoid some of the flavour of the month players! A lot of decent players (and some crap ones) have outstanding games every now and again.

Foster (5.0m) – Ben Foster’s owners benefited greatly from West Brom’s excellent defensive performance (or Everton’s inept attacking performance?) and scored a massive 11 via a clean sheet and full bonus points. Ben Foster’s owners won’t be so happy that he was injured late in the game and could be out for a little while. Check the injury news, if it’s not too bad then he could be value if West Brom keep the defensive mindset.

Jose Enrique (6.0m) – Liverpool’s full backs are usually a decent shout for some attacking points, they get up the pitch and always get involved in the final third. Jose Enrique helped Liverpool keep the Bentekkers led Villa team at bay while also scoring full bonus points and a handy assist to collect 12. I’m not sure if they signed Cissokho to play in front of Jose Enrique or as some general competition / depth but that has to ring some alarm bells.

Fonte (4.5m) – Fonte scored the goal that got Southampton a share of the points against Sunderland. 6 points for the goal and full bonus points helped him get 11. This is the second week in a row Fonte has got a decent bag of points. I’m going to give him one more week before having a good think about him. Relatively kind fixtures coming up in the next month helps.

Jones (5.0m) – Another of the West Brom defence that helped themselves to their clean sheet, and somehow got full bonus points as well. He has limited attacking potential so you’ll be relying on clean sheets. There’s better around at this price.

Coloccini and Santon (5.0m) – Both Newcastle defenders made the team due to their clean sheet coupled with full bonus points to bring back a solid 9. I doubt anyone here would have these guys though and are not really relevant in the short term. It’s really hard to see where Newcastle are at the moment.

Brady (5.0m) – Much was spoken of Brady here during preseason as a midfield cheapie option and for those that took the risk would be elated with his return this week. He was on penalty duties and his goal and full bonus points netted 11 points. Definitely shortlist if you’re on the look out for a cheap midfielder.

Gunnarsson (5.0m) – You could do worse than taking a punt on this guy if you need a cheap midfielder. If you had read our Cardiff preview you may recall he got a mention on the back of his goal scoring prowess last season. The negative is that he plays in the slightly withdrawn midfield role, although Medel may let him wander a bit… Goal and a couple of bonus’ (bonii?) for 9 points.

Podolski (8.4m) – Super performance from Podolski here. He is historically a bit sporadic though so buyer beware. You have been warned. The benefit is that he has great job security because, well there’s no-one else to play… I can’t recommend him at this price however and after only one game. Two goals and full bonus points earned him a massive 13 points. Maybe wait a week, and definitely see if Arsene splashes any of his cash.

Chamakh (5.0m) – I remember one of our readers/contributors here at FPL Addicts during the week talk this bloke up as a possibility to replace Anelka, I forget who it was though… To that person well done and I hope you took your own advice. Chamakh came on as a substitute in GW1 and looked really lively and this week he came through for a goal and full bonus points for a total of 9. If he decides it’s time to fulfil his potential he could be a handy POD, perhaps for those who unfortunately still have Anelka.

Campbell (5.5m) – Ffffffraaaaaaaaizer…. Star performer of the week with a big double against the most expensive team in the world. Add in full bonus points and an assist and you’re looking at a monster 16 points. Make way for the bandwagon!!! Hold fire! Please. Although he played really well I’m a little concerned that Cardiff may not be regular goal scorers. Although at his price he may be worth getting on for the price rise alone… Good bench cover but not starting material just yet.

We’ll come back to this tomorrow and add any performers from the Man Utd v Chelsea game… I think a few of us are hoping for Hazard to pull his finger out! Is there anyone else you reckon deserves a mention? Let us know in the comments! Cheers.

10 comments on “The Dream Team – GW2

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Seriously considering Chamakh (Campbell as well), for Anelka (it wasnt me that said it though midweek-unfortunately D:)…. Leaning towards Chamakh now especially with that review!
    Fonte could also be a handy downgrade once the Shaw train goes to fill up!
    Nice, quick and easy to read info as well!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Ahh Leroy! That’s right… If we’ve learn anything from this is that whoever you big up but don’t pick up, is a sure thing haha. Who do you like this week? 😉

  2. Go You Gunners

    Nice read! Who would you rather have long term?

    1. Hazard + Giroud
    2. Coutihno + Giroud + 0.5

    Leaning towards 2, because it means I only have to play Clyne this week (Bench ‘Tekkers), and if Coutinho fails again I have enough cash to trade him to Hazard/Silva. If I trade out Coutinho instead of Hazard I have to play one of Koren/Chester. Thoughts??

  3. viper086

    Is it worth downgrading Hazard to Gunnarsson this week then upgrading Wolfswinkel to RVP next week? I feel like Hazard will come good and i don;t want to be too top heavy with RVP. The cheap mids seem to be getting the job done though…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      That’s some pretty good forward thinking… I’ll probably end up doing something similar especially if the defenders keep getting some point love and the mids keep doing nowt. It may turn out that we roll with pretty basic midfields this year? Whether you bring in Gunnarsson however, or Brady, or Barkley, or any of the other cheap mids is a little bit of a lottery…

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